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  1. Hamad

    Last 2 names will be Splerge and REL
  2. You literally said everything that you did wrong, so I don’t see why you’re complaining. If a staff member tells you it’s a sit and you continue to run away then you’re by all means in the wrong and to spam admin chat and expect them not to be frustrated with you in the first place is retarded. Adding on, you OOC abused a staff member for telling you to not run away and you think that your POV is right is utterly retarded. You are the kind of player to instigate things and think you’re in the right, keep this in mind, next time think of what you did prior to the situation then act upon it.
  3. Hamad

    He wasn’t a head admin, he was a normal admin. +1, old ban, been long enough should be unbanned.
  4. Hamad

    Still looking for a TTT manager.
  5. Hamad

    Genuinely this, the uproar has been massive and this needs to be good. Please guys. This is gonna be a good server, Napoleon would do a good job and Jamie is literally the biggest help with this, so it will be good.
  6. +1, good guy, active, genuine, knows what he's doing and would suit this role extremely.
  7. Hamad

    +1, active, good guy, good staff member, effective and can be trusted with this rank.
  8. +1, good guy, long time player, will suit this rank well.
  9. Hamad

    I actually enjoy them man, keep it up.
  10. Hamad

  11. Hamad

    TTT demotion.
  12. Hamad

    Exactly my point, it’s not needed
  13. Hamad

    @Larko keep on dumb reacting me because I demoted you smt.
  14. Hamad

    Me cos this is a shitpost farwells are to be made by the user.