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    Nothing to say x

    I'm on and have dealt with the situation can be Locked @Hinzy

    Gonna Post Neutral on this firstly I know that you're an active staff member and you do your job properly and all that but there have been some incidences with you where you have been very immature and have acted out and there might have not been as many recently like it is getting better but it still happens and admin cannot be doing that sorry for being harsh but I feel like I have to be. Also, the fact that you bump the application when there are no other admin application and a fair few people have replied and the superiors that need to know about it already know about it that also prove to me that you aren't mature enough sorry man

    When where you ban?

    shit post

    @bat I was clearing out my picture and found this, I miss David

    Honestly not shit posting here, John Mate been around for age and he has had his ups and down (mainly downs) and he has been banned a couple time, but honestly I believe he has lived out his current sentence and deserves to be unban, like honestly if he was to attempt to break rule again or break rules in the future, he can be gone, so lets give old mate one last chance +1.

    +1 got me new sound board need to use it

    Please use the proper template
  10. CARROT

    I'm not to sure about this yet, I've seen him around a bit recently and I believe he has matured up a decent amount but i wanna see more of him before i say anything Neutral
  11. Just wanting to say I'm not trying to Bully Logan and shit on him I'm just being honest and telling everyone what happened because if he is applying for trusted the community need to know but yeah I don't think your suitable for trusted atm kid sorry.
  12. yeah i saw the quieting part he is probably doing it for attention at his age, see what happens i guess, also he just rejoined the server smt
  13. -1, He apparently accidentally used his kill bind during a RP situation, and was complaining about the warn Leemon gave him because of that like you still have to put up with the consequence of it, It's like if your little brother jump on your account and Mass RDM like you should have signed out of your account or something so he could and also we can prove it, also after dealing with the sit he adverted "BAD ADMIN", So I kicked him for Staff Disrespect because the way he acted in the sit and they was just the cherry on top, a Big -1 from me i couldn't see this guy as trusted for a long time.
  14. CARROT

    Yeah Bro take a look at it and add it to favourite or bookmarks so you can always find it
  15. CARROT

    https://trello.com/b/wXufyz4J/poseidon-servers-darkrp Look at that so you can see what's happening, money pots should be fix soon though