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  1. Drop JoBear

    +1 helped me out heaps when my game wasnt working, good mic.
  2. Drop JoBear

    +1 sick cunt
  3. Drop JoBear

    also did yous save louis or violet
  4. Drop JoBear

    episode 3 should be out this year fingers crossed
  5. Drop JoBear

    +1 Terraria pro
  6. Drop JoBear

    Not Hamad -1
  7. Drop JoBear

    @Hamad we love you too hamad
  8. Drop JoBear

    @Hamadlove you
  9. Drop JoBear

    Where is Hamad i miss him so much im literally crying.
  10. Drop JoBear

    +1 cool name
  11. Drop JoBear

    I think that challenges or goals maybe even achievements would be good
  12. Drop JoBear

    -1 x is trash +1 cool boy
  13. Drop JoBear

    +1 I must be stopped
  14. Drop JoBear

    ~You must be a likable person. I would say so ~You must be calm and know how to handle Stressful situations. i Am ~You must understand the chain of command. I Do ~You must understand that you may not get Moderator. I Do ~You must understand that Mod is very hard to get, and we will only accept a few. I Do ~You must be of 16 years of age or extremely mature. Id say that I am mature. ~ Steam name: Drop JoBear ~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:75635706 ~ Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DropCuntMate/ ~ Previous Names (if applicable): Not_Ryan_FFS, Dropthany Beartano ~ Have you donated?: ive donated $20 twice ~ Age: 15 ~Referring admin/Mod's Steam Name: remix ~Short description on yourself: My name is Ryan Deeth, I have a part time job at Coles and am usually playing csgo or R6 nowadays when I have spare time, but I constantly played deathrun when it was thriving. I was very well acquainted with all of the server regulars and all of the staff. ~Why you deserve this rank over the other applicants: I definitely believe that I have proven myself to be a mature, fair player of the server through 2017. I will commit to making the server a much more enjoyable experience for new and old players and will be even more motivated to do so if I got a Moderating position.