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  1. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    Iโ€™m more talking when the town hall is actually barrenโ€”as in a thief just runs upstairs to do nothing but kill the Mayor, and possibly any randoms with them. Itโ€™s not even a byproduct of a raid for valuables, people just use a raid as a guise for rdming whatever mayor is in power at the time.
  2. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    Personally, I think letting people put up a sign to disallow anyone from breaking in is a bit daft; even if you're not running a multi-million dollar bitcoin operation or hoarding 95% of the servers weapons, if a criminal fancies your property, they're going to break in. What I think to be the real problem this is trying to tackle, however, is the following of combat engagement during raids. From my experience, most well-established players don't raid for money, but instead for the thrill of running in somewhere and killing every person in sight whilst still remaining in the rules, even if they're doing absolutely nothing to warrant a good ol' gunning down. Even staff are guilty of this, starting a PD raid every 10 minutes just to piss off some cops, or "raiding" a barren town hall to do nothing except execute the Mayor and keep it completely legal. Under combat engagement, raiders should have no reason to kill anybody who doesn't pose a threat, yet anyone in the vicinity gets gunned down, even if they're just bystanders. My answer to this suggestion, then, is that if you're just messing around in a house used only for roleplay purposes, a raider already isn't allowed to kill you unless you try to harm them, and the same goes for being a bystander during a raid, or the mayor just hanging around in the town hall. People don't follow this, sadly, and a lot of staff don't enforce this (have a guess why), which I'm disappointed with. Another rule addition isn't really necessary as much as a simple change in attitude.
  3. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    Y'all only find this hard to believe because you can't imagine having an uncle that doesn't beat you smt Sounds plausible, and I personally believe it. +1 for an unban.
  4. { title = 'Furries are disturbing the peace', description = [[Citizens have been witnessing more and more strange men wearing animal costumes, and they've been getting concerned. They're barking at people, scaring the children, and smell like they haven't washed their fur in years.]], choices = { { choice = 'Let them yiff in peace', choiceCost = 0, results = { { chance = 50, money = 5000, reputation = -20, message = [[The furries host a convention at town hall, and the people are questioning your sexuality.]] }, { chance = 25, money = 0, reputation = -10, message = [[The people are upset with you for not taking action on this issue.]] }, { chance = 25, money = 0, reputation = 0, message = [[Upset with nothing being done, the citizens throw rocks at them and drive the furries out of town.]] } } }, { choice = 'Ban all furries', choiceCost = 0, results = { { chance = 40, money = 0, reputation = 20, message = [[Rejoice! The furries are gone!]] }, { chance = 40, money = 0, reputation = 10, message = [[The furries start doing their illicit deeds outside of the law, but at least they're not your problem anymore.]] }, { chance = 20, money = -10000, reputation = -10, message = [[The furries revolt, biting and gnawing at citizens. You put them all down, but lose some citizens in the process.]] } } }, { choice = 'Legalise hunting furries', choiceCost = 0, results = { { chance = 50, money = 0, repuation = 30, message = [[Furry hunting becomes the next big sport, and the people couldn't be happier!]] }, { chance = 30, money = 20000, reputation = 20, message = [[You host many large events dedicated to furry hunting, and they're huge successes.]] }, { chance = 20, money = -10000, reputation = -10, message = [[Riots break out in the street, and the furries begin hunting the citizens. You may have won the fight, but you suffered many casualties.]] }, } }, { choice = 'Buy a fursuit and join them', choiceCost = 5000, results = { { chance = 100, money = 0, reputation = -100, message = [[Disgusting. Everybody hates you.]] } } } } }
  5. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    -1, at least for now. I've not seen too much of you, but what I have seen, to be honest, is just minging and poor behaviour. I'll make an effort to pay some more attention if I see you in-game, and may adjust appropriately, but this is my current stance.
  6. Albus is the bitter racoon

  7. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    Looking really good!~ If it's a bit easier, Adv. Dupe 2 stores the dupes in files, located in garrysmod > data > advdupe2
  8. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    -1 asked for +1s, is also a furry
  9. DarkRP Name: Yuki Akihito Suggestion: Allow Police to return to raids whilst they are still ongoing. Description of idea: I know that this will certainly be a controversial suggestion, but I think that this idea has some merit, and could potentially be worth exploring. From what I've seen, the idea of Police being an underpowered class, especially when it comes to raids by and against the Police Department, seems to be thrown around a little bit, and I tend to agree with it. Police aren't very much of a threat to criminals in a majority of situations, and once you pick off a couple of them, they're simply gone from the raid. Instead of creating a Police job with the sole purpose of being overpowered, however, I'd like to tackle it from a different angle, and suggest allowing Police to return to raids in progress. Instead of killing 5 or 6 cops, in most situations, and simply being done with them, you have to face a Police force with actual quantity, which I think to more realistically reflect a real Police force, and to be a real challenge and threat to criminals looking to raid. When you're raiding the Police Department, you're going to have to deal with a lot more friction trying to get in and out, as you're going to be dealing with a lot more threats instead of taking out 80% of the force on the way in. This would help clear things up for staff, too, as there wouldn't be any of the hassle of tracking down cops that break NLR anyway. It could require some re-balancing of the class, but I think that there's some potential with this, and it could bring the strength people want in the Police force without simply introducing buffs and overpowered changes. How will it benefit the server: Police would be a valid and ever-present threat when you're raiding, the quantity of Police who are available to respond to situations is much more realistic, and the class could be buffed, as people are requesting, without literally just buffing the job.
  10. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    oh ok then, sorry for the trouble
  11. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    Game mode: DarkRP SteamID: STEAM_0:0:18605322 Reason for demotion request: Pinged everyone in the Discord Evidence: Everyone's notification Bat, this is just too far this time, and its time you "step down" from your position. You need to face the consequences of your actions.
  12. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    +1, great moderator, and I think he'd be a great admin! Just take more sits instead of playing Blackjack (โ—ยดฯ‰๏ฝ€โ—)
  13. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    Playing as the warden was certainly a great experience back in the days of REL and Splerge, but I definitely still found it enjoyable after their depature. As late as when Lcast took the wheel, to as recent as the final effort to revitalise Jailbreak, I still played my fair share of warden, and still found myself able to create fun days and maintain cooperative prisoners. There's rebellious prisoners here and there, and some days where everybody just wants to run off in different directions, but this wasn't an every-single-round occurrence. I'm not saying that the primary downfall was that guards and wardens were retarded, either, and simply stated that a guard team that wasn't quite up to scratch would negatively impact the experience of playing warden and handling rebellers, which I see to be correct; my argument is that people don't hop on Jailbreak with the objective of sitting on their asses with their finger itching to slam a kill bind, but instead to have some laughs and enjoy themselves. If you and your guards team are capable of quickly dealing with rebellers, and you can create days that people actually want to play, then prisoners will take the option that's more fun for them and play along.
  14. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    I've personally heard of and seen him intentionally finding and exploiting loopholes in the rules for his benefit, such as using FRP to take people away from public to mug them, putting police under FRP to take them across the map to unlock PD doors, or killing AFKs because they didn't listen to him. People are saying that there's been some improvement, and others are saying that there hasn't, so for now I'll just sit on neutral until I can see if there has been any change myself.
  15. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    When the great managers/developers left, and a lot of prominent players in the community disappeared with them, Jailbreak lost a lot of its spark. I think the gamemode was further affected, too, by the people picking up the torch either not willing or not able to keep it lit. Jailbreak lost the love put into the gamemode, which caused the playerbase to dwindle, eventually killing off the gamemode. Most recently, the guns were altered, and their new state was completely broken, unfair, and far from enjoyable to use. They were so bad it was almost as if someone was trying to kill off the gamemode by stopping people from playing it in the first place. Besides the horrible weapons, Pointshop needs to be fixed up, as it is a driving force for player retention, and gives people some fun little things to work towards. If the server is fun to play on, which it can definitely be, and there are players willing and dedicated to building up a thriving community, which there are, Jailbreak could definitely be improved and brought back to a consistently fun state. Fixed weapons, fixed Pointshop, and a fresh interface and map pool (if possible) could get a lot of people interested, although I'd love to play if even just the weapons were working. Yes (ใฅ๏ฝกโ—•โ€ฟโ€ฟโ—•๏ฝก)ใฅ I used to play Jailbreak way too much, and a good portion of that time was on the guards team, or playing as the warden. Whilst it's not fair to say there aren't days where everybody rushes at you every single round relentlessly, it's also entirely unfair to say that controlling the prisoners and successfully running fun and unique days is an impossible task. What I usually found is that prisoners just want to play with a warden that isn't your generic braindead first-reaction-last-reaction addict, and they'll stick around if you're doing something fun for everyone instead of lava days and reverse hide and seek every other round. If it got to the point where people are just uncooperative, now there's a new challenge in herding the prisoners; enforce strict positions and roles on your guards, ensure that every exit and possible rebel route is covered, and act harshly on the prisoners, and the sheep they are will soon get the message that they'll find more enjoyment in just following along with what you have planned instead of dying the second they step slightly out of line. This, obviously, isn't always possible, as you're often going to get a selection of guards who can't figure out how to tie their shoelaces, but if you can have a guard team that's competent you can control the prisoners, and this power dynamic is what separates fighting off rebellious prisoners from a simple TDM gamemode.