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    What do you think it is
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    forged evidence edit: Glad to see you actually read it
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    Why tf does jamie have HR in his sig, he is quite the opposite of what i would imagine someone in HR to be
  4. Pre-Requisites: You must be mature: I believe that i am mature enough for the role You must have played for at least 75 hours on the server: Lets just round up to 75 You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations: I am capable of handling stressful situations and control them You must understand the chain of command: I understand the chain and command and who comes first You must understand that you may not get accepted: I understand You must understand the rules of TTT: I understand the rules About me Steam name: Tuck Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:54962604 Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198070190937/ Hay you donated?: No Do you have experience with TTT?: No Current server hours: unsure (less then 1) Current Rank: User Age: 17 (40 according to some) Short description on yourself: Math nerd which does 4 unit math and physics at school whilst also doing english advanced, bio and business and want to end my life cause of english each day. I also play destiny and apex legends a fair bit when i do play games. Why do you want this rank?: After staffing on darkRP for a year* i would like to come back to staffing and like to have the opportunity to help the community by punishing those who are not complying by the rules and are spoiling the fun for others.
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    https://lcast15.com/drpp @Lcast15 https://www.bing.com/
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    This is a shit post
  8. -1 Even if you use the template you seem to only be taking this piss
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    I know my proposal was a bit vague, but just want to clarify a couple things which i didnt really explain. The part of the equation where i said ( policy count +1 ) / 2 (policy count being each thing you want to cover, gun1, gun2, attachments,etc...) was a multiplier for the cover you have, increasing it exponentially for the more things you cover. And for the other part i was thinking of more you only get to cover things on you (guns attachments and ammo) at the time of death, not shipments in your pockets, printers in your base or nothing. Sorry that i didnt clarify some things in my post. And for people going to the NPC with thieves camping this wouldnt be a issue of items being in someones base as it wouldnt cover it, only as what i stated above. Thus leaving thieves no reason to camp. And for it not being worth it, this isnt meant to be a thing which people want to buy cause its cheap, but cause its just easy and cause they have spare funds laying around.
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    This idea was mainly for weapons, not printers or nothing, but i guess they could be incorporated if that is what people want but i dont like that idea
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    - Dark RP Name: Fryer Tuck - Suggestion: Insurance policy - Description of suggestion: - A high end investment for player who have excessive amounts of money in their wallet and want to pay large sums to be lazy. - This system could work in a fashion where you interact with a NPC to take out cover which will last till you turn if off costing you 'x' amount each time you die. - This could be a modular system where you opt in and out of certain cover where you only pay for what you want, costing you 'x' amount for each thing you want cover for, ammo, attachments, weapons (if possible could make weapons their own individual item to insure), etc... - For price evaluation we could add all policy's individual prices then multiply them but your policy count +1 then divided by 2 (policy prices added) * (policy count + 1) / 2 e.g. let ammo cost 10k and attachments cost 25k (10k + 25k) * (2+1) / 2 = 52.5k This would make the price for opting into more cover exponentially large for the more you want, meaning if you want coverage for all items this will set you back a extremely large amount of money in comparison to only one option as it should be. (I personally feel like that prices shouldn't get cheaper for the more you opt into, as this is optional and only for ease of life, this also is to waste the money of people who have extremely large portions and are breaking the economy. - Side Note: A potential option when respawning saying if you want to claim or not as sometimes you dont want to have to pay a large amount of money when you dont need nor want you items back. This can also act as a failsafe for people who are getting constantly RDM'ed from having their wallets emptied on the spot as they have no excuse and can always not claim their policy - How it will benefit the server: This does remove some RP if people utilise this but in return it does remove large amounts of money from the economy and potentially keeping it steady. I feel this would also be beneficial to players as they may find this ease of use feature a much better alternative to having to try and hunt down a gun dealer and hope that they will sell what they want to them and all the other issues which you do have with new gundealers and just out right bad gun dealers can be avoided for a price.
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    Best of luck on your HSC studies. And as soon as i was starting to play a little again
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    Congrats rahj, just make sure to keep the curry related maps to a low, but do have one atleast,. Would only be fitting