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  1. Hamad

    Hey Echo

    @Napoleon unless jimmy, Malcom or bat have told him to unban you. Then wait.
  2. Hamad

    avengers 5

    Do it and we’ll see bro
  3. Agree react if you want this guy to get banned. 20 and I’ll do it.
  4. So he was biased towards them and both Lenny and yuki knew that then why would yuki call him a retard? Obviously to get him angry there could be no other reason. I like yuki but what he did specifically right now was the source of this issue and is so wrong.
  5. Actually if yuki didn’t start the lowkey diss this wouldn’t have happened and I’m sure if YUKI messaged Charlie maturely about his ban, they could’ve came to an agreement. Not when someone else who is just as bad wants to know why someone else was banned. If he wanted to be unbanned he could’ve asked him just like he messaged 2 other higher ups.
  6. No one has to give you a proper reason as to why he banned another user let alone yourself. This whole situation is out of hand, there was no reason for yuki to make this ban appeal as he has messaged 2 higher ups about this issue and both said it was being dealt with. If a higherup or anyone with power asks you to do something politely on their server and you respond “ok retard” then you have every right to be punished and certainly be angry with you. Even a regular on the server said you have no intent on being a proper and kind player.
  7. You say great effort ScoMo like Australia votes for the person and no the party. All in all I can see another PM change and I can see liberal not getting Australia triggered and doing alright.
  8. You’re dumb
  9. When I was manager of TTT, I really wanted him to staff for the server as I’ve seen him when he was staff before. Very good ethic and active when needed. +1
  10. Hamad


    Could you give suggestions for maps, instead of saying you need to add good maps. Cheers.
  11. You’re doing good, I’m sure rahj will add them when they’re finished.
  12. It doesn’t matter if the application is short, if he’s a worthy candidate then give your opinions on it, not about his app. It’s just a trusted app not a moderator app, he filled in the mandatory sections such as why he wants it and if he’s been kicked or banned.
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