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  1. remix

    Woolworths used to sell sun-dried tomato chicken sticks and I used to have them all the time, but I think they've stopped making them because I've gone to like 6 different stores and they don't sell them anymore. Man they were so fricking good.
  2. remix

    Literally the same thing but with Primary School. The spaghetti, lasagna, cupcakes and everything there were so good man. Also where I used to live there used to be this Italian restaurant and they made the best Fettuccine Carbonara.
  3. remix

    Is a really good idea (and I'm down for it.) to have more aesthetics on the forums, but it'd have to be done manually, and even so having someone to do that manually (whether someone high-up in the community, or a select handful of trusted people) gets would be really tedious at the beginning with how much achievements people would apply for.
  4. remix

  5. remix

    I think in a game such as gta5, choosing your own ending fits it perfectly, rather than games where "[player] will remember that" that ultimately "tailors" to a certain ending of x, y or z. The story sets it up so well for Franklin to make the call to kill either Trevor or Michael, or go against whoever gave him the choice and take them down. Other games that're more focused on the story-line and not gameplay (where the main focus of the game is a choose your own adventure) then not having that choice of choosing a predestined path fits that genre of game perfectly (such as Detroit: Become Human, Walking Dead (laff) or games alike). Dishonored has a multiple choice ending and unlike the previous games mentioned, it's based on how lethal you choose to approach every situation. If you kill too many people you'll get the "bad" ending, but if you choose to knock them out you'll get the "good ending". I think for a game that gives you the option of x, y or z, it has to be setup within the story-line itself otherwise it feels like a lazy way to approach a multiple-ending game.
  6. remix

    I guess you're right and I was just blinded by how boring his missions were that I didn't actually pay much attention to his story-line as much. I just felt that when you get introduced to Trevor after the first heist it's a somewhat breath of fresh air. Rather than having two characters who are more PG than Trevor, you have this outrageous murderous asshole that only cares for his business and name really. And as much as Trevor was a sociopath, he does end up developing more of a character arch later on in the game as we find out what truly happened in North Yankton, the more human and emotional Trevor comes out. This could just be me being biased toward Trevor but I feel he was the most enjoyable part of the game to play over Michael. Franklin is the best, especially that tow truck mission.
  7. remix

    Let's be real, everyone chose option C without a doubt. But if I had to choose between who I'd killer out of Michael and Trevor, it'd be Michael. That son of a bitch is a snitch and also got Brad killed (RIP my man brad). I prefer Trevor as a character in gta because he's so over the top (and it's either you love him or you hate him kinda deal) and there's been nothing alike in the franchise. I just feel as if Michael was a really linear character (that's just what I felt, might not be factual).
  8. remix

  9. remix

    Good song but I've heard it far toooooooooooooo many times.
  10. remix

  11. remix

  12. Powdered mash potato. It's not the best but it's aight in small quantities
  13. remix

    I've recently started to watch Wentworth. Several years back I would see an episode here and there and it was something that got my attention but I never really wanted to watch it as Cartoons then were booming and were godly (sadly they're poop now). I'm up to season 3 and so far it's pretty good. boobs is funniest girl
  14. remix

    if anyone knows where the sample is from let me know.
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