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  1. Ryeboy98

    -1 I agree with Nick Bean for once. I think you need some more time to become acquainted with the rules of the server and build up a bit more maturity.
  2. Ryeboy98

    That's my boy!
  3. Ryeboy98

    To be fair irl the C.I.A mainly operates in other nations since it's an external intelligence agency unlike the F.B.I which is the internal intelligence agency of America who mainly operate within U.S borders. Although really the C.I.A aren't law enforcement irl. Triton city is also confused about its national identity, I mean you have badges saying L.A.P.D, SWAT units, crip and bloods gangs and american style police uniforms etc.
  4. Ryeboy98

    +1 mature, great understanding of the rules, good mate and he knows how to effectively combat the Sudanese and Aboriginal threats.
  5. Your DarkRP Name: Anastasia Komanov, Pablo Martinez, a dozen more. Suggestion: Adjust the current election system so that elections occur during a mayor's reign every hour or even 2 hours if 1 is too short. Dictatorship or Monarchy rp will still be viable as the mayor could also have an option in the f2 mayor menu to either shutdown elections semi-permanently until the next mayor or the current one chooses the resume elections option, postpone or rig elections(maybe even a 50/50 chance of exposing the vote-rigging plot to the public in the form of an automatic broadcast or pop up if this specific option is taken) at the cost of government reputation & possibly funds from the gov bank if either 3 options are taken. Description of suggestion: Basically my suggestion is intended to enhance the various styles of government RP be it Democratic, Corrupt "Democratic", Dictatorial and Monarchy by allowing the mayor to actually change the very nature of how their successors come to power and how the mayor maintains their own power during the course of their reign. The mayor's decisions regarding the alterations of the democratic process will usually affect government reputation and possibly even funds, for example a mayor who shuts down elections will receive a decent blow to government rep whereas one who resumes elections will receive a buff while on the otherhand a mayor who rigs the elections will have a 50/50(possibly lower the odds) chance of getting away with it without both informing the public & losing rep. How it will benefit the server: I believe my suggestion will encourage a more diverse range of rp in the political-government sector. Dictatorship, "corrupt democratic", Monarchy and other Autocratic governing styles would be given more flavor in the sense of you actually becoming a ruthless dictator/monarch/executive president by making the decision to shut down, postpone or rig elections. Government reputation will receive a bit more relevance with this suggestion as a mayor that continually tries to rig elections will fall victim to a recall if they push their luck too much. Government funds could also be given more relevance with this suggestion if the various electoral decisions i've suggested cost a certain amount of money. Right now by default the mayor is basically a king that is elected for life, who's role is inherited by their heir(deputy mayor). If you're rping a democratic government this system may be problematic as the only way the mayor can be forced out of his role would be either a resignation, coup, assassination and the rare chance of a recall vote due to low rep, even then the deputy assumes the role semi-permanently as opposed to a more peaceful, realistic, democratic and fair process such as the scenario of an incumbent mayor losing to an opposition candidate. The presence of actual meaningful elections that have the ability to remove an under-performing or unpopular mayor will provide a new dynamic to government rp as this could lead to many good rp initiatives such as debates, political party formations and most importantly it will be an effective way of forcing a "bitminer mayor" to either get out of his hidey hole or RP a dictatorship or rigged democracy at the cost of his reputation(while also becoming a possible target for the hitman or being /recalled respectively).
  6. Ryeboy98

    I'm the first person perspective, there is also you as the SWAT, Mayor(Hamad), Deputy(????), Police Chief(Heinz) and I think I recall the hitman was alexander birshman or whatever his surname is. The hit was actually on me personally not the mayor or the hooker, because I called the same hooker in the image a whore then proceeded to get her arrested for govt disrespect when she called me a bitch in return. I think I vaguely remember the hooker's death, she may have been a suicide bomber trying to blow us up but my memory is a bit fuzzy so it could've either been the hitman on the roof making a fatal mistake or one of the mayor's entourage or the mayor himself shooting the hooker for whatever reason.
  7. Ryeboy98

    Where is the sniper/hitman on the roof? He was a key part of this image hidden in the background and one of the possible suspects who murdered Dick Rockard.
  8. Ryeboy98

    Just another day in paradise.
  9. Ryeboy98

    Perhaps you should spend less time reposting your comment to avoid my react.
  10. Ryeboy98

    Wouldn't be the first time i've let him down.
  11. Ryeboy98

    I wouldn't exactly call town hall "barren" as underneath the surface you will see that the SWAT, cops and Mayor occasionally trade in cryptocurrency. I've also seen SWAT store guns, kev and other raidables inside a special vault in city hall. But back on topic, I think Bat's suggestion of a no raidables sign would be the best compromise. You can essentially still kidnap or mug the occupants as a criminal but not actually immediately gun down the occupants just for the sake of murder. I actually have a new fondness for mugging in terms of rp even though I use to hate it. It's nice to go around rping as Bonnie and Clyde doing stick ups around town without actually killing the occupants. One time we robbed an Irish pub with actual Irish players but then immediately gave back the cash(and more) when we realised the owners were dirt poor, we gotta look out for the common man afterall as the federal government and the bankers are the real criminals. So +1 to Bat's suggestion as it will increase actual rp in terms of mugging and kidnapping scenarios.
  12. Ryeboy98

    Explain that to the Goldbergs, Karyans and the Komanovs. Nepotism and domestic violence on dark rp is pretty funny tbh. -1 sorta ruins action RP If the house is unraidable or banned from having raidables, fun scenarios like hostage situations, home invasions and domestic violence rp wouldn't be viable.
  13. Ryeboy98

    Hi it's me, the one who broke the jail in jailbreak, the scp slayer and soon to be number 1 legal mass rdmer of dark rp himself. You can find me on dark rp nowadays as one of many identities such as Anastasia Komanov, Pablo Martinez, Jeremy Corbyn, Wyatt Earp, Pancho Villa, Dr Neo Cortex, Tiffany Trump, Natalia Poklonskaya, Dimitri Komanov, publo murtinez, Bill Shortbread and probably countless other names I've forgotten. I'll be on the server usually finding any excuse to bash some black niggas & homeless cunts with a stun stick, hitting that haemophage i've stolen from the pd evidence locker, calling those slutty hookers whores, spreading the word of the one true God Logan Brods , scheming to put both my children & associates Edgar,Katherine, Boris, Pear Mcpear, Hamad and Victor Hans respectively into high positions as well as occasionally going on a Bonnie & Clyde style rampage with my better half. My main goal is to help my one true love @Hunterbonx aka Victor Hans in his quest for world domination/reviving jailbreak by turning dark rp into jailbreak 2.0 and doing this all while having the time of my life shooting some red & blue niggas, Italians, my fellow Slavs, druggos and those clown cunts.
  14. Ryeboy98

    +1 Harmless chilled out dude who is definitely trustworthy. The only bad thing that he is capable of would be spamming this is my house or this is bullshit smt.
  15. Ryeboy98

    +1 He seems like a pretty chill dude who is also pretty cool and trustworthy. I also applied for selfish reasons so I support this sentiment.