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  1. bat

    I appreciate the thought, but I don't really have any sort of interest in it. This time around it was just out of some weird feeling of obligation.
  2. bat

    It's possible, but it wouldn't be a sure thing. It comes down to the interest and motivation of the people involved.
  3. bat

    As much as I love Tyger, he has not been consistently active for years now. Was he still an active member of the community, I might endorse this idea, but he has a track record of coming back for a month then drifting off. Sorry, I forgot to respond to this: I believe the server goes down at the end of the month. As for the forums, they could be made read-only. That said, if they will be that inactive, the traffic difference between leaving them open for discussion and archiving them won't be significant. I'd personally want to archive them at the very least because I'm a sentimental soul who likes looking through old threads
  4. bat

    When you talk about experimenting and adding more content to DarkRP, I'm going to refer you back to my first point about the level of time and interest from the management. There's a reason that was listed first. It is the biggest issue. Adding content requires coding it, in the case of custom content, or experimenting with it, in the case of premade content from gmodstore or the workshop, as poorly coded content can cause stability issues. Look at when I managed the server, having no lua knowledge. It was often unstable and it was often hard to ascertain which addon was actually causing issues. Ultimately, there's very little motivation or reward for that level of work. I say this time and time again but it never seems to sink in with anyone: the community's behaviour of downright ignoring any new changes, or rudely pointing out issues (yes, there is a polite way to do it), or at best, maybe acknowledging them but nothing else... well, think about it. Would you be spending your free time writing new code? You wanna spend hours doing that and bug-testing it just to have it people throw more demands at you like they were entitled to your hard work and they're entitled to more?
  5. bat

    It's not outside the realm of possibility, though I don't think it's necessarily that likely. It probably hinges on a few factors we can't predict now. I understand what you're saying about the steam group, but I think it overall would be unlikely to have helped in the long term. Yes, there wasn't much to lose on that front besides attracting undesirable people back into the community. I don't think it was likely to attract many players. The group is sizeable yes, but think about how many people join steam groups for tenuous reasons. There are plenty of steam groups I would ignore announcements from. I guess it comes down to the first point in my initial post as well, which is the lack of time and enthusiasm in management as well.
  6. bat

    With DarkRP, there isn't really a suitable candidate. Even if someone put their hand up, so much of our DarkRP content (script-wise) is either Jimmy's own custom content, or optimised by Jimmy. I think it's pretty understandable that Jimmy might not want this to fall into other people's hands and potentially get disseminated to other servers down the line. If this sounds petty, it's absolutely not. It's not unreasonable for content that Jimmy spent many hours working on to remain protected. With regards to Poseidon as a whole, I think it becomes even murkier and less feasible.
  7. bat

    Are you talking about DarkRP or are you talking about Poseidon in general? Either way, who do you propose does this? There is a huge degree of trust involved.
  8. Hey everyone, The decision has been made to once again shut down the server hosting/running side of Poseidon, if not Poseidon as a whole. This decision has been reached due to a variety of reasons: - Due to other commitments such as work or tertiary education, most of Poseidon's management team don't have the time or motivation that running a community requires. This is probably the most significant reason for this decision. - Though Poseidon has a small community of dedicated members, largely since relaunch it has failed to accrue and/or keep a base of new players. While it's perhaps true that this could be achieved with some hard work and community engagement, the first point touches on why this is unlikely to be achieved. - DarkRP, which has historically been the bread and butter of Poseidon in terms of maintaining playerbase, appears to have a smaller playerbase overall, meaning that serious effort would need to be utilised to poach players from existing servers. Refer to the first point again for why this is unlikely to happen. It is possible that if people would like Poseidon to continue existing as a community, the forums could be kept online, and game nights can continue to be held using the forum's built-in calendar function. The DarkRP discord can also continue to exist as a chat hub and a venue for game nights. I would love to hear people's input. I have attached a poll regarding the state of the discord and forums.
  9. bat

    [DarkRP] Job fair

    Triton is looking to host a fair to help the unemployed and the understaffed meet! If you're looking for work, RSVP to our event or just rock up on the day. If you're looking to host a stall, RSVP and also drop us a comment here to reserve a slot. There are 10 stall slots, each with a size of 5x5 each. If you're stuck on what to do, here are some examples. Anyone can start a stall. The police, doctors, even illegitimate gangs... There will be prizes for best stall, generously donated by a rich benefactor, 1st prize: $2 million (or a steam game) 2nd prize: $1 million (or a steam game) 3rd prize: $500k (or a steam game) Date/time is negotiable if it doesn't work for everyone. You are welcome to build as a group as well as long as you are still only using the single slot/5x5. Slot 1: Robin Banks (says he can leave if the other slots fill up) Slot 2: Apu Pu Slot 3: Hagop Karyan Slot 4: Anastasia Komanova Slot 5: Herr Koph Slot 6: John Bowed (if he doesn't forget) Slot 7: Boy Sempson Slot 8: Maurizio Gulina Slot 9: Slot 10: (OOC: This is just a bit of fun as I'd like to see people's creativity rewarded. As I said, you don't have to RSVP to attend as a "job seeker", but you can if you want. If you don't have dupe, I can allow you in the event early to build your stall if you like Cover photo is just a placeholder. Gives you a rough idea of fair layout).
  10. bat

    Terraria game night

    Limit is set to 5. I (Bat) might play if event doesn't fill up. Vortex has 1.3k hours in the game so he can teach people who are new to the game.
  11. That sounds good, I can try to arrange one soon if you like, though I've personally only played 1 hour of Terraria and I don't think I've ever played civ, but I can arrange it without playing it
  12. We will all converge on a single person's door and knock on it. Victim to be decided. We will meet beforehand and discuss.
  13. bat

    If more people want to join, we could play bracketeering until people drop off. It's kind of like a shittier quiplash if I remember correctly, but it's not that bad.
  14. bat

    It's a pack of party games. Essentially, one person needs to have the game and stream it, and the others just play in their browsers in a unique "room". The prompt will usually be on the game/stream, and everyone will answer in their browsers (or phone, if you are that way inclined). Quiplash is an example of one of their more popular games. It's extremely fun, though I suppose it depends on how funny the people you're playing with are. Would recommend
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