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    Welp it happened. Where do I begin. Poseidon has been my home for 2 and a half years! From managing only Zombie Survival, to managing Star Wars RP and receiving Community Admin, I'm grateful to all the people I've met in this community. You guys are all amazing in your own way and I enjoyed every part of being part of this community. I want to thank those close to me to helped me in every shape or form, helped me grow and stayed with me. I don't want to leave Poseidon completely, but I guess since being all these ranks, I am just another member of the community now. I hope the best for Poseidon and hope that it remains a vibrant community and full of interesting people. I don't have a list to say thanks to people because there are just so many. It's been a pleasure to work with people and learn things, I hope that I haven't gone off the wrong foot with anyone, and if I do with someone, please do contact me, I'm not here to hate anyone or the community. I love this community. You grow with it. You see it change. You see it evolve. Before joining Poseidon I used to be part of an older community but that community was sadly dying due to some owners disagreeing with everything. One of the server in that community was Zombie Survival. Poseidon welcomed us with open arms and continued to do so. In November 2016 I received the manager title for Zombie Survival and began managing it. During it's peak existence it managed to rank all the way to 41st in Gametracker (yay). Sadly as time goes on and as communities grow, people stop playing and sometimes newer players don't come on enough to keep the gamemode running. This resulted in Zombie Survival sadly dying in population. Even though it's dead now, it was pretty much the only Oceania server that had Zombie Survival. Yes I agree, it's difficult to start playing it, you have to ease yourself into it. But I can assure you that it's defiantly an enjoyable gamemode once you get the basics down. Now let's talk about Star Wars RP. I used to be an admin on SWRP during the 'high days' in 2016. Eventually I took a break from Gmod to focus on my university studies which was the time SWRP became Imperial and Galactic. When I came back at the end of 2017 SWRP returned back to clone wars. In January 2018, I took over the manager role of SWRP and continue with a revamp. It was welcomed by many and extended the life of the server for a good 6 months. Once the server was reducing in population again we took the executive decision to go back to Imperial. This revamp did start of strong but due to the changes happening at Poseidon the potential was hidden from public view (server didn't show up in server list). It's all ok. It's all mistakes. We all make mistakes. But ultimately the best people are the ones who forgive those who make mistakes and instead choose to help together to make it better. I dedicated a lot of time to Poseidon and I hope that those who worked with me have enjoyed spending time with me as I spent time with them. But please don't get the wrong idea. I am leaving the community in the sense of my position at Poseidon. But don't expect me to disappear completely I would still like to hang out with all you guys. Once again thank you for being part of my journey with Poseidon. Please feel free to contact me if you like. I'm like always available. I'll see you round. Cheers!
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    I knew I joined the community on a specific day. Finally found it XD Date 16 Jan 2016
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    Let's add a anecdote. A anecdote as to why this kind of behaviour is never acceptable. But first, it's unfair on the way people have treated other people. Everyone uses the excuse of 'it's the internet'. Well, in the end, we are all humans on the end of the computers, we all have feelings and we do get hurt by what people say online. It's a shame that people see it as "oh they can't see me so I can insult them as much as I like". This I will never tolerate. Not on the servers I manage (and now as Community Admin) in the community. If you feel that you are feeling unsafe to be part of the community by players or players are harassing/bullying you, PLEASE do contact me. Anecdote Time: Online I'm known as fblaze. I've 'really' started playing games since about the age of 12 (my parents wouldn't let me play games when I was younger XD). I had a pretty good life. School, home, games. It was the 'easy' life. Unfortunately life at home isn't perfect. I understand there is no 'perfect' family. There will always be arguments etc. Games are a great way to take some time off from the world around you and connect with people around the world (granted we are an Oceania community but still it's global). I have been part of 3 communities in total. Each playing a completely different role. The first community I was merely just a player, I played Zombie Survival and a bit of death run. Tensions grew in the first community and the servers sprung off into another community. There I became a staff member of Zombie Survival, and Co-owned/developed the death run server of that community. I was backstabbed on the deathrun server, and lost my co-owner/developer rank on there. (Short story: I wrote a forum post I would be away for two weeks holiday with family, come back and people like omg he doesn't do anything, demote. Got demoted, someone else got promoted and talked shit about me). Tensions grew in that community (the whole) and so Zombie Survival was merged in with Poseidon. This is where I currently stand. Quite a rollercoaster of an online life in the space of 4 years. A lot of people like to take the opportunity since they are behind a screen to be a completely different person than they are in real life. I like to be humble to players and make people actually feel a sense of belonging to a community (I mean what's the purpose of a gaming community then? Otherwise we are just people that happen to play on the same servers all the time). In the past 6 months a lot has happened to me. Things I thought would never affect me. I've had quite severe depression, and still to this day suffer from mild anxiety. When I started my new job 6 months ago, it was terrible. I would get panic attacks on the train ride to work (40 minutes is a very long time when your anxiety kicks off). I started getting really sick. In the space of 2 months I lost 20kgs. Almost 20% of my body mass. I found out I'm fructose intolerant (you can google it if you are interested too much to write), and on top of that a lot has happened recently. My father has become ill. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Life is a bitch, and ultimately gaming online is a way for us to sometimes escape the reality to help overcome some of our fears. I enjoy spending time with players, playing together, managing and developing servers. It makes me happy when I see players enjoy the content I get a chance to work on. From my life story you can imagine how much I take seriously when players decide to take the opportunity because they don't have the courage to say it to someone's face to bully people. We are all here to enjoy ourselves and be part of a community of people who enjoy the same things as us. It's time to grow up and act like proper humans. Put your puberty mood swings behind. We only live once, so make it a positive one that people will want to reflect back on. FYI, I'm quite contactable. You can DM me on the forums or discord, send me a steam message . (I do get back to messages as soon as I can)
  4. Interested in becoming a web orientated programmer like some people? Want to know what you should learn to be a front-end, back-end or embrace Devops . Check this handy dandy page! https://github.com/kamranahmedse/developer-roadmap
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    Hey look a massive piece of text. Please do read it. It's good! I manage and develop two Gmod servers. Both Star Wars RP and Zombie Survival. but I want to focus on the more 'inactive server' Zombie Survival. Zombie Survival has been around a long time. It's had it's ups and downs. And ultimately it's really the player base it had. Most of the payers that did play Zombie Survival were not part of Poseidon. Before this 'era' Zombie Survival was part of another community, but after a couple years, that community had subsided and as a way to keep us active, Poseidon welcomed us with open hands. At its high time Poseidon Zombie Survival became ranked 54th on game tracker (yes it's not the most accurate but for that high you would say it was doing well), being the top Oceania server for Zombie Survival. When I decided to focus on my university education last year, I slowed my development of the game mode, which eventually reduced the player base. If there is anything, the community behind Zombie Survival was always it's own. This is in my opinion the ultimate issue. One of the things that Poseidon needs to improve on is players jumping between our servers. It's great and all that players love their favourite server, but it's nice to have people from other Poseidon Servers jump around. As with ZS this really is why the population reduced, nobody from the other servers wanted to check it out, or spend like 5 minutes learning how to play the game. I can assure you that Zombie Survival can be lots of fun. FYI, there are some maps where you don't even require players, Zombie bots can come and attack you, and honestly they are 100000x harder than real players. The thing with a server like ZS is that nobody wants to join an empty server. But I can assure you with about 87% accuracy that if at least 2 people are on the server, the server does get populated to about 20 after a while Currently there are only three ZS servers in ALL of the Eastern world. Like no kidding. Everything is American servers, and I see that as an opportunity to make our ZS server the best. I do admit I haven't given it as much love and care as I did (especially since revamping the SWRP server again). Hopefully soon ZS will be launched again and I hope that not just for ZS but consider joining the other servers, managers and developers put a lot of effort into their servers and nothing makes it better than a community coming together and checking it all out! My suggestion is that players need to be willing to try out new stuff, actually hop on another server, check it out, check the community out, and spend at least 10 minutes getting to know the game. It doesn't hurt to spend some time elsewhere. Variety is good for you
  6. f.blazevski

    Star War RP is up and running again. Thank you for your patience. If the server does not show up in the server less you can join by clicking this steam://connect/aus.poseidonservers.net:27085/
  7. f.blazevski

    Best Casino in DarkRP
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    This ban appeal has derailed and is disappointing that you guys let it derail. Regardless, for now the ban appeal has been accepted. You will be unbanned. This should be taken as a last opportunity to not do something like this again. Learn well.
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    #OOF. Totally me on two servers +1
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    Your trusted application was DENIED. Don't copy other people's application as your own
  11. +1 send more. May update the loading screen
  12. f.blazevski

    Let's be productive! Let me answer to some of your stuff! Management We currently have the following ranks. User > Trusted > Mod > Event Staff > Admin > Senior (not used) > SuperAdmin. There are currently 3 superadmins. Me (manager and developer), Sevens (Head Staff) and Marg (Event Staff). Over the next couple of weeks, I'l be setting up a 'regime' of how the staff should function, at this stage we have a lot of in and out staff, and this WILL be cleared out to make way for people who can dedicate more time. Head Staff and Event staff are the same 'status', one managers items to do with content, players etc, while the other managers event related items (this will be much clearer over the next couple of weeks) As I mentioned above, there will be a restructure of staff soon, and this will allow us to have a much better structure of the team. Once this is finalised I will create a thread on the forums that includes the current list of staff. Management of Events/COI - You're right, event staff shouldn't stop their event to deal with rule breakers, and we'll put in a 'policy' to help ensure that events are minimal impacted when someone breaks rules Event staff should be on the same level as any other staff, really all staff are equal, it's really what they are allocated to do. If from what you say is true that event staff do feel inferior to mods/admins, I will change that. I don't want that happening Events Since we only just refreshed the server, we are still building many things, and mostly at this stage kind of a 'public bug fixing' time. Events without purpose shouldn't happen. The only time 'fun', 'stupid' events is when the server collectively agrees that they just want to muck around and shoot around. Since we are moving to a serious RP type, all events should(will) have a valid reason to be completed There are some works to help 'silence' the spawning and re-organise how event staff do spawn in bots for example, once we work out a structure that works, we'll be sticking to it and updating to best suit the event as it goes Lore will definitely be added more to build our storyline. We are currently writing one up! Currently Navy are the only ranks that can/have pilot licenses, as such I will strongly recommend to my staff that navy do take the control of piloting during events. We've lacked proper training when someone was accepted as event staff/mod. This leaded to unprofessional events and people not knowing what to do. This isn't right. And we will be creating a much more formal training to help ensure that all staff are equally trained and can deal with situations appropriately Off-ship Events - We are still in our early days of our new server, and we would love to hear some event ideas to help us generate more ideas. We'll be brainstorming soon on some off ship events we can use (which can be used as part of lore) but we are eager to hear the community and their ideas (they should post in issues & suggestions since we don't have a event ideas section yet) Making up characters is bad. I don't like it either, and I'll be telling staff to stop doing this and use either a consistent character (which we really don't care who it voices as long as it's the same name), or we actually use the proper ranks they are supposed to be General The serious RP is a new thing, and it will take a while to sync to current players that they need to get more mature. It's been far too loose on them on the previous server and this time, it will become stringent. Working with staff standards and some regiments/players it will help make sure that players fall in line and do what they are supposed to do. On top of that we'll be ensuring on taking on much more RP situations such as getting arrested and what not. This can and will extend for example if you suicide to not be caught (you will be jailed (this is an exception to the NLR), or if you do repeat you will be punished by a staff member accordingly). I strongly encourage that players create their own role-play (within reason) and play along. These should be able to flow between 'major' events and help keep the role play on the server up. Again these should be reasonable and I encourage such interactions. If a player is not following it, RP an arrest for disobeying etc. If they are continually not RPing, this is when staff should be involved. I am all for improvements and suggestions, and I strongly encourage that players use the forums to voice their opinion about what they would like to see. I'm keen to always work on what the player base wants. The reason why I say to put it on the forums is it's a way to 1. get feedback from other members, and 2. It's a log. We can see it and we can track it Currently I'm the only developer active at the moment. LVP is the other developer but he has been taking time to focus on his studies at university. On top of that, I'm all for getting another developer, but they do need to have the experience and know to handle this server. This server is a much more complicated in the backend than you think, a lot of work is put into making the server work as best as possible, for example did you know we have an add-on called pswrp_addon which contains about 35 custom scripts to help manage essential things on the server (eg. toolspawn, name changes, ULX commands, custom tools (event gun), custom map scripts (optimising the star destroyer map for FPS boost)) As I said earlier we are still in a 'public beta testing' kid of zone. There are stuff still missing, and I'm finding the moment I'm free to try and complete this as soon as possible. There is only so much you can test yourself as you don't think of situations until they happen. I'd like to think I've been pretty productive in patching issues that have happened since the release. In terms of promoting/demoting, I'm almost at fixing this. Due to the way it is programming I will have to add a custom check for the commanding officers which are part of a different 'category' (Basically eg. CT to MJR is one category and then BCDR+ is another category, the reason this is done is 1. It manages our ranking system better, and 2. for someone to become BCDR there needs to be a conscience choice of a staff member to change them. which helps ensure there is no favouritism and will be discussed by me or the other supers) The pilot licence system will be updated with the new vehicles, this will allow navy and others (that get a licence) to be able to use vehicles The content pack was operated into 5 categories as a way to organise the parts. Yes it's a minor inconvenience for players as they need to subscribe to 5 different packs (which is actually currently a steam bug it seems, you should only need to subscribe to the first one and it auto subscribes the others). We may combine these into one, but having them split makes it much more management. We have something like 180 addons currently Removing content is a good point. I've always stressed I wanted to have the server as light as possible. As little addons as possible, for now we won't be changing much as we are yet to determine final player models and classes for people. Once this is done we'll most likely go through a refactor and reduce the amount of addons we use. My current goal is to move from 180 to about 140 (this might be a bit of a stretch) It might seem like we have a lot of ranks, but that might be because you see a list of items (lists always make things look big, take a look at my reply :P). We might clear some stuff up, but this will be discussed during a staff meeting (I might be manager but I'm all for a proper discussion and feedback with not just staff but players (your issues and suggestions is discussed during meetings you know) I'd like you to contact me in terms of the rules you think need changing, I would like to re-align this if this is the case Keycard changes are the same as the promote and demote system, I've had to program in custom checks for the roles which is in the final stages (need to complete some bug testing and make sure it works for all the new roles). This will introduce an easier system. Level 1-5. Level 1 is PVT+, Level 2 is OCDT+, Level 3 is Commander, Level 4 is Navy and higher commanders and Level 5 are the grey roles (the real higher ups). You said we have too many ranks, in my opinion I think having an extra amount of ranks is good, it allows for players to strive and find something to work up to. This allows for a much more diverse promotion system and allows players to 'level up' more over time, encouraging that 'satisfaction' of getting promoted. I hope you found these responses in a non hostile way and just simply addressing what you have said. I see myself as a pretty proactive person and I'm happy for the feedback you've given. For those points above I've mentioned items being done, they will be done, it's on the table and will be discussed, coded, changed etc. Feel free to give more feedback or feedback to my feedback (inception here we come)
  13. f.blazevski

    October Update 27/10/18 A New Era... A New Ruler... A New Order... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Additions + Updated our base game mode to the latest version, this should mean your overall game should be smoother, and should be a more pleasant experience for all. Your overall FPS should be marginally improved and hopefully with this update you should experience less lag spikes as is the current problem on the current server + New regiments! 41st Elite Corps 212th Attack Battalion 501st Legion ARC (coming soon) Galactic Marines Imperial Navy Imperial Security Bureau Shock Troopers Storm Surgeon Storm Troopers Bounty Hunters Sith Order + Classes are now able to use body groups for their player model classes. This is used for your shoulder colour (applicable to some regiments) + Door S-Tool has been added. Create your own fancy doors, Permission pending + Added a NPC Health Bar This is a beta feature, it's not finished just yet but it is a work in progress. You can now see any NPC you are looking at for its health. This will be worked on a bit later to polish up some things + Keycards Galore! We are in the process of finalising some items in terms of permissions but you will now have a working keycard. Use your keycard and the scanner and off you go! if you do not have clearance, you will NOT be granted ever, unless a higher up who has access scans through + Added a crash menu. Did the server just die due to an unexpected error, it's ok. Just sit back relax and wait a bit, the crash menu will automatically connect you back to the server once it's online + We've added some other S-Tools that can/will enhance the gameplay experience. We'll be working to give you some of these tools, and we hope we can trust you with them + Comm Commands /comms - Imperial Comms /ocomms - Open Comms /ecomms - Enemy Comms (only Enemy team can use this) /rp - RP Comms - This comms is to be used in situations where you want to RP but it doesn't really fit in the other comms Removals - We've cleared up some bugs that were present in the current version to help optimise the gameplay on the update - We've removed media players for now as they are out of date and broken. If there is an update to them or a fix I'll re-add them - Some weapons have been removed from what we currently have on the main server, we are still going over what weapons we think will be the best for the players, so we have cleared up a lot of weapons - The Voice chat UI box will be resulted to the default and will not be featured just yet. This is a low priority for now as we focus on more important things - Removed some commands that staff currently have access to. This is most notably the !alert command which is able to play sounds (like the navypa system), we are in the process of getting new sounds and want to reprogram these to correspond to the new system. - Capture points have been temporary removed (well they exist but can't be used just yet) as we need to convert them to the new theme Changes = The rank system has been recoded from scratch. It is much better and will provide much more scalability for the future! Some commands that are different to the oldsystem Instead of !bpromote you now use !promote Instead of !bdemote you now use !demote !train command remains the same !setidnumber & !setnickname will be restricted to staff. Ask a staff member if you want to change your name/number = Event Gun was updated to fix some bugs with it, It should work as expected and provide all the tools that staff need = A lot of work has been done behind the scenes, a lot of addon code was recoded and reconstructed to be faster and more reliable. Most notably is our custom Poseidon add-on created by me. This add-on is responsible for most of what happens on the server. Who gets weapons, tool guns, what workshop items you need to play on the server, custom chat commands (i.e. !errors) = FPP (Falco's Prop Protection) is used to restrict tools per ranks. In this update we have changed how many tools each rank has. At this current stage we will be more on the conservative side and tools will be restricted a bit more than they are now. This is probably going to change as we adjust = NPCs will no longer drop weapons when they die. This is stop when staff spawn in more OP NPCs and players abuse the use of this. This will and stay final. = NPCs have the option to be given a 'variety' gun. This means that when spawning in NPCs not all of them will have the same gun. This is like BF2 EA Sweps Fixes = Pilot licenses are fixed. We have issues with some things, and we've cleared up some of the code to help make this more stable and easier to use for staff = Fixed a lua error that happened from the Super Health Droid (you know that shiny rainbow one that gives you tonnes of health that you all love) = Advanced Material Tool now works as expected. You should see it working with no hiccups as it is currently buggy on the main server Maps update Our main map will be moved to rp_stardestroyer_v2_3_inf . We've changed some stuff to the map (not actually edited, it's all the power of lua) to make it better for you. There is nothing major with the changes but I'm sure you'll appreciate the subtle changes (*cough* no reflection = much better FPS *cough*)
  14. The update has been released! Check out the changelog for what's new/updated. You can visit it here! Thank you for being supportive throughout this time. It means a lot to myself as well as the team. Hopefully you'll find this version of Star Wars even more enjoyable and wanting to play more! I may have missed some notes in the changelog, but I've listed as much as I can remember/have noted down. Don't be afraid ask me if you have any queries. Hope you stick around and provide as much feedback/suggestion as possible. For our glorious empire! Future Updates We'll be working in stages for updates. Rather than dropping a massive update and not really doing much we'll be working into periodic updates. Here are some things in the planning, there is currently no ETA on these features. My current time is somewhat slim so I spend pretty much what free time I have to work on this Fix up the regimental Panel. Maybe recoded it from scratch Fix Command Posts to be better tailored for our server When you die having to hold a button to respawn. Encouraging waiting for a medic (which you should be) Add some extra content (Riot shields) Event Gun to allow for multiple respawns and then the character is automatically reset
  15. f.blazevski

    Thanks for applying! Your application was reviewed and the conclusion is: DENIED If you have any further questions please contact myself or Sevens.