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  1. remix

    Nigga calm down the man is just curious
  2. remix

  3. remix

    Yeah that’s fair but what about Rape/Rapist (and alike) would you be cool with that?
  4. remix

    Would these names have any restrictions with words, or would you rather keep the a little more PG?
  5. Guys don't listen to anything Envy says; he's an egotistical nazi! You didn't need to spam admin chat saying that you wanted to build on the street right after Leemon had told you not to as you're literally a retard for doing so. Hagop had every right to do what he did, and a screenshot works so well with what you're saying whereas a video? Nah videos are outdated and gay, and everything can be determined through a screenshot. You might be leaving something out, you might not be and quite frankly I don't care, but you honestly just need to take a step back and think about what Hagop has done over the time he has been Moderator for, and even if he did """""""slip up""""""" it's just a one time thing that's really minor. He may have kicked you out of spite (I for sure would've) or he might not have, but please just stop being retarded deliberately for once. +1 others have stated it already.
  6. remix

    Enjoy the rank for the few weeks it’ll last
  7. remix

    You just edit the quote and write -Snip-, then bingo bango you're done. I think Leemon summed up my thoughts exactly on this.
  8. remix

    I’m lonely and looking for an egorl
  9. remix

    I'm just going to clear a few things up here, and won't make a further comment as this is going off topic. Yes I didn't include the beginning of that sentence, but the same point still gets across. You saying why would you share with an uncle, but then going on to say you would share yours with your sister because of a game she likes. I wasn't talking about you in that, I was giving my whole view on it. Literally the first word is "I'd" meaning "I would", not You should or whatever.
  10. remix

    Yeah man that's totally an accurate representation of someone family sharing an account; having sexual intercourse with another family member is totally the same as saying it was your uncle that went to play on the same server you were banned from! I think 99% of the time people just see the "it wasn't me that did this, it was another family member" which you have no proof at all, and nor can you get any form of proof at that time as you literally have no idea what they're doing. You don't know what his situation is at home, nor do you know about what goes on outside of Steam so it's a little redundant to be able to make this sort of accusation. You're also contradicting yourself by saying "why the fuck would you share ya account anyways" when the only reason people do that is to share some games they don't have access too that could possibly be expensive or whatever (as you had even said yourself "I would share mine is with my little sister and that's since I own the Sims 3 and she likes to play that and only that." I'd rather give him the benefit of the doubt and +1 to a reduction to something not too small as you really can't tell whether someone is lying or not with these types of excuses, and if they are then that certain individual would have to wait x amount of time rather than being unbanned completely, but if they're not then, it's not a perma ban.
  11. remix

    That’s irrelevant to my point
  12. remix

    nigga what? You dumb as fuck lil boi
  13. remix


    This nigga copying Tyger
  14. remix

    :processing: Ima neutral, as you have said people can and (some times) do change, but one thing you should do is tone the attitude down a bit with your posts.
  15. remix

    Can I have some cheese baby gurl