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  1. Yuki 🌺

    +100000, I don't think I played back when you were staff on Poseidon, but playing with you recently, I can't see how you wouldn't be a great part of the team!
  2. Yuki 🌺

    +1 to your skull being unbanned, if he really didn't have any involvement, which I believe. -1 for your unban, neutral on a reduction to 2-4 weeks; I'd +1 if it weren't for what Hamad mentioned above. I think that, whilst something is still in order, both of you have learned where the line is drawn and it won't be repeated.
  3. Yuki 🌺

    This looks nothing short of amazing, and has come such a long way from the map we have now! Excited to see the rest that isn't shown in the screenshots, too! I can't wait ( ´ ω ` )
  4. Yuki 🌺

    +1. I've been saying that weed and vapes are illegal by default because they're sold by an illegal class, and painkillers are thus legal even though they're drugs, for a while now, and this change would definitely help in defining what drugs are legal/illegal by default, since cigarettes don't make much sense being illegal by default, I think. It makes a bit more sense, too, that a store clerk sells cigarettes!
  5. Yuki 🌺

    Spent some time with you when you seemed to be quite a chill guy, and I'd definitely be in support of this person being a moderator; however, you seem to prefer being a bit of a toxic person more recently, and I'm not so fond of your incessant shitposting, disregard for others, and jabs at other people and our expectations of community members in the TTT Discord. The face you put forwards is much closer to a bottom-of-the-barrel minge than a potential staff member, in my opinion, although I do think that you're capable of being a great moderator. Neutral
  6. Yuki 🌺

    Completely skipped my mind that warns are in the Discord now, was just a meme, my bad... Phat is a good boy, haven't personally seen him break any rules, and he's got a completely clean warn record I can't comment on your other claim, although Phat could probably respond to that himself, if need be. Either way, don't take these warns seriously, on me for forgetting they post to Discord now, too, and my +1 still stands (´。• ᵕ •。`)
  7. Yuki 🌺

    +1. Good guy, and some good laughs from our interactions. Roleplay really stands out in my eyes, and I personally haven’t seen any wrong-doings; would be a great trusted!
  8. >shit-talks Poseidon >asks for a dev rank on Poseidon >has a sook when called out for shit-talking Poseidon You're not being "spammed," you got 8 replies calling you out for being an idiot; it really should be quite obvious that you burn your bridges when you start shit-talking, and if you expected it to all be swept under the rug when you want to come crawling back, then that's truly something else. Personally, I've no clue who you are, but if your claim to fame is developing a gamemode centered around shooting children and talking down upon communities you've developed for, then good riddance, find a community that can tolerate your inflated ego. On the bright side, this thread gave me a good laugh
  9. Yuki 🌺

    I love the idea, but I think people are just way too familiar with "S.W.A.T". With S.W.A.T being used on a lot of DarkRP servers, and real S.W.A.T just being way more prevalent in the media, I think a lot of people would struggle to make the connection between S.R.G and S.W.A.T, or at the least, would be a bit thrown off by the change. Might be a bit less harsh of a change if it's not abbreviated?
  10. Yuki 🌺

    In situations like this, I'd argue with you that staff shouldn't be regulating what risks Police are allowed to take in that situation. If somebody is obviously taking it out of hand and rushing in guns-a-blazing with absolutely no thought, that could obviously, imo, be handled under FailRP rather than FearRP. If Police do properly roleplay the event, analyse the situation and decide that the risk is worth it, they can do that, and if the Mayor's or a civilian's life is lost the Chief should be stepping up and firing them. "Ruleplay over roleplay" is exactly what I'm thinking of, thanks for the great descriptor aha
  11. Yuki 🌺

    Bat and I briefly exchanged discussion about weapons being given a cooldown time. I think that this would be a good trade-off, and makes people think twice about trying to fight back, as the attacker has a clear advantage as the weapon is being drawn. Even if death isn't penalised as I proposed, this alone could possibly compensate completely, as it would fully alert the initiator and put the person trying to fight back in a defenseless state for however long their weapon takes to draw. The current weapons have a cooldown when you first take them out, and whilst I don't have experience with the pack, I'm not sure why this couldn't be applied to every pullout. However, I do think that some downside to death should be in place to fully balance it. Kidnapping and hostage taken already has these issues, I feel, and constraints are something which I've been wanting to resolve this issue for a while. Even if my suggestion isn't put into place, I'd love to see constraints, anyway, but they'd certainly add a lot of value if FearRP is removed. After all, being constrained is much better, in my eyes, than sitting around like a dunce because some guy is sitting in the corner with a gun, even if there are many opportunities to get free or fight back. The weapon checker can already strip and return weapons, too, if that's what you're mentioning I don't really feel the same, sadly. In my eyes, I don't think it's really that realistic that a man with a light pistol can put a heavily equipped spec-ops unit completely under their command and waltz through a police department straight to the good stuff. On the other end of the spectrum, I don't find it realistic that a recruit with a shoddy pistol has the ability to scare an entire gang of heavily armed hard-boiled criminals into compliance; of course, this often doesn't actually end up being the case, which is its own issue. I don't think that it's good roleplay for every single combat engagement to run on the exact same script because it is required by the rules, and whilst it may not be a perfect proposition, I think that the removal of FearRP as a rule, with some balancing, could create the actual roleplay which FearRP poorly attempts. If you're an officer wanting to arrest a couple thugs whom you know, or suspect, are armed with high-caliber assault rifles, you're going to want to call for backup so that you can handle the situation without obviously being blasted. How it actually would play out, however, is that you'd waltz up with your little gun and they just have to comply, otherwise someone will noclip through the walls and deliver a nice lil' warning. If work isn't cutting it and you really need some extra cash, you may turn to the dark side and try to mug someone. You'd want to scout out your targets, find people who don't look like they'd be a threat, but would have enough money on them to make ends meet. Or, you'd look out for high-value targets who really don't want to get into a gunfight before their destination. If you make a wrong decision, your whole plan goes upside-down. Whilst I'd like it to work this way, it doesn't matter who you pick, they're all obliged to give you money anyway. If you're being cornered by some officers, but there's an alleyway nearby and you know that with a little bit of trickery, you'd have the perfect opportunity to nick off down there. Nobody wants to be arrested, after all, and if the opportunity arises, you'd probably risk it to stay out of jail. You don't get this chance, however, because any wrong move doesn't get you a bullet, but admin intervention. If you're trying to force a S.W.A.T Officer to let you into a heavily armed Police Department, you should be gunned down. If you have a measly little sidearm and try to mess with somebody who quite obviously outguns you, you should be gunned down. If you're obviously in over your head and don't have the means to handle everybody in the raid, you should be gunned down. If compliance doesn't make sense in a situation, there should be no obligation to comply. Whilst it's great to think that FearRP does add a lot to the server, what I tend to find is that people just begrudgingly follow along, and put in the minimum amount of effort required to not have warn sent their way, instead of actually engaging in the roleplay it's supposed to create. The issue, I think, is not that some people would willy-nilly risk their life, but that FearRP doesn't make sense in a lot of situations, and in the situations it does it often doesn't add any actual roleplay, or add much value to the situation beyond giving the initiator exactly what they want. It's a small masked as a one-size-fits-all. I'm not upset that I have to follow along with FearRP, and I often don't even get put into situations where I have to, ironically. FearRP is something I utilise myself more than other people try on me, and in saying that, I disagree entirely with how it works. When I use FearRP, it's not because I want to create roleplay, but because it makes things easy for me. I'm not very great in gunfights which I blame on my computer ;3 so I elect not to engage in the first place, because the option is there for me to simply pull out my gun and walk right through, skipping them entirely. A cooldown on pulling out weapons, as mentioned a couple times, would mitigate the issue of people instantly drawing weapons and gunning down initiators, as you say, and I think this would discourage people from not complying. I've mentioned a couple things in the staff chat, but I'll bring it out here, as I think I should expand a little bit on the replacements I propose. Whilst it may cause issues for situations that aren't FearRP-related, although I think these can be remedied, I think having a bit of time before you can respawn would definitely encourage people to engage in FearRP. Whilst @DonTheJeweler mentioned raising the cooldown on respawning above the jail timer, I think that these could both be exactly the same; with this, though, there should be an option for people to break out of jail, either through an NPC or by walking a certain distance away from the jail cells. This, I feel, would adequately encourage people to participate in arrests, even more than they do at the moment with FRP in place. This could also create some more potential scenarios with people offering money for break-outs, and raiders having another target in the PD other than the vault. With a cooldown in place, I think that doctors should be able to defibrillate players back to life. If somebody tries to out-run Police and fail, whilst the Police may be able to use a taser to arrest them (pls buff) they may also get a doctor to come over and bring them back to the world of the living, prime pickings for a pair of handcuffs, and possibly with very low health left and some negative effects for a short duration. Doctors could also be called out to assist civilians caught in crossfire, to help with the aftermath of a raid, or to be first responders at a mugging gone wrong.
  12. Yuki 🌺

  13. Yuki 🌺

    I'm not really proposing "tasks," more-so that you'll just casually level up and level down different traits as you engage in different behaviour. The more you run, the better you'll be at it, and if you spend some time not doing something, it'll take a little bit longer. I don't want to really encourage grinding out tasks to get the best stats, but even if there is the option to grind out your athleticism, for example, I think that this is a perfectly valid option, and people do this in real life. More of a general example than getting into a specific situation. I don't exactly feel like I should be warning someone because they picked a trait and just didn't roleplay it. I'd like to see people creating characters and roleplaying as them, too, but this isn't how a lot of people play the game, especially on a server that isn't serious rp; if people want to do this, they already have the option to do so, which, as I said, is part of the fun of roleplaying.
  14. Yuki 🌺

    People already go for the kill if orders aren't followed, which I think is fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've brought it up in the staff chat a couple of times, and maybe could have brought it up here as an alternative, but I really want to have tying down back (´• ω •`) It's so much easier to manage a lot of people—and even just one person—in a raid if you can tie them down and keep an eye on them. I think a problem with the old system is that people would be left on the ground, which could be countered by letting people force their way out, making some noise to alert the perpetrators, and also adding another aspect to utilising them. I reckon just having this would do a lot for FRP in raids, and it'll be a lot easier to manage people, which is what I think to be a concern to some people. I briefly mentioned it myself, but I definitely agree with your first point. I find that the way it is currently, people are forced into doing the exact same thing every time, lest the almighty rp gods strike down upon them. There's no wiggle room for, as you mention, a long-lasting police chase, or a mugging-gone-wrong, or just somebody messing with the wrong person and getting out-gunned. You pull out a gun and get to play god with your victim, and that's it—if they step out of line, you can cry to an admin and get exactly what you want—and it's just the same exact thing over and over again.
  15. Yuki 🌺

    I do think your idea is interesting, and has a lot of merit, but I'm not sure if the approach is perfect. Whilst having optional RP traits seems like a great proposal, and might help people in fleshing out their roleplay characters, I'm not sure about how it would actually work out practically. I think that people can already build up their own character within RP, if they so desire, and that is a huge part of what makes RP RP; if somebody so desires, they can choose how they want their chosen character to act, and then just start acting that way, instead of picking a couple traits and then sticking by them. If you want to roleplay as somebody who's afraid of violence, then that's something you can just do, if you wish to develop and roleplay as a character. Having them hard-coded also brings up some issues regarding how staff are supposed to approach it, too, I feel. Do we warn someone for failrp if they're fearful and don't run from a gunfight? Do we check everybody's traits in a sit to ensure that they're within the rules? I think, too, that traits you choose shouldn't dictate at all if you have to follow a rule. It'll be confusing for new players, and when somebody acts as their chosen trait, they'll definitely be some sits called about it. If it's decided to show player's traits somewhere to diffuse confusion, people will just start to avoid you, knowing that you don't have to follow the same rules as everybody else. Unless there are some other rules this may apply better to than the examples, I can't see this working out, personally. However, I do like the idea of your "athletic" trait, and think that this should be singled out and expanded upon, possibly in a different system. Similar mechanics have been present in other games, but my proposal is that players have different traits, such as "athleticism," "strength," "focus," etc. which you can assign values to when you join, and develop upon over time. Points to athleticism increase run speed and jump height, points to strength increase punching force and damage resistance, and points to focus decrease recoil and speed up lockpick/keypad cracker times, to expand upon the few examples I've given. Engaging in the associated tasks will increase the point values, whilst neglecting them will decrease them, so you can run around a lot to get faster, but if you don't work those muscles, you're going to start getting a bit weak. This may be a completely different suggestion, and I apologise if I've proposed something completely different, but I reckon it would be interesting. It would have the character building I believe you want, and some real benefits to different traits, without over-complicating or restricting RP. Just my thoughts, either way, and you're free to ignore them aha