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  1. Tuck

    people have the collect all 3 brains cells to remember that Jimmy doesnt want it, that why i always post wire shit in shitposting cause i used all 3 brains cells and thought, hey i dont think its coming back, and i was on of the biggest advocates of keeping it cause i loved that shit
  2. Tuck

    potential fix could be detecting if someone is sitting on a prop and it gets set to a world prop, so admins can still play with it but players cant phys gun or tool gun it, also could fix people sitting on props then pushed into someone base. That is if it even possible to detect though
  3. Tuck

    Halo should have its own option
  4. Tuck

    its aight cause i gave her a offical darkRP 'n' word pass, also the colour of this text is 3 shades darker then my skin tone fyi
  5. Tuck

  6. Tuck

    for all you normal people who dont know big words like me
  7. Tuck

    For those looking to bust some nuts ( @bat this might get you over excited)
  8. Tuck

    not gonna lie, gradients are absolutely fucking sexy
  9. Tuck

    Thank you, i go in for some treatment tomorrow, 18th times a charm am i right
  10. Tuck

    you'll* Sorry I'm just here to be a grammar Nazi.
  11. Tuck

    can we actually take this serious and leave constructive criticism please
  12. Tuck

    DarkRP Name: Fryer Tuck Suggestion: Add Wiremod back Description of the idea: Add Wiremod back to the server How will it benefit the server: Wiremod gave the server alot of combustibility for users and more in depth for people to experiment and create on the server and could introduce more RP potential. This could also build upon already present RP enriching the moment with extra things like sensor lights, sound effects and many of the other things added by it.
  13. Tuck

    no one does, cause if you do you miss out on some free cheese
  14. I dunno where the app is, some where in the many drafts potentially but lets not derail this