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    You were a good trusted before the thing happened, wouldn’t mind you having it. +1
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    I get that but you also bypassed your ban on an alt account. -1
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    oooooooooh snap
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    i thought i told you i was a compulsive liar oshit
  5. After I had teleported to you, you said that you called several sits about building in the middle of the street (which already isn't allowed at all). After I said you'd still need staff permission for a checkpoint of any kind, you told me to fuck off and continued running away, where you said something along the lines of "you're just a mod, you have nothing on me." I continued chasing you when you gave the warnings and I told you it was a sit. You eventually killed yourself to evade sit, which altogether would've resulted in a ban. When you returned, you started calling me salty and said I was an admin abuser, harassing me in OOC chat. I will admit that I should have taken you to a sit, but regarding the situation a kick was the least I could do.
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    Good man with an even better house. +1
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    Jailbreak's back, it will be re-released very soon.
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    better be
  10. copying Ari and was forced to by Rahj, thx you two Before we start I'm gonna steal @baby's idea and mention people in my application. @Echo: We've somehow been friends for over nine years, dunno how we did it but we did. Also, Alec gets told off every lesson and Tamar hates him to death. @baby: The man himself, you are one hunk of a dog. Send hand pics. @Lemon Koala and @Fruity Boy: You two were the essence of the mod team, and were what came to my mind as soon as I thought of the word 'moderator'. Congrats on receiving admin, you two. @Hamad Very friendly and approachable, I'll play Minecraft as soon as I finish my homework. @Rahj Thanks for recommending this, you're a great curryman and make some stunning kebabs. @dog Good luck after your demotion resignation, hope things go far for you in life, kiddo. @Fusion61 Goodbye, sweet prince. Can't wait for a full nutsack reveal. That's about it from the top of my head, I've probably forgotten to put some of you in but you've all done me well. Prerequisites You must be already active and well known: Yup. You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations as an admin you will get stressed, a lot: Yes sir. You must understand the chain of command: User/Donator>Trusted>Trial Mod>Mod>Admin>Head Admin>Manager You must be 15 years or older, or demonstratively mature: Judging from my time as a moderator, I’d say I’m mature but I’ll let the rest of the community decide since my own point of view could be biased. You must agree that use of rank tools must only be used to help others and yourself: Yeah. You agree that rank can be pulled at any time without notice: I understand and agree. You agree that you will be active on the server at least every other day. We can easily peruse logs to see if are idling to get your hours up: School’s been an issue so I can't play as often during the week, however my weekends are usually free which is when I’ll be on the most. You need to understand that you may not receive the rank: Absolutely, and I respect the decision taken by management whether it’s an acceptance or a denial. RPname: Hagop Karyan Steam url: https://steamcommunity.com/id/mumsybuckson/ SteamID: STEAM_0:1:56342231 Age: 13 Why would you make a good staff member: Since I have a lot to say, I’ll split up my reasonings into several paragraphs. COMMANDS/TOOLS !admintellall This tool would be greatly effective in terms of communicating with other players. Since it broadcasts to the entire server, it promotes efficiency when communicating to other players, which is something you don’t get from using coloured text in OOC. Since I use OOC for this reason somewhat often, I find it a hassle that most of the time users don’t obey the message. However, this issue could be resolved with access to this tool. Permanent banning/banning for longer than two weeks This is one of the most important tools when it comes to staffing. There have been many instances where I’ve needed to ban permanently and have asked for bans to be extended. However, due to the lack of staff on at the time/the inconvenience of the situation, many of these bans have prematurely expired and have let loose notorious rulebreakers such as MRDMers, people who've threatened to DDOS, server crashers, etc. Having access to this command would improve my efficiency in getting serious rulebreakers dealt with and would be more convenient for everyone else. Noclip and Player Physgunning Noclip and the ability to physgun players would provide more efficiency than before, with ‘stuck’ sits being more convenient for both I (the staff member) and the stuck user in question. Noclip would also be useful for builds, as it would decrease the time I would spend on building and would leave more time for RPing and doing sits. Noclip could also make navigating across the map easier when it comes to doing sits and OOC events. Hydraulics and Wheel Tool Ever since I was granted moderator, I discovered many tools which I was previously not allowed to use. I was able to make cool builds such as elevators and towers, which expanded my building ability by a long way. However, to reach my full potential in this field, achieving the admin rank would be required. Hydraulics would make building elevators much easier and would make for some cool dupes. Wheels would allow me to build a functioning car (without the need of guide rails), meaning I could build something along the lines of an RP transit system which would use the bus stops on the map. Clear DC Props/Entities. Note: To my knowledge, this hasn't been handed out to mods yet but there's a high chance it may be given soon. If so, ignore this paragraph. Clearing disconnected player props is a very useful tool which can assist during mass prop spams and in events of propblock, etc. This is also another important tool which moderators don't (currently) have, slowing down the server to the annoyance of players (when no admins are present). This tool could also be used to remove an illegal bases and other prop issues. The ability to clear entities would also make removing spam (such as closets and drugs) much easier and would increase the server's [short term] performance. Admin Tools Admins spawn in with useful tools such as arrest/unarrest batons, checkers, and instant lockpickers. These tools are very useful for situations such as RDAs and illegal bases, where it would be faster to pull out a baton than to type in a command. GENERAL STAFFING After being staff for almost four months, I believe that I am ready for a big step up within the DarkRP community. The extra tools I can use will become very handy and make staffing much easier and more efficient. I believe that my staffing ability may also be represented well as an administrator, but yet again I may be biased towards myself, which is where I reach out to the community. In regards to other tools and commands which I haven't mentioned, it's probably because there's too many or they're not in my priority/I wouldn't really use them. Any experience with commands: During my time as a moderator I have become fluent with logs and ULX. Any staffing experience in general: Staffing here and on other failed startups. Have you read, and do you agree to the prerequisites: Yes. A little about you: (these questions are just for fun) Favourite in-game class/job: Mainly citizen and RPing/building things, or going as a gang member. Favourite game: Constantly switching between Cities: Skylines and Gmod, with GTA V coming in at a close third. Hobbies: Playing with my mates and watching Kargin Sereal (it’s an Armenian show so don’t watch it) Thanks for reading my application, if you’d like to leave some feedback you can put it down below. I don’t mind negative feedback and will work on it accordingly, but if you are going to -1 it would be greatly appreciated if some suggestions were given for me to work on.
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    I made this a while ago but it's about time I post it here. This one's for you @tisty chaps n dap, enjoy.
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