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  1. Russian Spy

    For what it's worth, I'd like to thank the staff, management and devs for putting in the hard effort to revive the Dark RP server in the first place. Even if it did not work out in the end, I did enjoy it while it lasted and despite this incarnation of Poseidon Dark RP not quite capturing the Gmod magic of the previous eras, it still left it's own special quirky moments in my memory. I'd like to give a shout-out to the Union, Chinese Fish Restaurant, Apu-Bay, Mole-Men, Mafia, Crips, Bloods, Church of Hamad, Triton Autonomous Zone, Ottoman Empire, Armenian Embassy, Russian Embassy(before the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis burnt it down), Komanov Family then onto the individual level; Kellar Keemstar, Hamad Jamal, Edgar Komanov, Alexios/Aleksey Komanov, WALTER, Cringe Mango, Nick Bean, Nancy Higgins, Anne Tifa, Robin Banks, Joe Harrison, Herr Koph, Boy SIMPson, Malcolm Turnbull, Atticus Keane, Jimmy Mann, Ari Karyan, Majin Goo, Apu Pu, John Bowed, some dude who was rping as Elon Musk, another dude who was rping as an android with a voice changer and all the other various eccentric organisations and colourful individual characters, I encountered along the way for providing the server this year round with a diverse range of personalities, stories and RP that made it a more unique experience compared to the other servers. While it's sad to see the server shutdown, I do not think it was a complete failure as it was always going to be an uphill battle to take on the established servers like Supremacy or Elitelupus. I'm personally impressed with how long the server lasted and how fun RP still occurred from time to time.
  2. Russian Spy

    To be fair changing the rules to be more liberalised in that citizens could form gangs, commit crimes and essentially be allowed to do things that weren't allowed before without joining a specific job is pretty radical for a Gmod Dark RP server. If it were to be revived again you are right in that it would have to be different just to attract the veteran players again but I think a simple map change might do the trick whether it's an updated Triton or returning to Fade etc.
  3. Russian Spy

    I know this is a bit of a stretch but is it possible to close down the actual gmod server temporarily then reopen it at a later date like the end of the year holiday period where presumably everyone would have more time to spend on the server. I think the server was doing well on release it's just that over time the playerbase got demoralized by the server browser issue, staff inactivity, uneasiness about the new features of the server and the nerfed printers. It's true that gmod has a lower playerbase nowadays in Australia but imo you guys should of reached outside of Gmod by putting out a steam group announcement when the server first opened to let every single veteran of Poseidon know that the server was back. I really think that if the server was reopened again and this time accompanied by a steam group announcement to thousands of players that it would get a decent amount of them to join.
  4. Russian Spy

    сорок шесть
  5. Russian Spy

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  7. Russian Spy

    The police officers accompanying Macom open fire upon Boy Sempson, who immediately then drops dead in front of a crowd of journalists from the Russia Today news network.
  8. Russian Spy

  9. Russian Spy

    The current Mayor of Triton City, Malcom Turnbull, stumbles out of the hospital with serious third degree burns to his face.
  10. Russian Spy

    . Meanwhile the world's most notorious terrorist Hamad Jamal had just entered the hospital lobby with a suicide vest equipped.
  11. Shame that one of these bad faith actors actually leads the US & is not really someone who is particularly effective at uniting the country during a crisis. I mean I did not want talk about the orange one who should not be named, but when you make inflammatory comments about shooting people on a public platform it definitely does not help with de-escalating the situation at all. Speaking of which i'm very concerned about the upcoming US election and it's legitimacy after these riots & the turnout because of Covid-19. I just feel like alot of bad shit is going to go down as we get closer to that date.
  12. Extremists on both sides or no sides of the political spectrum will want to escalate tensions for various reasons, some apolitical people might just want to use the riots as an excuse to steal shit & hell I would not be surprised if there is even some foreign influence from the "Motherland" or China involved. I've even heard stories that undercover cops might be involved in some incidents but I do not know for sure, but regardless none of this should detract from the real reasons for the protests. It's shit that people are committing crimes but at the same time not that abnormal or shocking when you consider similar incidents which have occured across the world & in the past.
  13. Russian Spy

    Hinzy attempts to suffocate Edgar to death with his own pillow; but before he can complete the act Ella Blues walks back into the room to check on her patient.
  14. Every human being is an animal, we are just better at hiding it until we snap.
  15. I think everyone irrespective of anything should receive free uni(at least for certain courses) or tafe & and a decent standard of living at least to get them above the poverty line. Irrespective of race we're approaching a society where increased automation & offshoring of jobs to foreign nations such as China is occurring at a rapid pace & this coronavirus itself is greatly disrupting the economy too causing unemployment. I understand the one drop of abo blood rule or whatever it is can be very problematic especially when certain people don't even need it but what I think i'm getting at is that society needs care for all of it's most vulnerable sectors not just blacks but poor whites & other disadvantaged peoples which may include migrants, disabled people etc from all walks of life. I have many problems with America specifically I do not like how they continue to increase their spending on military while neglecting other areas of their own population such as healthcare or education for instance. I mean you can call me an anti-american for wanting to reduce US military presence globally & having the username Russian Spy, but honestly I really think the US has overstepped it's role across the world in addition to contributing to the creation of a new cold war with Iran, Russia & China. I don't support Russia, China & Iran's governments but I can sympathise with some of their points regarding encirclement by the US, ripping up mutually beneficial nuclear deals, interference in their politics & the US acting recklessly to invade countries like Iraq against UN law based on minimally justified reasons. I think nations only should interfere in each other's politics to prevent imminent genocides or defend another country from invasion but that's it, if people want freedom in their nation they have to get it themselves not have it imposed on them by force from the outside. I genuinely believe to a certain point the US has exaggerated threats from terrorism, Russia, China & Iran etc to a point where military spending has taken priority over other vital areas as I mentioned before. I also do not like how prisons are privatised as I do not think making profits out of prisoners is a positive thing. With crime & punishment generally I personally find it harsh that certain minor crimes for something like weed posession can ruin someone's job prospects or deprive them of the right to vote, which may or may not lead them to commit more crime because they cannot secure a stable income or feel disenfranchised from society. Basically I think prison should focus on rehabilitation or ways to re-integrate people from minor crimes back into society.
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