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  1. Hagop

    i love me some good ol խաշած խոտ any time of the day
  2. Hagop

    i remember you... welcome back!
  3. Hagop

    ^ This I was the one who banned you several months ago. It’s hard to get unbanned with this on your record, and the audio recording you provided can’t be verified by anyone else other than you. Since I have resigned, I don’t really have a say in what happens with your ban, but I’m sticking with a neutral considering the circumstances.
  4. Hagop

    saw this in my sub feed and died laughing MAKE SOME MORE
  5. OT: Now that I am slowly departing from this community, I must hand over the keys to you before my time comes. As others have said you are mature when need be and are capable of admin. Good luck, and goodbye. +1
  6. Hagop

    not sure if i fit into any category, so far i've resigned but i'm still attached to the forums and discord. i'm almost there
  7. Hagop

    You were lucky this time.
  8. Hagop

    ah yes, my creepy uncle smiling gleefully through the car window as he sees @John Herbingson and i leaving armenian school
  9. Hagop

  10. Hagop

    ‘Note: this appeal can take up to 1 week to clarify.’ Please be patient with your appeal.
  11. Hagop

    Use the template for this to be considered, please. Use the issue one, which is the second template clearly highlighted in the post.