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  1. remix

    "Have had little experience with you but it was a good experience I’m going to to neutral as I don’t have experience with you" - @Kaptian Core
  2. remix

    Just a little bump to this thread for anyone that wants Subnautica and is unaware of it.
  3. remix

    You never installed the bhop anti-cheat
  4. remix

    But I love higashi and friend is banned and i haven't started an argument on a thread at all as I'm never that kind of person that'd do that ;).
  5. remix

    I think @ExplodeThePenguins will be happy because a weeb is now out of position and has resigned. Have a good one you absolute human
  6. remix

    For maximum I M M E R S I O N
  7. remix

    @Napoleon why the heck is your PornHub zoomed in so much
  8. remix

    Then what the fuck is it doing in shitposting then?
  9. remix

    What old quote thread? All I remember was Hamad Quote Thread ;).
  10. remix

    I mean it really doesn't and all it took was 7 seconds at the most and honestly man, the thread does read "Post YOUR Room/Setup", not "Post some random Reddit users pc setup".
  11. remix

    Yeah but regardless there should be a certain expectation that should be met so you don't get people posting shitty shitposts.
  12. remix

    Oh my god, oh my FUCKING god, you need to sort those gamer cables out with some trust ol' cable tires. https://www.bunnings.com.au/our-range/lighting-electrical/electrical/cable-conduit/electrical-ties-clips?gclid=Cj0KCQiA3b3gBRDAARIsAL6D-N-dctst9cwDtMtSlBXWf5BIIGr_zlEoa-lCcfEvTOnwsb4YhWJUZVsaAnuLEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Also, nice PC setup @Ismail Enver Pasha -
  13. remix

    I used my phone you doof
  14. remix

    Was cleaning my mousepad so that’s why my keyboard isn’t there, and was cleaning my monitor too so was using my other one for the time being.