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  1. I'm not too keen on the whole "I intentionally crashed two servers, then forgot I had my crashing script on and accidentally tried to crash Poseidon" argument personally, but that's just me. Sure, you can say that he didn't intentionally try to crash Poseidon, but it feels basically the same as saying "I forgot to turn off my cheats after going on an aimbot rampage on other servers, please unban me!" -1
  2. Yuki ?

    big compute

    If you're willing to wait a couple weeks AMD finna drop a fat load with Ryzen 3000; if you're not interested in getting one, either you could get a better price, or you could get a second hand one for cheap, if that's an alley you want to go down.
  3. Hi, Perrin falsely accused me of animal abuse plez perm ban for her. @ Everyone +1
  4. And as I said, I proceeded to take it to PMs As remix mentioned, every general chat has a bit of shitposting, and I've not yet to see somebody get outright banned for it, especially shitposting this minor
  5. I messaged one higher-up (Cleddus) and received no response, nor have I received anything else during the duration of this thread. I had also quickly got in touch with a staff member in-game who had only said they were looking into it, or something like that, and I haven't heard anything else beyond that. I messaged a forum moderator—not as a staff member, but to joke about the situation as a friend—who then said it was being dealt with after this thread had already been posted, but alright. If I was told that the situation was being dealt with, why would I make a ban appeal? How is "ok retard" a low-key diss? How is it even anything more than a minor shitpost? I literally just sent that as a joke and then proceeded to do exactly as he asked, and I took it to pms. I didn't message Charlie because, as you seem to get wrong, I don't expect a mature response from somebody who'd ban a player for saying "ok retard," who'd ban a player for sending a screenshot with a sign saying "mine sharft," and who'd ban a player for saying something akin to "I need help setting up a server called better poseidon," let alone responding sarcastically to previous ban appeals and telling players and fellow higher-ups to off themselves.
  6. So "no shitposting" is such a harshly enforced rule that saying "ok buddy retard" is grounds for a permanent ban, no questions asked? What's different to sarcastically telling another player that if he can't figure out how to set up a server he shouldn't have one, or clearly mocking him for being unable to figure it out? Even if I don't play 24/7 (I still *do* play on the server) playtime is not a gauge for whether the phrase "ok retard" is a bannable offense. This is just false, but sure, let's just say that he *was* going to grief. Does this make it appropriate for a manager/head admin to tell a player to kill themselves?
  7. If by making "Minecraft managements time harder" you mean making some small comments which the management can easily, and does, ignore, or critiquing the decision of banning another player for posting a screenshot of a sign reading "mine sharft," then sure. It's not as if I break any rules, and even if questioning a decision were to be in breach of rules, it was made quite clear that the ban was for saying "ok retard," or "ok buddy retard"—if I've gotten it wrong that's probably because of how much of a meaningless and benign statement it is in the first place. "ok retard" is quite unanimously interpreted as a joke, and "ok buddy retard" even more so, so it's a pretty laughable reason to be banned either way you look at it, although taking a look at the situation, and similar situations in the past and alongside this one, your theory that "ok retard" was simply a cover up for a ban with no reason does seem quite plausible
  8. Steam name: Yuki (IGN: yukidoggo) Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:106598287 Game mode: Discord/Minecraft RP Name: N/A Ban Reason: Saying "ok retard" Banned by: Charlie Length of ban: Seemingly permanent Your evidence: Reason you want to be unbanned: First off, sorry for all the vertical height, spoilers don't seem to want to end :v Somebody came to the Minecraft Discord asking for help with a server of their own, only to be met by multiple users both refusing to help him, and frankly, being a bit rude towards them, Charlie included. (This lengthy exchange was apparently permitted, along with a longer exchange regarding these responses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) In contrast, I offered to help him out, only to be told to "keep it to pms" I found it pretty funny that the above conversation is perfectly fine but trying to help him isn't appropriate, so I responded, as one does, with a cheeky "ok retard" This is grounds for a ban, apparently ok retard
  9. this is not a shitpost!! we will not stand for this censorship of the free media!!!
  10. wow, nice interview! that yuki guy sounds pretty cool. interesting and unique idea, keep up the good work!
  11. Your ban expired :c Every Poseidon server goes through active and inactive periods, and TTT has seemed to be quite subject to a lot of fluctuation, from what I’ve noticed since joining; Rahj has been doing an amazing job, but there still needs to be people jump starting the server before more players actually join, and interest in the gamemode—and Garry’s Mod in general—seems to be slowly on the decline anyway.
  12. I'm in favour of not giving a company infamous for its collection and sale of user data all of my browsing activities so firefox and the fox is cute
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