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  1. Hunterbonx

    did someone say bat...?
  2. Hunterbonx

    https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/5043 I thought this was a cool little addon, seems you can edit odds and decently easy to customize? Also double or nothing clearly has the odds of ''winning'' very fucking low, its clear it was meant as a money eating machine. What happened to the spin the wheel that could kill or get you down to 1hp by the way, was it deemed too much of a complaint?
  3. Hunterbonx

    ''these arent pajamas, its a warmup suit'' also for above, he is very loyal to his friends, would make great company i would say.
  4. Hunterbonx

    makes people scared of going guard very good at shooty shooty bang bang
  5. Hunterbonx

    a patient person who is surprisingly kind as well
  6. Hunterbonx

    Hello, I've only banned like 3 people and I have no recollection of any of them being you, as they were for Blatant RDM. Also, if you know me at all, you know I wouldn't put something as simple as ''Sit Abuse'' as my ban reason. And I fixed that part of the base that people were able to CLIMB SWEP over AFTER I become Trial, further making me question who banned you, as I'm not that peeved about someone finding a kink in my base, let alone to ban them. If this ban was done anytime beforehand I will have to apologize and say it was unjust, there was a way into my base.
  7. Hunterbonx

    In comparison to other fellows, I have not had the time to consistently interact with you on the server, but I have had a decent amount to give my thoughts. I think you do need a bit more time to develop both as an adviser and a person that can be relied on to settle two sides of a heated battle. I don't believe you have the proper willpower to appropriately disregard insults and give a fair lecture within a sit, even if it means you are being disrespected. A large factor in a sit is control. You are handling a sit well if you use this control to steer the sit towards a positive outcome for both players, and a ban as a last resort if it is deemed necessary as the only viable option or the deserving punishment for a player. I believe you would be too rash, and your lack of control would influence your decisions to the point that regular players and the people you take to sits will lose respect for you. I also believe lectures, like a good school teacher, are a great part of a sit, both players learn something, and in turn, grant you respect of more people on the server. With the way you conduct yourself in OOC I believe this stage of the sit would pass your mind quite frequently, as the typical thought would be: - Get person. - Person did something wrong. - ''Hey person, you did this wrong.'' - Punishment. Sits, although I am rambling on, are much more complex than that. This is just my personal opinion, and you and others may agree, but I don't think you are quite ready to take on this role that requires a lot of strain on patience and compassion with those who clearly don't deserve it. I implore you to not only stick to making friends with staff and regulars, but also the new players. Learn about how easy it is to break a rule when you're new, encourage not punishment of rule-breaking, but the satisfaction of knowing you have helped a player in the knowledge and understanding of how they can avoid rule=breaking in the future, and even how that rule can help them in the future! I myself love new players, having their thanks after helping them understand the MOTD and whatnot. Also, just a little peeve of mine, but I would suggest updating your application a little bit, I find it a little odd (and no offense to you), that you've talked more about yourself than why you deserve staff? That is a HUGE factor that should be taken into consideration a little more. I would recommend adding a few more sentences, but just my opinion. I'm sure people appreciate an attempt at standing out and not a generic: ''Staff are always busy, so I can help when they're not here!''. All in all, I feel as if this was too long, but I felt as if you are worth the effort, by the looks of it you do have many people who respect you, but I would love to see you grow more myself. Good luck to you. Neutral.
  8. Hunterbonx

    i thought it was compliment smt cmon mannnn. also for above, very nice and patient individual
  9. Hunterbonx

    @Napoleon joke
  10. Hunterbonx

    make ryeboy owner so he can ban all guards and he rebels against the warden personally every round
  11. Hunterbonx

    very fun man that is friends with other very nice men
  12. Hunterbonx

    I find it sad to see something so popular and full of players and life now reduced to nothing. How very unfortunate.
  13. Hunterbonx

    best gape poster
  14. Hunterbonx

    world record:
  15. Hunterbonx

    Hello and apologies, I don't know where else to put this or who to ask, and I'm sure it's been asked a lot. Not including the wayback machine, is there any way to access or view the old forums? I kinda feel like reminiscing a little bit even though that does sound greedy and stupid. I just remember some nice posts that I wanna see again, and some older memories would make me smile. But hey its kind of a long haul to do I would suppose, but if theres any easy way to go about it thats available I would love to know. Thanks for your time, and again, apologies if this seems in poor taste.