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    Face Reveals

    Man how old is that?
  2. A fairly small virtual petsite I joined in 2005 died over time (like all petsites other than Neopets do) but remained a chat hub for like 5-10 people and even though it has had registrations disabled for years, it still has those people posting daily. There may not be population growth with Poseidon but it wouldn't hurt to play it by ear. I feel like it is likely it will die off, or potentially become toxic and the plug can be pulled should that happen. But I feel like there's still a small contingent of people such as myself who wouldn't mind keeping it up for general chatter if someone is willing to do so.
  3. Well I mean there's nothing wrong with letting it die organically if that's the path it will take. But people seem to want to hang around and chat on the forums and if hosting isn't too expensive and there's someone willing to pay there's nothing wrong with that either.
  4. If it's still going I won't be on until 6 (8PM NZ time) due to work
  5. I'm pretty sure they're being kept up at least for a while. Also, Jamie and Jimmy both have too much on their plates as far as I know as well.
  6. What were the first websites you remember going on as a kid? The ones I can remember are: - Neopets Neopets was one of the first sites I played on. As I have said often my Neopets account is older than the average player here. My account got frozen a few years back (for its own protection due to suspicious activity, I think Neopets had a security breach around that time and I hadn't touched it in years) and even though I don't really touch it I still appealed to get it unfrozen just for the memories and eventually it did - Nickelodeon Earlier than Neopets, back when we could only use the internet at home when the school wasn't using it (?), we used to go on the Nickelodeon website. The only thing I can remember is playing flash-type games, the main one I remember being some odd game where you had to calm down a baby which we found hilarious because if it got too distressed its cry turned into a siren and to a kid in single digits that shit is hilarious. - Alta Vista and Ask Jeeves Though google was founded in 1998, I don't remember using it as a search engine for some years, preferring the above two sites. I enjoyed Ask Jeeves because I would literally phrase my searches as questions like today's elderly people do, and ask it questions like "hi jeeves how are you today". Alta Vista I just used because it seemed real fancy and trustable. - Smellypoop.com I think we found this site by literally typing in its name and we were shocked to find it was a website. As toilet humour was and tbh still is hilarious to me (and my siblings) we loved it. I remember it had terms for different kind of shits. Actually it's down now, but it can still be found on Wayback Machine. Off the top of my head those are the only sites I remember going on well in my single digits, there were undoubtedly more, but my memory's not that good.
  7. bat

    An important question

    Are those hands or ham shanks?
  8. bat

    An important question

    Wow you beat Charlie Big hand supremacy
  9. bat

    An important question

    Also I need handspan measurements. For my research Measured like this mine and got 19 cm which is about 7.4 inches so bang on average for a woman apparently
  10. bat

    An important question

    Charlie just admitted he's into fisting
  11. Probably nothing. Poseidon was something to do but at the same time I did lose interest over time in DarkRP in general. Also I'm old af
  12. bat

    An important question

    I bought some pringles in NZ and brought them home in my luggage and they still aren't beat up like that.
  13. I need to know for my research.
  14. bat

    Face Reveals

    When you open your phone and front camera is on
  15. Couldn't bring myself to write a long emotional post or anything so have this video Apologies @Sam for stealing your mass carDM song but i really enjoy the song so
  16. i hope you didn't eat that particular waffle
  17. There's a lot of good memes in this thread... or a few good memes.. and a lot of pages of arguing about whether making memes about Heinz is bullying. Most of mine I foolishly hosted on puush so they're gone now. Also, Ok, lets get into this one. Firstly you cock sucker Lenny that was a whisper between me and Cleet as a bit of banter, keep in mind before you try to refute that YOU WERE NOT IN THE BASE AT THE TIME NOR WERE YOU RP Affiliated. Then like the immature little shithead you are decide to start blasting it on OOC just to be a dickhead instead of asking me why did you say that. Secondly due to you taking it and trying to spin it by blasting it in OOC about 10 times over you fail to notice the iconic ":^)" I use to signify its a joke between me and the people I value as friends unlike you you fucking ass clown. Also Hunterbonx made this one about me that I enjoy Malcolm made this very sad one: He eventually dropped it
  18. Ironically that's why I never played TTT (not knowing how to play initially). Anyway I might be on if I'm not working
  19. bat

    Race server

  20. I won't argue with constant restarts (more like crashes, which were often caused by skiddies finding new exploits to crash servers, also often issues with the way the machine was setup), but I don't agree with bunnyhopping to and from maps being a factor. Changing to Syndicate did end up with us haemorrhaging players after a few weeks, but that was a case of the map not being right. If the maps are tried and true, shaking things up with a different map doesn't matter all too much. As said above, Syndicate wasn't quite right for our playerbase and apparently Triton V2 wasn't either (I imagine because it diverged too much from the familiar layout of downtown, which I liked, but I guess some didn't). Changing maps, provided they are right, mostly only inconveniences Trusted players who bemoan having to build new dupes. IMO it was a perfect storm of issues. No offence intended to Lantos, Spook and Jamie who were always involved in these things, but upgrading and changing machines or software invariably caused serious issues to DarkRP. The main one being the connection issues which seemed to occur every time. It ranged from our server not appearing in the server browser, to not appearing in your steam server history, to at one point the vast majority of the playerbase being unable to connect even using the IP. The last one happened quite a while ago but all these things have a cumulative effect on the perception of our server as being stable and reliable. I do believe the change from V1 to V2 definitely impacted the playerbase but we were also beleaguered by the above connection issues once we reverted to V1.
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