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  1. Hamad

    It doesn’t matter, you don’t wish death upon anyone, anywhere. It’s not suitable in any subforum.
  2. Hamad

    Joking about death, helps your case a lot. I had to edit it out myself because of how disgusting that was.
  3. Hamad

    I’d +1 this but you said to a mod specialised, “I hope you die IRL” which is why I’m -1ing your appeal. and unban your skull
  4. Hamad

    Muslims have to cut their foreskin so yea. Whoever has a foreskin you’re dirty asf
  5. Hamad

    +1, good applicant, trusted writhin the community, well known and will do good with moderator on TTT. Love you remix.
  6. Hamad

    Name it remix
  7. Hamad

    @Jimmy Perfection. not a shitpost.
  8. They’re not going to come back for the time being. you could ask managers if they need help which I doubt they’d need any but you can if you want.
  9. Hamad

    Look at me, I’m the captain now.
  10. Hamad

    Are you 100% sure no one applied directly to Lantos after being told to do so in their respective subforums? Where Lantos made a thread saying we’re looking for a manager for both game modes? You’re still a retard that jumps to conclusions and knows what they’re speaking about. Furthermore, if an ex-manager who was worthy of the rank prior and still is then there shouldn’t be an issue giving it back to them if it’s unoccupied.
  11. Hamad

    Actually we do have an application system, where both were used to find our managers of both TTT and Jailbreak. They applied to Lantos and Lantos discussed it with the higher ups and then came to a decision. Have we lived to your standards yet. How did you choose your managers over at hydra?
  12. Hamad

    /locked Issue has been resolved.
  13. Hamad

    IPhoneXSmax and an IPhone 8+ with AirPods.