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  1. Yuki ?

    https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/overcooked/home Overcooked is the free game on Epic atm! („• ֊ •„)
  2. Yuki ?

    Early arctic monkeys slaps
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  8. Yuki ?

    Sorry if this doesn't quite fit (since it's not free, but a really good discount) but if you've been wanting to play Cities: Skylines there's currently a humble bundle! Base game is in the minimum spend, which is only $1.50, so it may not be free but 96.5% off is pretty damn close. Average spend and max spend are great value, too, if you care about the bonus content!
  9. Yuki ?

    The last that was heard was the deafening bang of Hans' gun, however it appeared that Perrin had come out completely unscathed, as Hans, attempting to shoot Perrin, instead missed her entirely, accidentally shooting out the lightbulb in the room.
  10. Yuki ?

    witnessing all of these events unfold, Perrin Barteaux suddenly awakes in a cold sweat, realising that everything was but a fever dream.
  11. Yuki ?

    Left 4 Dead 2: Versus

    Versus was heaps of fun last time, and people were asking for it quite a bit before and during the event today, so I reckon it'd be a good one to play again! Much like last time, the RSVP is going to be capped at 8, as that's the most we can have in a Versus game; I do believe that we could allow more than 8 players on a dedicated server, however one of the Poseidon folk should get in touch with me about it if we want to give it a shot, until then it's first come first serve (.❛ ᴗ ❛.) See you then!
  12. Yuki ?

    If anyone's interested, Sludge Life is currently free on Epic Games, too; I think until the end of the day. I've never heard of it, but it looks like it might be interesting, and it's usually $20... A free game's a free game!
  13. Yuki ?

    This Army National Guard was Nick Bean, who promptly drowns in the river, being incapable of keeping himself afloat with his body armour, weaponry, and the debilitating weight of what he did to those poor Armenian children.
  14. Yuki ?

    Most Jackbox games have an 8 player cap... I'm down for L4D2 again, although maybe we can organise another dedicated L4D2 Versus event for next week? uwu
  15. I haven't played through Portal 2 again as of yet, but I played through HL:1–Ep 2 (only played Half-Life 2 and the first couple chapters of the OG before) and Portal again and really enjoyed them! Don't have any of the expansions, though uwu 100%'d Episodes 1 and 2, and started on an attempt to 100% Portal, but god, the challenge achievements are a nightmare... Only have the lambda locator and manhack achievements left for Half-Life 2, though, which'd be fun to go back through, just need to find the time and energy („• ֊ •„)
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