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  1. Joe Hockey

    will miss my sweet prince, have fun boo
  2. Joe Hockey

    There's this game called CS:GO created by Valve which is free, kinda like TF2 except its based off of Counter Strike.
  3. Joe Hockey

    Eww you have a life now? OT: I’ll miss you, have fun!
  4. Joe Hockey

    I've had that IKEA desk for years and IMO it was terrible. You should get the FREDDE IKEA desk instead, both bat and I coincidentally own it so join us. Other than that, great setup.
  5. Joe Hockey

    ari has waaaaaaaaay too many quotes to fit in a single thread, someone make an independant thread for all of his shit smt
  6. Joe Hockey

    oh homie... (had to remove the anime because i have a zero tolerance for that shit)
  7. Your ban has expired, lock please.
  8. Joe Hockey

    got forum banned because he made a thread which spammed the letter A and i think temporarily broke the homepage either way it was bullshit WE'RE LEADING CRUSADES, HE WILL BE FREED
  9. Joe Hockey

  10. Joe Hockey

    @Barney on Meth Goto 1:36 for impact.
  11. Joe Hockey

    wheres fred
  12. Joe Hockey

    yeah amirite seriously its just losers who dont have lives
  13. Joe Hockey

    Should've clarified about the criminal record, my bad. I'd say if your criminal record was like a level two (something like armed robbery, graffiti, burglary, muggings, etc.) or a criminal record that proves that the individual is dangerous then they shouldn't be allowed into the country. In terms of people with severe mental health, their exploits could be discovered after which they could be banned from entering the country. But I'd like you to clarify what exploits they would use since I haven't heard discussion about that in this circumstance.
  14. Joe Hockey

    Why doesn’t the federal government prohibit individuals with a criminal record or people with mental issues who can cause harm (sociopaths, psychopaths, etc) to enter our country? We need security.
  15. Joe Hockey

    Has your opinion changed at all? It's been several months since you posted this.