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    haha i love shaking nerds upside down and hear their dollar coins drop from their pockets fuck you and i love bullying
  3. Hunterbonx

    Think he meant bullshit as in he is here to roleplay. Anyways I do think he deserves to be unbanned, there clearly needed to be more time given in the sit. Morgan most likely dismissed the fact that there was the potential for an explanation unfortunately, due to being misguided that it was a simple massie. +1 please unban this nice man
  4. Hunterbonx

    That’s what I’m getting at remix. Every time Jailbreak got a new manager, the game still had the same problems and same stale mechanics and gameplay that the last manager didnt deal with. They were basically a staff application accepter, not an actual person willing to go “holy shit, people are starting to lose interest, maybe I should starting doing something!”. You make it seem like this would be a naive attempt to release it during a low player base time (with TTT being fresh to its own revival and the return of most players to school), and also that a little map change here, and a gun or two there would be classified as a “revamp”. Im content with the thought that this will be the final time that we #BRINGBACKJAILBREAK or whatever cancer you’re used to about the game mode. I’m just curious that if someone actually cared enough to make major changes and incentives to play, would people actually consider making jailbreak their main game mode again and enjoy themselves, as they have before and potential new players might experience themselves. I’m not saying we’ll go back to the “golden days”, but unlike history repeating itself, we’d give it a solid attempt.
  5. Hunterbonx

    Unfortunately I do believe csgo wouldn’t work out for Poseidon as a community, we’d have our foot in the door far too late to be respected or even recognized by those in the CSGO “game modes” player base. Not to mention the people that have come to our Gmod community have very poor computers/laptops, hence why Gmod has become their main game and would split up the community to some degree. Its unfortunate but Jailbreak would most likely be easier to attempt and more likely to succeed in Gmod.
  6. Hunterbonx

    I don't believe that it's the fault of ''rebelling prisoners'' that caused such detriment. You can blame the fact that wardens would do boring gamemodes, which ended up having people leave due to ''days'' being stale, but having rebelling prisoners can be handled easily with a DECENT warden, let alone a good one. Rebellers can be stopped by being somewhat capable. I do understand where you're getting at though, there were times I noticed where guard team would become to stressful due to overwhelming success of rebellions, but it is usually due to the fact that the warden himself was shit, nothing to do with the gamemode, but the players. I wasn't there for previous revivals, I wouldn't know of people having ''the time of their lives'' for two days. All I can tell is, they probably noticed that nothing changed and went on to a different gamemode. As for different guns, that would be an important part of the agenda, I'm sure new weapons would be an aspect that everyone would expect of a revamp. I thank you for your time very much however, the consideration of the weakness/unpopularity of guards is an important factor if Jailbreak were to be revamped. CSGO server given to m3 smt. But it would be a different game entirely as well, would people be ready to adapt to that?
  7. Hunterbonx

    Just first of all, and no disrespect to you, but I would't even dream of having the server start in such naive manner of day/weeks after the restart of our TTT gamemode, both that it would be detrimental and disappoint the community if such little time and effort was put into the ''final shot'' of Jailbreaks revival. What I want, and what I hope people want, is a total revamp that is given major time and dedication, that incites new players to stay and see the potential of Gmod Jailbreak. I understand that if this is created, people will jump over for it, not to say it will be as drastic as our community being spread apart, but I am aware that it will cause some staff/our playerbase to at least try it out. However, you have to understand, if people see that this revamp its shit, they will leave. It's just the way it is. Having our community check it out, would then incite new plyers to actually try Jailbreak, as the gamemode will be pushed up in the server list and we have the potential for new players to join and experience this great gamemode. The shift of players wouldn't cause backlash in the community to the point that we would be suffering, as they would quickly shift back in the case that Jailbreak didn't work out, and we would all say adieu. I understand that revivals have been attempted, but not to the point that players were experiencing anything new or genuinely anticipated going on the server. I don't mean to guarantee that a revamp would mean popularity and players, but that it would incite people to have a whimsical sense of exploration and fun for an amount of time, that would HOPEFULLY incite them to become regulars on the server. Its not just problems being fixed, its the addition of content that is both unique and diverse that would convince players new and old to actually enjoy themselves on Jailbreak. Its true, the server did start to dwindle after the resignation of REL and Splerge, but my god did they show care for the server. Its true that they did have demand, back when Jailbreak was a consistent gamemode, but their dedication to improving and feedback made them quite popular within the playerbase. In comparison, we went through quite a bit of different managers that had little to no updates besides maps, and had no indication of dealing with the problem that players were losing interest. There were little communication between staff and players that the bugs were known and to be dealt with, nor discussions. I dont mean to point fingers and to blame, it's just what happened. As time when on even, there was less and less players, and less desire to give life to a server that was clearly on the downhill. I understand that if Jailbreak made people go ''Holy shit this is fucking crazy'', and was actually above and beyond what was expected, it would still be down there on the server lists. It could be fucking legendary, but the fact remains that new players would need to sustain it to be worth leaving it as an active server. I don't mind that. I just need to know that it was attempted. It makes me laugh when I think about it, and call me a fucking mental case, but I just want to know that I'll never see people shooting at headheight and prisoners AFK frozen at cell doors ever again. I'm determined but not to the point that I'm gonna shun all naysayers out and the rest of it. I understand the rational side of having it developed as a revamp, and the disappointing facts that could be made inevitable. Thanks for the detailed post, its very much appreciated Mr Jimmy.
  8. Hunterbonx

    Which is the point of revamping to give the incentive to join something new and fresh to create unique experiences. I understand the possibility that it'll be a meme for a week, and then forgotten, but I merely wish for the opportunity to say otherwise. It takes nothing out of your end to see once and for all that nobody is asking for Jailbreak (not meaning offence to you), and you yourself saw the potential revival of our TTT gamemode (even though TTT is a smarter and greater attempt at revival nevertheless). I believe that we have a shot at jumpstarting the gamemode again, I hope you can respect that I do have faith in it.
  9. Hunterbonx

    Due to the fact that people are a little shy to add any comments themselves, as they might feel it is not needed or they might be judged, I have added the option of using a poll. I would deeply appreciate, if you have viewed this forum post, if you could vote. Whether you despise me or not, this is merely for the idea that Jailbreak will be could be brought from the depths, to see whether it will sink once and for all or begin another beautiful journey. I know you may think it is all for nought, that I'm just chasing after something hopeless, but I truly would appreciate a vote either way. Thank you again for your time.
  10. Hunterbonx

    Hello everyone, my name is Hunterbonx. I just want to start off by apologising, late last year I did dictate that Garry's Mod, and in turn, the community of Poseidon was dying. Now I do stand by the fact that it will soon reach its point, there is potential to make greatness out of its remaining days. I was very cynical, I hadn't played Gmod in a substantial amount of time and was guided by the fact that it had very little players. However, by some odd chance, I reinstalled the game and joined our very community's DarkRP server, and found an outstanding lock of active players, literally filling up all slots, as well as major improvements since I last joined, which gave me joy to explore, interact and enjoy the potential for new activities and moments. But this is about Jailbreak. An interesting gamemode that has such potential, but the lack of its existence, and therefore playerbase, has reduced it to an ''Inactive Server''. Let me tell you, we had an excellent manager, followed by person after person, who didn't seek to bring more to the gamemode, but to watch it slowly dissipate and become the same rigmarole of boring wardens, boring gameplay, and boring interactivity. You can blame the poor hitboxes, you can blame the extremely small pointshop, there is a multitude of reasons why it slowly ceased to be. But it hurts me so. Because I know that if it was given time, if it was given dedication, that we could improve upon many aspects of this gamemode, and at least attempt for server stability. I truly do wish to give new and old players alike a Jailbreak server that gives a unique experience, one that differs from what we were used to in the way that its improved in quality and coding, but holds to its traditional roots of gameplay. I don't mean to be dramatic, but I literally can't stop thinking about it, that we could at least give it a try. I'm not saying that I'm any good at developing, hell, I got fucking scared when I was doing research, and found Splerge on the Facepunch forums giving tips to new people and helping them with understanding LUA, weren't we fucking lucky back then? But I do promise I will make a hard attempt at bringing something new and fresh to Jailbreak, not just new maps like an utter spastic. If I'm dissatisfied with my capabilities to learn gLua and/or it would take too long to suffice reason, I would happily find alternatives that I know are out there. Jailbreak does have a great potential to come back, we have a huge advantage with having an open spot as the only Australian Jailbreak Server, yet I understand that it is a game mode that doesn't see much popularity. But it can be done, with enough advertising and the quality to ensure returning players, it would have the ability to pick up and become an activity gamemode within this community once again, and I believe it would at least stand a chance, or give us the once and for all final farewell of its ability to make a comeback. I have ideas for additions and plans to fix Jailbreak, what I need from you are thoughts and opinions. I don't believe in polls. Please tell me, by answering some or all, or just voicing your opinion (Please be at least a little detailed, would be appreciated): - What do you believe caused to deterioration of Jailbreaks once thriving community? - Do you have anything that pissed you off when playing (For once, no memes please, actual like bugs or complaints) - Do you believe with proper consideration, care and dedication, could it be improved and be consistent as a gamemode? - Is there anything you'd want added to Jailbreak to convince you to play? Any addons/suggestions? Potential fixes? - Do you believe? Please keep in mind, this will take time, a little more than you'd expect, if it were to be greenlighted. I wouldnt try a little map addition here, a little warden+ here, I plan to do a total revamp, taking inspiration from both your suggestions, and other games that have a ''Jailbreak Gamemode''. I don't care if my time or money is wasted on this project, I'd just like to know we gave it an honest try and left Jailbreak as it should be, a good memory with great friends. I am extremely sorry that this is poorly formatted, I really felt like just speaking my thoughts and I apologise that it is messy. Thank you for your time.
  11. Hunterbonx

    This person ''@bat'' is a complete and utter liar. She is the very miscreant that draws young, incapable gamblers such as myself into the very depths of blackjack! Like a true succubus, whispering into the ears of the soon-to-be damned. Tales of fortune. Tales of profit. Tales of riches beyond measure! She lurks in the tables, at the very back, hidden by the green material of the fabric, that hide her scaly self, ready to pounce on the curious and needy alike! The lizard, the snake, the green menace known as ''Perrin''. Do not let her sheath your eyes to the darkness of Jack's Table. The house always wins. Do not let her drag you back, for nothing awaits you but the final gamble of your very soul. Leave, flee, and never return! There is nothing here at the casino, nothing but the presence of Death and Decay. And empty Wallets.
  12. Hunterbonx

    -1 I dont think you see the potential that police have in raids over any class. 1. The battering ram is an INSTANT POP of the keypad doors, defences that the base holders have. You can legit battering ram a killhole to surprise the defenders and shoot through it yourself. 2. The amount of potential police that can be involved in a raid is substantial, they have more open spots in comparison to any ''gang role'', not even including the S.W.A.T team being involved. 3. The inclusion of this role will only amount to the elitism of government officials above the ''Police Officer'' role. Not answering to the police chief? Jesus Christ, no offence, but Jesus Fucking Christ. 4. It is never impossible to raid a ''cancer base'', as long as it isnt illegal, and you have the numbers. If organised gangs can raid eachother successfully, without the use of battering rams, and must use a cracker (which takes 20-40secs mind you), then it is the problem on the part of the PD that they can't handle themselves. 5. Police already have a substantial buff over all players, they have a base health increase which is improved with each progressed rank. Let me say that again. You have. An increased. Base health. And easy access Kevlar. From the armory.
  13. Hunterbonx

    Hello, my name is Victor Hans. I suffer from a gambling addiction that has caused my family a great deal of suffering, we are now part of the dreaded “middle-class”. My son, Baj Duster, is now harassed by senior officers on the daily. My child, Edgar Benedict, has now been reduced to having a job on the streets, selling Bunnings Snags to make a quick buck, instead of pursuing a career in RDM. My youngest, Baby Cakes is now applying for a higher role in the world, but lacks the education to be considered seriously. I am calling out to all those that participate in the wicked tables known as “Blackjack”. Please stop. The house always wins. The house always wins..... Anastasia..... Forgive me..
  14. Hunterbonx

    The warrant idea is not a necessity, it would come with the basis that the government needs this entities fixed. It isn’t a paper that gives you entry into wherever you want to go, but merely a tool to persuade government officials and base owners that you are a legit worker for the city, and have access to tools that can fix repairs. It isn’t meant to be broken in the way that not letting a city worker in will be met with punishment/meta gaming rule breaking, but a tool of persuasion. It’s the same with having the mayor sign a note that the police can inspect the bank or a store, merely a piece of paper that gives minor authority in an RP situation. You don’t feel the fact of a gun dealer asking for a gun license from the mayor to be a huge deal, when just the same a thief could do the same thing disguised as a gun dealer, why not let the city worker conduct his business in a similar manner? A majority of the entities should be in public areas, therefore a warrant isn’t a necessity, but a fun RP tool that can be administered if need be, and of extreme value to this class. As for the spawn locations, I’m afraid the confirmation of this class being created must be guaranteed before such balance should be discussed, even though Jimmy has said he would make it, there are many difficulties with such a job and it’s coding, but I hope we can all work out a balanced yet satisfying creation as I’m sure it’ll be worth it. I do apologise for not stating the benefits that the class could have towards the PD and everyday civilians, my examples were made quickly and with a quite obvious disregard for anything but a criminal aspect, but clearly this class will not benefit only criminals. Printers are exceedingly worthless in my opinion, they are an easy but minimal profit. I do agree that this class should not give outstanding amounts of money (seeing as you can make money through information and corruption/tips to police) but it should be enough that ranking up should feel rewarding. I believe a punishment indeed should be set for entities that are not repaired. I have no clue whether an explosion can be coded in, but that does seem like a good idea. Perhaps if an entity is not fixed within a time limit, the police gain a similar notification to the “City Worker” and in turn, are liable to search the premises and deal with the entity themselves. The existence of the entity being left undealt with for a significant amount of time should impact the government bank to a slight decree, giving the mayor the incentive to have “City Workers” on the side of the civilians, with the ability to fire them if they become corrupt or lack the ability to repair. Having a base that won’t let a repairman in or refuses to have an entity repaired could end up with a police raid to a base of criminals. Or a preemptive request for that repairman to avoid suspicion and government officials being alerted could cause the “City Worker” to see something he shouldn’t have. These are all hypotheticals of course, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see what capabilities we should and shouldn’t allow this role? A creation of such a unique class that can distribute info and add to role play to certain situations? It is unique in every sense of the word. I am merely suggesting the idea that such a class should be considered, it may not be given as much freedom as I state, maybe it will become too simplistic due to balance, but nevertheless it would be exciting to see the potential addition of this Job wouldn’t it?
  15. Hunterbonx

    I think you forget that the incentive for most jobs is the desire to make money. Why do you think the thief job is so popular? You go to a base, do “bitcoin sell” and then you find somebody to mug. Giving such a measly reward of $500 will make this role absolutely trash. Numbers can be changed as well as the amount of repairs that can chain for the job, buffing and nerfing it’s profit margin depending on its popularity and effectiveness. Why do civilians need to benefit more from this job? Exactly how gun dealers provide no benefit to the town other than selling to criminals so they can make a profit, this role does have some criminal aspects that are negative towards civilians, but provides income to the player in question, exactly like the role of a BMD. You talk about a lack of role play yet our most popular role thief, that is hardly ever empty, requires little to none at all. At least with this role you can role play a handy man that interacts with people near an “incident” and perhaps receives calls from citizens to fix the plumbing and whatnot. Maybe the PD jail has one of its cells with a leak, and you talk to a prisoner that lives in the cell, he pays you to get his leader snuck in and bust him out. Or maybe you’re a good little civilian, and you rat out the plan to the cops, and you get his leader arrested! You forget that for every crime that the “City Worker” can commit, he is liable to be fired/arrested for such crimes, or has the potential to tell police that he was given a deal by criminals. He works for the city, and therefore if he has been found a criminal, can be treated like a corrupt cop. As for the entities, I would imagine you would have tools at the ready for particular “broken” entities, a wrench for a busted pipe, and a screwdriver for faulty electrical things, it’s depending on what won’t lag the server and what’s easier for the player to comprehend. The EXP system, in my mind, would tick up when the entity is repaired, which I’m sure isn’t too much of a step up from time based EXP. I don’t think you understand what I meant with this “warrant”. Why the fuck would a gun dealer allow a person saying he’s a repairman into his shop, when there isn’t an entity that has spawned in there requiring fixing? The only person who knows there’s a problem would be someone who clearly sees it, or a notification that an actual “City Worker” gets (and perhaps police officers too, but that could cause unnecessary trouble). To balance out the fact that these entities can spawn in shops, the “warrant” is needed to avoid a stuck “city worker” that can not complete a job. If it becomes an issue/unbalanced than further discussion will be required. I wouldn’t call it meta game, imagine it works like the police chief recognising false cops. You know your local handyman, and why would this random stranger walk up saying he knows there’s a “broken pipe” inside the PD? He makes excuses, you have a bit of banter, and him outsmarting you with his words or you catching him in a lie is the very exchange that creates one of many possible fun RP situations. I did not state they have a “Warrant” by default, merely that such an item being created for the mayor to hand out with benefit the role, but is not required. The use of the paper created by “/write” is still efficient. It’s not the fault of my suggestion that it takes ages to meet the mayor, seeing as all police roles are adamant about getting you to wait 10 minutes and having 10 checks of your person before breathing next to him. There are many places in the map that would not require such a warrant to fix a “problem”, so they may go on with that while they wait for the mayors attention. A request channel could be used, similar to the “PD /911” command, as to get “City Workers” confirmed and recognised to the citizens of Triton. If you haven’t required or requested a worker and one shows up stating there is a repair that seems nonexistent to you, why should you trust him? A store closing down doesn’t mean the gun dealer has to fucking cry at spawn, it means it’s closed to the general public, he can stay there with his security, but the police will not allow the business to continue running until the repairs are fixed, and the refusal of closing down will be met with the law. It’s an unique RP situation. Merely an example of players being able to create entities, it can become random spawning if need be, and becomes too bothersome. Or maybe a limit of how many entities can be broken at a time, dependent on how many are in the job and so on? Maybe only certain roles can break certain entities, allowing the “City Worker” to inform police that the Crips/Mafia have broken this or that? It’s all dependant. Im sure you understand that is what I meant by “near the broken entity”. You would need obvious proof to arrest someone for a crime, I’m not pursuing acts of RDA. You say you make millions through bitmining, but then regurgitate that by saying you need a decent defense to do so? The incentive to pick this job is the money, that’s all people want as they begin DarkRP. Give this job an adequate amount for repairing, and people will jump all over it. Bitmine camping makes a lot of money, yes. But as soon as you leave your base you get a little anxious about someone raiding, don’t you? This is a safe, legal job that makes you decent cash, why wouldn’t people want it? I agree that if it has the potential to lag the server to a noticeable degree, that it should be implemented, but to state that it wouldn’t be picked and have no role play aspects at all is downright insane. You forget that criminal bases will have the same problems as shops, and when the “City Worker” spots illegal weapons while repairing, or other activities, will be report it to the police, or will there be enough money to shush him up? This role has potential. It can be drastically changed from what I suggested it to be, nerfed, or altered. But nonetheless, you are being extremely dramatic with it “making the server suffer”. edit: I’m on mobile so sorry I couldn’t format properly.