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  1. Hagop

    I thought this would happen. It doesn't come as a surprise to me considering that we only achieved a maximum of 30 players (on average, once or twice a week) after the server's rather successful launch. Also, at what date and time will the server be shut down? Discord should definitely stay, but I think the forums should be closed considering that it's been deserted for a month or two. I'd prefer if it were preserved in a large HTML document or website archive.
  2. unban me unban me

    1. Hagop


      wrong profile, go to @Echo

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      He didnt do nothing

  3. Hagop

  4. Hagop

  5. Hagop

    When finding out that the buffet had been cancelled, the bum flew into a rage and began assaulting Victor Hans with a pointy stick.
  6. Hagop

    Everything turned black.
  7. Hagop

    He jumped from the top floor and landed face-first into the cold, hard concrete.
  8. Hagop

    The citizens of Poseidon were outraged and decided to raid the local Target.
  9. TF2, Cities: Skylines, GTA V, Minecraft, L4D2 and replaying the Half: Life and Portal games.
  10. Hagop

    exhibit proof
  11. I have one at home that my family rarely uses... last time I picked it up was a few weeks ago because I had to call someone but I was too lazy to grab my phone.
  12. Hagop

  13. Hagop

    blue tongue twisties
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