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  1. Blue Admiral

    1v1 me
  2. Blue Admiral

    +1 fryer told me too.
  3. Blue Admiral

    -1 If you want to use quick healing items during combat, use weed and/or painkillers.
  4. Blue Admiral

    Do I have to say this again, Steve? That is very rich coming from someone who has been banned numinous times, fails to back up his responses, tried to make a community to counter us (smt that failed by the way) and quite frankly has zero credibility on who gets what. Shut the fuck up and quit being a faggot.
  5. Blue Admiral

    +1 Next time I'm taking Poland first. OT: Like Justin said we were all reluctant to bring you both on but now I can say that I was wrong about your ability. +1, looking forward to a squeaky fag like you getting this rank.
  6. Blue Admiral

    I can safely say that you have been redeemed. Huge +1 from me.
  7. Blue Admiral

  8. Blue Admiral

    >tfw im getting second hand 970.
  9. Blue Admiral

    oh shit its Reuben.
  10. Blue Admiral

    Neutral I like this idea but the question is will it lag the server?
  11. Blue Admiral

  12. Blue Admiral

    Can you smell what the rock is cooking?
  13. Blue Admiral

    Stay around this time. Neutral.
  14. Blue Admiral

    +1 so I can create skater divisions.
  15. Blue Admiral

    Oh dear.... -1