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    What would the emote be, I wonder? I'll start:
  2. Blue Admiral

    At least he's not ProJared.
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    I've seen this guy since the Cain era and he was quite responsible during that time as well as the other managers that came around, just make sure to stick around for a while now. +1
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    Heavy's Retarded Holiday - Gangstaz (Intermission).mp4
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    You just can't go wrong with a redhead and a mosin.
  11. Blue Admiral

    Neutral More effort and explication is need for your app son.
  12. oh wow since he got banned this should be locked now. Oh and you also got warned for failrp as well, pic related:
  13. -1 for this app and the videos related in the thread, but also a +1 for a ban on you. You do not deserve this rank at all. lol he got banned for rdm last night, oh goodness gracious what are you doing kid.
  14. Yuck a mosin