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  1. If they don't win, I will get a Tattoo of Peter Griffin over the top of my face!
  2. Anthony

    Yeah we all know you just did a quick inspect element. You're not fooling anyone!
  3. Anthony

    hi napoleon, you're buildings are way superior than pajo fago.
  4. Anthony

    I can vouch for this person 10/10
  5. Anthony

    If there wasn't a definition for obnoxious already you would be the literal most exact perfect definition of it. You are literally the most obnoxious person I have ever met online.
  6. Anthony

    The (old) Runescape main menu theme. It has so much nostalgia behind it and it comes from a really good game!
  7. Anthony

    I genuinely doubt much people here will actually link anything useful so if you want something for your Lpatop, give it a quick search on YouTube/Google as that's a main source where people will link stuff anyways.
  8. Anthony

    James Charles is done for.mp4
  9. Anthony

    It does exist, it's just under construction stupid
  10. Anthony

    Bro race is so much better than DarkRP, this picture is invalid.
  11. Anthony

    Sounds like more of an application then an intro but regardless, welcome.
  12. Anthony