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  1. Hamad

    Ma nigga MILKKKK And thanks for the help. Will make you proud.
  2. Hamad

    Even though I used to defend you when people used to talk shit about you, then you turned your back on me. much love and good luck on your future endeavours.
  3. Love you bro, you will be missed. Keep on touch. One of the best managers to come to Poseidon.
  4. Hamad

    It’s alg I’ll just lock it. /locked.
  5. Hamad

    I don’t know if you’ve realised but usually in an application you either +1, -1, Neutral and of give an opinion on the APPLICANT not give your opinion on the server. Make an application guide next and thank you for your opinion in a thread which it doesn’t suit. OT: Since you got denied just recently, give it a bit of time and prove that you’re worthy of the rank to have a better chance of acceptance.
  6. Hamad

    That’s the one
  7. Hamad

    Bro you haven’t seen the old quote threads
  8. Hamad

    Which literally broke the forums....
  9. Hamad

    And spamming signatures and posts
  10. Hamad

    1 week
  11. Hamad

    It has nothing to do with me
  12. Hamad

    Denied - Nein
  13. Hamad

    I wouldn’t even look at you, let alone trap you
  14. Hamad

    Imagine you having an opinion that means something.
  15. Hamad

    Uh oh, he’s retarded