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  1. *excuse*, I will gladly correct you remix . That thing about "IP credibility" or that it was caused directly by the IP is not correct, it doesn't even exist technically speaking. I have spoken to many different developers that have used the Pterodactyl Software in the past for running Garry's Mod Servers. The reason why this whole problem was caused was because Pterodactyl was not configured correctly. Which is pretty much why we are experiencing all these problems.
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    According to the Forum Staff. Remix has been set free smt. So your voices have been heard.
  3. +1 Majin is suitable to administrate our DarkRP server. I've been on at the same time and Majin was always willing to show me how to RP and all that good stuff.
  4. Well we better keep an eye out on the Australia Dollar exchange rates smt. At the moment 1 AUD is the equivalent of 0.73 USD.
  5. Its a network wide problem effecting not only our DarkRP servers but the rest of them that is under our IP. Until our IP gets enough "trust", it will not be visible on the internet server list tab rather you should be able to access the server if it is in your favourites. This problem should automatically resolve itself within a few days, if the problem has been diagnosed properly.
  6. Lemme further clarify what Hamad is talking about. Its not like its top secret or anything smt. So yesterday we had a meeting in order to discuss important issues that Poseidon is facing currently. One of the topics on the meeting's agenda was inactive servers. We are currently discussing whether we should actually bring back the our Murder Server. At this point in time, it is still very much in the early stages of discussion. Someone from the higher ups will provide an official announcement which will state what will be the fate of the server when we have come to a conclusion.
  7. I very much agree with remix and Higashi's stance on this topic. I will approach this from more of a technical standpoint. So as a matter of fact, even if a server is idling it does use resources. Which is why you have seen the push by people like owners and developers for "inactive" servers to be put into hibernation, meaning that the server is shutdown but it can be rebooted at anytime (not deleted basically). So yes, the servers are not long gone or deleted, they are just in an offline state. Just wanted to explain what actually happens in terms of a server shutdown. Although that was the case back when we were on TCAdmin, now I am not too sure. Someone like Jamie or Lantos could clarify that for you if you really want to know. In my opinion this so called "chill servers" are beneficial to keep around, many Poseidon Members do join those servers to communicate and expand their so called friendship with other members. I know with Cinema there is a bit of a community around that server which people jump on to just watch videos together. With Bunny Hop and Surf which I do spend more time on. I've met many friendly players which do come on pretty regularly. Even old veterans from the deathrun golden age do come on like Jeddd and Meeno. In my opinion these servers support community bonding and friendship.
  8. First of all. Good job, looks very good. When it is finished, I will be happy to add it alongside our extensive map collection on the server. I will probably get Prof to check it out when he has the chance if not I will. Just to make sure that its been optimised.
  9. Its sad to see you go. Good luck for the future. You will be missed .
  10. Not really. It can be spaced out pretty well, to the point that people won't notice anything different, nor will get their chatbox spammed. Its not an issue, it just means that theres more messages that could appear before it cycles back to the beginning.
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    Everyone is free to have their say although it might not be correct. You've corrected me and taught me more about the situation, so I am grateful for it. But I don't believe critising someone for their lack of knowledge is correct. Especially in an environment like this. This being a community forum.
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