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  1. dinkle

    Surely add some skill based movement
  2. dinkle

    so about that counterstrike server you owe me
  3. dinkle

    you are the unfunniest cunt XD
  4. dinkle

    nigger man
  5. dinkle

    No one fucking cares
  6. dinkle

    Only because u are constantly on Lantos’ dick and you dodged getting comm banned despite the whole community wanting it
  7. dinkle

    i fail to recall who you are
  8. dinkle

    Give me my damn CSGO server
  9. dinkle

    mate thats doctor daniel morcombe the doctor gone bad
  10. dinkle

    this is my epic base in bank and my super cool shrine to hamad
  11. dinkle

    +1 big man Sebastian needs to be freed from his chambers
  12. dinkle

    lets add a csgo server
  13. dinkle

    1. Roleplay name: Pole Pole 2. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:85838981 3. What you lost and how?: I lost money from the black jack tables being bugged, in the video i buy i think 60k worth of chips and jump onto the blackjack table and clicking bet, but nothing actually happens. I try this a few times with it finally starting but it kicking me out of the table and not letting me try again due to not having enough money. 4. Amount of compensation?: 60k 5. Evidence/proof of your valuables: the sound got fucked but i think the video itself is enough proof
  14. dinkle

    Yeah mate got no idea who you are
  15. dinkle

    unna like penis