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  1. Hamad

  2. Where do you live?
  3. Sleep is what i’m having
  4. Hamad

    That actually sounds like a bad idea, I think when they meant rotating games, they meant mini games like A fretta server.
  5. Hamad

    My sweet prince... love you, Gavin!
  6. Hamad

    Is this real, @bat?!!??
  7. Hamad

    In my dreams
  8. Hamad

    Scotch fingers, however,
  9. Hamad

  10. Hamad

    I knew this was going to happen ahahaha, I’m sure that this thread consists 50% of myself and bat.
  11. Hamad

    Good to see I still have my haters even after all these years...
  12. You say great effort ScoMo like Australia votes for the person and no the party. All in all I can see another PM change and I can see liberal not getting Australia triggered and doing alright.
  13. Hamad

  14. Hamad

    You’re dumb
  15. Hamad

    When I was manager of TTT, I really wanted him to staff for the server as I’ve seen him when he was staff before. Very good ethic and active when needed. +1
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