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  1. Larko

    As "easy" as that sounds I don't think it is do-able though. These people have already put themselves through it and not to sound rude but it didn't revive. I think everyone in a management position has already tried hard to revive it and the flame has gone out man, I like your enthuasism but it's just time to move on
  2. Larko

    Honestly, this is just my personal opinion but poseidon was my teenage game and I had some very fun experiences with a lot of the people in this community but everything dies eventually, and I feel like poseidon's core died a long time ago. I made some very good friends here but like all things I guess it is just time to move on to new avenues. Most of the people who used to play here probably don't even play pc games anymore, or they do and they just moved on to other games like fivem or simply fortnite etc. Poseidon was awesome in its prime but I think that fire has gone out and trying to get a darkrp server going is simply pointless without the right ingredients and as I said the spark has gone out. +1 to keeping discord or the forums up but eventually they are going to die aswell and as sad as that is, it is only natural and sometimes you just need to let go... In simple terms, it is dead, let it die and move on, full credit to bat, I think she is the pillar of this community.
  3. After this died I moved to FiveM, then I tried DayZ, now I am an admin on one of the biggest DayZ servers in the world. But yeah I pretty much just play FiveM and every now and then I play a bit of TTT and run into some old people.
  4. My forum mod voice says this is getting very toxic and probably needs to be closed.
  5. Well everyone regardless of your opinions the liberal party won the federal election, whether you are extremely happy like myself or now depressed because labor didn't get in, the people have spoken and the people have spoken liberal. I think this election was a big kick in the ass for the labor party because everyone predicted they were going to win, the odds of labor winning were only $1.20, the liberals were paying like $4 so it would've been worth having a bet. But yeah, obviously Bill Shorten is very disappointed and is therefore not going to contest the leadership of the labor party. Solid effort ScoMo, you did it brother, despite the odds and polls being completely not in your favor, you managed to scrape up a majority. I am truly a proud Australian today ?
  6. Larko

    Thanks Mr F
  7. Larko

    Well I have resigned from my management roles and now it is time to resign from DarkRP and leave the community. It has been great to be here and throughout the years and in Poseidons golden era it was fantastic, it used to be fun af but poseidon no longer has the spark it once had. As some of you may be aware I have changed gamemodes and joined another community and hoenstly I don't find darkrp fun anymore, I may come back one day but for now goodbye poseidon and thanks for the fun. Mentions James Llama - back in the day he is the whole reason i even started darkrp, he was such a lad Proto - Fellow eventc, I love you man and we made some good events in our day, with your passive events and my aggressive ones most of them made no sense but meh Rahj - A very wise man who sees things for what they really are, much respect Higashi - Although you make boring threads you have a good heart and mean well Monkey - You were a kewl kid Lcast - One of the bestest jailbreak managers and such an awesome moderator, you never wanted more power and was always happy to stay as moderator Bat - One of the best server managers darkrp has ever seen, a combination of caring about nothing and caring about everything made you the best Jimmy - Ever since you got dev I have had respect for you, you literally made darkrp 70% better than it was when you weren't here Hinzy - Much respect, great mapper and even greater bloke Freaky - I love micheal doors, the opportunity for forum is still muchly appreciated, I certainly think he was one of the best owners (and tyger) Fryer Tuck - you were always a good admin and did good things, such an awesome bloke and much respect remix - sorry i forgot to add you, i sued to hate you because i thought you were an a grade cunt but really your just a cute little boy that needed love, and i gave you love. cheers for being a good bloke. Heaps of other people but those are the main ones, thanks for everything and so long poseidon
  8. Larko

    Certainly, I take demote reports as trophies that I am doing my job right because I know that I never do anything wrong which means that every demote report is wrong. ? OT: +1, I think Leemon is certainly a mature and active staff member who for the most does his job. I have been on the server for a few times and as an admin I never really pull rank over the puny mods, but I had to do every sit for like an hour which is fair enough because I would expect you to do that for me but yeah, maybe just a 5% improvement on sits and you would be perefect (like me xD). But all in all your a mature and worthy candidate for admin and I wish you the best of luck fam.
  9. Well, I guess they are all staying down except for TTT
  10. +1 Honestly when you got staff I was kinda against it, I thought this 12ie will just fuck around and be immature. It turns out I was completely wrong, you have turned into a great staff member and have done a tremendous job and handled all of your sits with the fullest of maturity and excellence. I always got the vibe that you didn't like me which is fair enough because not a lot of people do, but I think you are an excellent candidate for admin so goodluck buddy.
  11. Larko

    poseidon is gay good memes Recording_(3).m4a
  12. Okay sounds good, do you know about any other servers?
  13. Hey Management, I have noticed the servers have been down for some time and I was just wondering an estimate on when you think they will be back up. I know personally when I was on the management team there was no information about when the servers were back up and it was strictly an owners/senior staff issue. I wouldn't mind going on TTT for a game or maybe trying to kick start the prophunt server but all the minor servers (excluding TTT) have not been up for months and I think we as the community deserve an estimate of when things will be back up. At the moment DarkRP is thriving which is fantastic but will there be any other servers up anytime soon? Because I and a lot of the community are starting to think that Poseidon is turning into a DarkRP only community. I am not having a go at anyone at all but I just think the community deserves some transparency on the matter of the state of it's servers because the only thing we know is an announcement that was made 2 months ago saying that "the servers will return to normal in a few days". I completely understand if the servers will be down for the next month due to development issues, but I am just asking I guess on behalf of the community when most of our servers will be restored and if they are not going to be restored, which servers will be culled. Thanks
  14. Larko

    I don't think we can change it because the we do not own the FAS:2.0 pack, unless we make our own pack then we can edit it. I might be wrong but yeah @Jimmy would be the go to man. OT: +1 it is very OP and should definitely be nerfed.
  15. Larko

    I really wish I could’ve been apart of it, I always liked SWRP but every time I joined it (like 4 times) I was told that I need to be trained and whatnot but I couldn’t because every time I joined for some reason there was an event on so I gave up and hopped on DarkRP. But yeah it looks like a very fun era and I wish I could’ve been apart of it.
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