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  1. cause deep down we all have a dark hatred for you
  2. Tuck


    This reminds me of the backrooms
  3. Tuck

    DarkRP Suggestion

    i hole hartedlie support this desiztion
  4. Fallout 4 ez, i have like 5 mod profiles with god knows how many mods each
  5. Dont embarrass the amateurs
  6. My body to the touch is always warm, also only have worn a jacket twice in the past year
  7. This is a beautifully crafted interview and i hope the best for @Napoleon and his darkRP endeavours, but i feel like he was reading a script, but he cant be as this was a live interview but thank you for the great interview
  8. Tuck

    "Save scumming"

    I save scum i bunch where i can, on fallout 4 i save scummed to the point i done all ending on one save pretty much, i think i missed one but yeah i always used it. Then i went survival, i had to adjusted a tad. But yeah save scumming makes a game less tedious and allows for you to also have some fun in a sense and just do dumb shit like no russia in diamond city then revert cause you want to use your Big Boy which you put mirv on cause why not
  9. @Jamie I feel this way about you jamie charles
  10. Yeah, just put them on your resume and tell them what this is and bam, you got the job
  11. Tuck

    I am disgusted

    Someone had to do it
  12. Tuck

    I am disgusted

    This is on googles new tab page during this shit little thing called 'Pride month' cause the queers want a voice or some shit, i feel deeply ashamed as a straight white male having to see this.
  13. { title = "Bat demotion", description = [[Bat has recently come under fire for yiffing with a known furry Yuki, subsequently a demotion report has been made as this is just the right choice. ]], choices = { { choice = "Vote +1 for demotion", choiceCost = 0, results = { { chance = 80, money = 20000, reputation = 25, message = [[You made the right choice, congratulations. ]] }, { chance = 10, money = 0, reputation = 0, message = [[You made the right choice, but Bat managed to buy her way out of being demoted]] }, { chance = 10, money = 0, reputation = -15, message = [[Bat managed to convice Poseidons' owners to remove all evidence of yiffing knoiw furry yuki and subsequently got a promotion. ]] }, }}, { choice = "Vote -1 for demotion", choiceCost = 0, results = { { chance = 80, money = -25000, reputation = -20, message = [[You made a terrible choice, as a result, Poseidon has fell to bits and the economy ruined. ]] }, { chance = 10, money = 0, reputation = -30, message = [[Bat was demoted but was not sent to a rehabilitation clinic and was found to be a repeat yiff offender. UwU ]] }, { chance = 10, money = 0, reputation = +10, message = [[Poseidon was lucky this time with there being more down votes, dodging a massive bullet. ]] }, }}, { choice = "Euthanize the devil", choiceCost = 5000, results = { { chance = 75, money = 20000, reputation = 25, message = [[Bat is euthanized and as a result a party is thrown and the town is granted a bonus of 20k. ]] }, { chance = 15, money = 0, reputation = -40, message = [[YBat surives and mutates, merging with the fursona, Perrin, within her taking its form. ]] }, { chance = 10, money = -15000, reputation = -10, message = [[Bat is euthanized but the furry parade throughs a rally against it and disrupts the city for days costing the city large amounts of money. ]] }, }} }}, @bat
  14. The game had a great concept but poor delivery in my opinion, the game was extremely buggy, i had the main quest just disappeared from my quest randomly, making me have to restart. Ammo at the start was very scarce then you just had stockpiles. The lag and other variety of bugs was unforgiving in its quantity. Fallout 4 bugs i dealt with cause i could revert saves and they didn't effect me in such a severe way 76 did. Also around the period where people had found the initial dupe bugs the economy was instantly ruined and people with billions of items would freeze your game if you went to trade and thats when i started to stop playing.
  15. i was listing regrets, i made the mistake of a preorder And yeah i was playing that as i read this, good time waster
  16. 1) Fallout 76 2) Fallout boys 3) Chernobyl
  17. Google Chrome is sexier is for me is just a overall preference, but this is extremely objective and many people will not reason with proper reasoning like performance figures or security as you choose your browsers mainly upon influence and ease of use i reckon. Also helps to know the browser exist (I swear no-one over 25 not in the industry knows about any browsers apart from explorer, edge and chrome) Furry Trash
  18. i haven't been back here for a while, miss you too
  19. stop kink shaming me
  20. people have the collect all 3 brains cells to remember that Jimmy doesnt want it, that why i always post wire shit in shitposting cause i used all 3 brains cells and thought, hey i dont think its coming back, and i was on of the biggest advocates of keeping it cause i loved that shit
  21. potential fix could be detecting if someone is sitting on a prop and it gets set to a world prop, so admins can still play with it but players cant phys gun or tool gun it, also could fix people sitting on props then pushed into someone base. That is if it even possible to detect though
  22. its aight cause i gave her a offical darkRP 'n' word pass, also the colour of this text is 3 shades darker then my skin tone fyi
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