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  1. Tuck

    you'll* Sorry I'm just here to be a grammar Nazi.
  2. Tuck

    can we actually take this serious and leave constructive criticism please
  3. Tuck

    DarkRP Name: Fryer Tuck Suggestion: Add Wiremod back Description of the idea: Add Wiremod back to the server How will it benefit the server: Wiremod gave the server alot of combustibility for users and more in depth for people to experiment and create on the server and could introduce more RP potential. This could also build upon already present RP enriching the moment with extra things like sensor lights, sound effects and many of the other things added by it.
  4. Tuck

    no one does, cause if you do you miss out on some free cheese
  5. I dunno where the app is, some where in the many drafts potentially but lets not derail this
  6. Tuck

    If any rules are to be put in place aswell, make it if they dont want to RP a trial they dont have to cause i can see people will try to force people in a sense to RP this and commit suicide but then have a sit caused they did kill themselves
  7. Tuck

    i put bbq sauce on fish (have done it since i was 5)
  8. Tuck

    i rick rolled me teacher today, are you proud of me?
  9. If Jimmy does do the whole automated event system for DarkRP this could be a really nice iteration with everyone being able to check when certain shit if going down and can cause pop spikes and encourage people to play
  10. Tuck

    so i can put your ip in a post?
  11. Tuck

    You have been doxxed by someone else, i know what your ip is. It was accidental of them but yeah i did have it
  12. Tuck

    I have a few hundred spare points so ill get some 20% codes to share CLUB-XUP4-2ZVM-ZCBP-57EK CLUB-6N4D-MXAX-UNWB-OFID CLUB-URYZ-4UMD-OAZM-BRPN Have fun with the free 20% off you scabs
  13. Tuck

    also tell me again, what is stronger light or dark? @bat
  14. Tuck

    i use sunglasses, even at night, i bet you cant see at night with sunnies cause you are the weak one