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  1. [RTD] New Kung Fu Kenny

    The loudest thing i ever heard was the screams of a dead man as i pumped him with lead back in 'nam
  2. [RTD] New Kung Fu Kenny

  3. [RTD] New Kung Fu Kenny

    wanna make our own team? gold 4 gang
  4. [RTD] New Kung Fu Kenny

    if you want a gold 4 hmu
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  6. [RTD] New Kung Fu Kenny

    have u seen the free r kelly episode tho
  7. [RTD] New Kung Fu Kenny

    who voted for Pauline Hanson
  8. [RTD] New Kung Fu Kenny

    zebra head
  9. [RTD] New Kung Fu Kenny

    +1 sidenote: would love to see tvs and radios for personal use
  10. being bound to the constitution doesn't mean it isn't a representative democracy representative democracy means that the people pick someone to represent them, which they do in elections and elected representatives can overrule the constitution in a constitution amendment clause
  11. when a company gets greedy the free market allows the customers to purchase from a different brand meaning the greedy company will fail. see EA and so without capitalism all consumers would have to purchase from a single company which can afford to be greedy because the consumers have no where else to go
  12. sorry i didn't write a thesis but you're preaching to a high choir
  13. you cant have no government and you cant have too much so you have to have the middle ground
  14. you're thinking about it wrong, communism failed because the government was corrupt, fascism will fail for the same reason. autocracy is never good for the people. you want a rotating limited term federation with limited government powers that can be taken away with a vote of no confidence
  15. we need a tea party for australia