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  1. Eww @kaden ✔is here gets banned from ggs
  2. @batthanks for including me in the video. I killed you at the end and I'm am at 3:20 thanks for the great times
  3. Tomorrow is the day. Ahh not again the flashbacks
  5. As you may already know I have down syndrome so I am gonna miss the funeral and I just want to say that since the day I joined, 28th Jan 2015. (I was only 9 at the first time joining ) I have loved it here. 50 dumb reacts and I do a backfilip
  6. Not much to say. Poseidon will be missed. i will miss you all
  7. Neutral Leaning To a -1 I was BRDMed by you because you were "trying to wake me up from my afkness"
  8. i would join, but @Malcolm removed my trusted for no reason. sorry but you lost a player
  9. @yinmaester8you realise that is just telstra default gateway right
  10. No problem, You +1 me i +1 you make a application for co-owner
  11. https://youtu.be/MOiScGgV-PQ
  12. just so you know i am not lying my ip is
  13. RPname: Steve Green Steam Profile Link: Steve Green SteamID: Penguin Age: 14 Playtime: 80 weeks including old UTIME system (This isnt actually lying xd) Administrator Recommendation: Tyger, Malcum, Hagop, Russ, Jerk koph i mean herr koph, Nick Gurr, Freaky, More to name! Nick, John, Dick, Balls, Cum, Nepoleon Comment from Recommending Administrator: Steve, You are already a admin on fortnite darkrp so you cant be on here Why would you make a good staff member? I wont abuse and i am a trusty peen Any prior staffing experience (includes command usage)? Im not old enough for a job sorry Do you agree to the prerequisites listed above? whats that?
  14. No problem Anthony
  15. +1 your a berry berry Smat person and no alot
  16. @bat's video but my favorite time ever was in 2017
  17. Jesus, I know, i dont play anymore . But i gotta -1 him as he has threatened to ddos me many times before, when he ran prism.
  18. honestly lenny, i do not think you should have this rank. You know the rules yes but you are a minge most the time. so i gotta -1 you sorry mate
  19. Neutral here, i have seen you on a fair bit this might changed ? good luck
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