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  1. This is tidy. It gets really bad.
  2. 23.5cm thumb to pinky.
  3. I have absolutely monstrous hands, Pringle’s have been a problem for a long time. They’ve definitely been a gift in some ways though.
  4. Unban +1 his grief on mc wasn’t big
  5. My face is twisted into a permanent cringe after reading this garbage. Seriously the biggest fedora marauder I’ve ever seen.. actually except spex
  6. Cocky and stuck up since he got manager TBH.. it really gave him a megaphone, if how Jamie was messaging him gave him the implications that it was fine then there’s something wrong, he was clearly hesitant and made him change it numerous times.. he didn’t “make it completely different”. He’s cut it as close to he possibly could to Poseidon in what looks like an effort to piss off the higher ups as much as possible without getting in trouble. This is some true minge shit. Also... since when does a community banned member get an input in their ban appeal? Kinda defeats he purpose.
  7. Your activity and input on the server has been both recognised aswell as appreciated by Cleddus, Greg and I. Besides from our bickering in the early stages you’ve proven to be a valuable and committed player in the sky block server. ACCEPTED
  8. I removed both Yuki and Lenny from the discord again last night because it was clear that we were not going to be helping that one guy set up his server through our discord. Upon asking Yuki politely to keep it to pms he goes and calls me a retard, my issue with this was that it was completely expected that I’d get some sort of smart ass snide comment back, instead of a simple “yep no worries” like any reasonable person would have said, because that’s how it usually goes with these two. The difference between shitposting and Yukis response was that he had intent behind it. Lenny and Yuki literally only exist on the discord to make my life hard and cry wolf when I retaliate, it’s actually pathetic. as pointed out by someone else already, you two don’t event play the server. Lenny was removed again after he tried pushing my buttons by continuing to take the piss after being told to take it to pms this follows after an episode the other day where he was continuously linking the outdated minecraft discord with old managers into the current minecraft discord saying things like “join the real Poseidon discord” “this is the fake one” I had to delete his link 5 times from the discord because he couldn’t grasp that if your post is getting deleted probably stop making the same post. I was told by higher ups that I am well within my right to remove anyone from the discord if I feel that they are having a negative impact on it. 2 clowns that continuously go out their way to find beef on it. I’d consider that negative. +1 for Yukis unban one more time
  9. Thanks mate, Farmboy, Greg and I really appreciate that you’ve gone out of your way to recognise our efforts. We like to think our player base helps each other out and gets along quite nicely for the most part. We’ve already promoted quite a few trusteds and a few mods that we’ve noticed are particularly helpful and active. Voting for the server also helps us out big time and awards you Ingame $$ links are in the discord. Thanks again.
  10. Yea, that’s why I banned you on discord, as I said.. I’ll have to launch an investigation into the logs to determine what happened ingame. And that Will have to wait until after I finish work this arvo.
  11. Yes, It’s true I don’t like Lenny but I did let it linger freely in the discord up until last night when his first and only input was to publicly ridicule us for mispelling a single word at the shops. This sort of thing wouldn’t usually twist my knickers except Lenny doesn’t even play the server, so his criticism and smart ass attitude just isn’t welcome there.
  12. Thanks for your valuable input captain russ, Lenny was banned from the discord because the only input he had in there was to talk shit and be toxic, the Ingame ban look to have taken place multiple hours after the discord ban. And doesn’t seem to be related
  13. Hi Lenny my boy, it appears as though you’ve been auto banned by our anti cheat with the ban message of “multiple accounts” obviously alt accounting isn’t against our server rules, but I’ll have to dive real deep into the the logs and really get to the bottom of this, we can’t have valuable members like yourself who join for 10 minutes to talk shit getting banned for false detections.
  14. You're one of the most active players on the server, first to obtain Elytra's and built a communal enderman farm with your own materials. ACCEPTED
  15. give it another 3 years though
  16. Skyblock is not an avenue that we are looking to go down at this time. But please feel free to join the current server at any stage to offer feedback and suggestions on that. Thank you
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