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    Loving it guy try to get as many people as we can, spread the word I also updated, Date and Time so have a look if you wish, Thanks, Carrot.

    Updated Dates, had some quick things come up

    @Kaptian Core Edited
  4. Blurb (Quick Info) Okay, here we go so over the month of Christmas I shall be holding a Competition that will start on the 14th of December Running until New Years, the competition will be daily but their might be a couple days where I might not be able to make it so I will try to get someone else but I'm not to sure if I will be able to so I will leave a warning on this thread so you guys aren't waiting around and all. Also don't be worried if you will miss a day or so why the competition is going because their are plenty of days and it will be a simple scoring system whatever team comes first get 3 point, whoever come second gets 2 and whoever comes 3rd will get 1, and the rest will get 0 for that day, their will be multiple game so don't worry about things getting repetitive and boring but some game will be used more then once depending on how many I can make. Prize First Place - $50 Steam gift card or game (Money will not be sent through Paypal or anything else, only Steam) Second Place - $20 Steam gift card or game (Money will not be sent through Paypal or anything else, only Steam) Third Place - $10,000,000 Ingame Money Times/Dates I will be Putting Times/dates of the events on here when I get my Roster which will be the 11th or every Tuesday of the week, because I have to work this around my work and they will be held on different time on different days TIME ZONE is Australian Eastern Standard Fri,14th - CANCELLED FAMILY EMERGENCY Sat, 15th - Need to find host Sun, 16th - EVENT 7:00pm / Could change last minute Mon, 17th - EVENT 12:00pm Tue, 18th - EVENT 6:00pm Wed, 19th - Need to find host Tue, 25th - NO EVENTS Leaderboard 1. Jimmy Onishi 2. Daniel Valentine 3. Bob Reid Sign Up Okay so easy as can be, all you need to do is comment if you wish to join, along with your Steam name and you RP name and I will write a list and see how many in total we get and figure it out from their, also could you join the Darkrp Discord so it would be easy to communicate with everyone when needed and make sure your discord name is Similar to your steam name so I know who is who or just comment your Discord so I can Add to the list profile I'm making Darkrp Discord: https://discord.gg/wqxfGUN COMMENT TO JOIN Games The Games will change daily some game might be repeated because I don't know how many I'm going to be able to create but their will be games from Shooting such as like a Siege game, or just shooting targets in certain times, or like a fishing game I know it sounds weird but I've got one created, even build battle like Build something and who ever does best win, so the event will be random and all different types and they will be pick at random one the day so be prepared I guess. Other Info So I'm hoping to get enough people so it can be groups of two, so if you wish to pair up into groups now you can, but if we don't get enough people I will have to make it individual team and work around that, I also understand kids and all that are still at school until the 14th I believe, well most of them anyway so i will try my best hold these event in the afternoon so they can be able to participate in them. Also the events will vary in types from like shooting to thinking and so on so if you're not the best at one thing you will have an opportunity still to win. If you have any question feel free to leave a comment and ask or add me on steam and I would be happy to answer any questions and sorry if their are any spelling mistakes, I've always been bad at English. My Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/carrot3/ My RPname: Barry Allen My Darkrp Rank: Admin

    Honestly I did read the reason why he was ban and why he wanted to be unban I didn’t pay attention to other part because they where not need I just saw Hig posted it and was like okay and then honestly commented not shit posted okay, Higashi should be posting it anyway to be honestly

    Yeah I didn’t even read the thread properly on the reason why he was bab and why he wanted so yeah couldn’t care anyway Gibbs na shouldn’t be unban

    Yes I did my comment still sticks

    May I have

    Well this shouldn’t have happened at all So the ban will stick and with the others that where involved I won’t punish them only because it wasn’t Brought up at the time but if this does happen again to you and they start killing you don’t shoot back call a staff member. Could this be locked pls
  10. CARROT

    What was this reward thing it would have been against the rules you can’t be like kill this guy and you get this much money it’s against the rules
  11. CARROT

    A guy said that you RDM him, I looked at logs and confirmed times and that you killed him and it looked like you disconnected straight after you killed him if it was a miss understand sorry but from evidence that I saw I believed you where in the wrong. DCTAP = Disconnected to avoid punishment And in your appeal I believe you meant to say didn’t rdm anyone not did rdm anyone, k thanks.
  12. CARROT

    Okay quickly because I wanna sleep, had a long day but anyway Yeah he place a hit on Jamie saying that Jamie was going around abusing people and shooting which I didn't care about at all because it's not a valid reason then I asked has he abuse you which replied yes I'm scared or something a long the lines of that so I took the hit completed it then later found out he was lying when Jamie called a sit for it, if he as proof to prove otherwise go ahead mate I would be happy to see but anyway goodnight.
  13. CARROT

    I would like for staff to be more active please