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  1. isaiahh

    lmao, dont report that
  2. isaiahh

    home made noodles with mince pork and spring onion
  3. isaiahh

    fried rice with spam, get some peas n spring onion
  4. isaiahh

    my ability to
  5. isaiahh

    true to see
  6. isaiahh

    to be upon
  7. Why ONLY Queensland? Do other parties not suggest the idea of HAVING airsoft and/or gel in their own area? To be quite frank, the UK can be a lil bit of a whine but the fact that it’s a big sport and wasn’t used too far of an extent in crime, it’s reasonably as well as finding gun laws fair.
  8. IMO, I sense myself in an in-between situation. There’s a few reasons to go around with using Gel blasters instead but I’m just thinking it’s because of the lethality with BB’s. Short but interesting topic for me, share me your opinions.
  9. isaiahh

    5 times school work online. i dont even have microsoft office so im screwed.
  10. isaiahh

    Neutral sliding to a neutral +1 ( if you get what I mean. no? k ) I saw you on like yesterday but barely interacted with you. If you’re in the server, you’re either building in secret or just wandering around. IMO, try getting more presence in ooc and get some people to at least know who you are in the server. If you’re an old player and been absent for at least a couple months or so, try getting more active throughout the community. Although quoting you have past positions in various DarkRP servers and thrice the amount hours I have on the game (which I find extremely impressive), I wanna find more of yourself in the server rather than just your experience. I can’t really decide whether you’re active enough for Trusted, but at least I know I’m speaking from what I know from you, not the community. GL, Emily. edit: I would usually recommended applying for trusted around being active for at least a week or two. That way, people start to recognise you in the community and having neutrals for your app won’t be a hassle.
  11. isaiahh

    +1 nice alleyway gun shop. rip your back entrance tbh, you quite the builder. I suppose I’ll instantly hate you as soon as you make and dupe that gun shop. GL man.
  12. isaiahh

    +1 idk sick cunt spams GET OFF THE ROAD you're a base builder and im gonna be fucked when i try to raid you.
  13. isaiahh

    +1. You seem very chill and you RP by the rules without question. Hopefully, you can get this position and treat it with care. edit: You also might have a habit of over-enforcing rules, but that’s just my opinion. GL
  14. isaiahh

    but it's just one warning. edit: I also agree with shooting you twice with an M3. I was just trigger happy and at the same time because I didn't get to kill or shoot much that day. I deeply apologise for making said mistake and hope you can forgive me for it.
  15. wdym, you started like 5+ days ago smt.
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