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  1. Anthony

    downloadmoreram.com but nah when I had a shitty laptop this helps
  2. Anthony

  3. Anthony

    Guys lets dumb react her, so she will give us the unban!
  4. Anthony

    free my nigga m3
  5. Anthony

    Gotta love how you start the video off when I push you and not any earlier when you had pushed me in the first place, which is the whole reason why I had done the same as I thought that we were having a little fun with pushing eachother with crowbars. Yes I had pushed you but hadn't damaged you at all, so I don't know why you were trying to kill me there (unless I'm missing something); you still had full movement on the ramp of the house (where he was surfing) and you had fallen off after attempting to shoot me, and then even further proceeded to kill me, for something that was partially my fault. Logs show that you shoot me for 37hp, and then you take fall damage from me pushing you off. As I said earlier, yes I did push you as a sort of retaliation in you doing the same thing to me (IIRC), then you killed me for pushing you with a crowbar, which depending on the circumstance is KOSable, but as you can see you still had a lot of control whether you were going to drop off or not; and you had only fallen off after attempting to shoot me with your revolver. As for me responding to you saying that you had shot me before I had pushed you, was me checking through logs as I'm not going to lie I had forgotten what'd happened first. I checked logs and it shows you had shot me, whilst still on the roof, and then you had taken fall damage afterwards, then you had kill me. I was speaking to both @Yuki and @Rahj about this in admin chat hence why I wasn't responding to what you wanted to hear. In the end it's just a slay for 1 round and (possibly) a mistake on both our halves (more so mine). I'm also new to staffing TTT, so there may be some things I do and don't know (which is why I was talking to Rahj and Yuki). I hope this can clear some things up.
  6. Anthony

    http://prntscr.com/nbqycw This is what it states in the guidelines, I don't know if these are older/newer, but it does state it there and is used as a reference to what rules people break.
  7. Anthony

    Depending on how severe they're metagaming, and their attitude toward the server in general should be taken into consideration. But giving William's record he's a regular on TTT and knows the rules, so for him to do what he did, a permanent is in place here.
  8. Anthony

    Got permabanned for Metagaming. The server won't be as loud now so I guess that's a a good thing, later
  9. Anthony

    Mate it's just a video game, and you're only applying for a staff position. It's not the end of the world. If you did want to become a Moderator, you could take these constructive criticisms and work on them. Just posting what you are now isn't help you in the slightest bit whatsoever, but rather than carry on about it; a better way to approach it would be to get this locked, then maybe take a couple weeks to work on what people think should change about you, then get it unlocked and just wait.
  10. Anthony

    I hecking hate @Echo. I has a stun stick out and he rdmed me for no reason can demote him yes
  11. Anthony

    Where's screenshots?
  12. Anthony

    It wouldn't be annoying at it, it would be the most funniest thing to do, to get angery reactions from people
  13. Anthony

    Stacker isn't that much of a use when comparing it to Duplicator. All it does is make building like 3x faster. There's still other incentives outside of just the stacker tool such as Donator jobs and possibly other things which I'm unaware of. But -1 on making Stacker public.