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  1. Majin carries around her comfort teddy bear
  2. bat

    Which milk is the best?

    Banana nesquik is the shit
  3. I think the price is already prohibitive enough due to the average player's balance. If we make it so that people can't trigger their death themselves (so as to run into a group of people and hit a killbind), personally if someone was killed as the result of volatile waste and it wasn't an intentional minging attempt (for example getting your friend to snipe you in a group of people), I wouldn't have an issue. People have no sense of danger. They will run into active gunfights while unarmed for no reason. When I started here people used to get warned for failRP for running into the PD during a raid (as unrelated jobs such as citizen or hobo) because it was unrealistic. So if you're unarmed in a PD raid and you get taken out due to standing near an assailant, bad luck. I guess I see what you mean about relaxing the rules a bit. As I said before, running into a group of people and killing yourself (or getting someone to kill you if we disable suicide) with no real cause would be (mass) RDM. Doing the same as a gang member, to a group of cops, when your gang is about to raid, wouldn't quite be the same scenario.
  4. Probably, someone did it before me and I found it hilarious so I started doing it myself Also: Hobo drowns in Herr Koph's pool due to the lack of a lifeguard
  5. bat

    Which milk is the best?

    This is a late-ass response but I don't like drinking milo that much... but I'll eat the powder out of a cup happily and also sprinkle it on my ice cream.. is that acceptable? Actually I do like the premade milo drinks, maybe it was to do with how my parents used to make milo at home as to why I never enjoyed it too much.
  6. It does work, I think people just assume it doesn't as their health doesn't go down. If anything, I kind of like it this way. If we could disable suicide while taking it it would mean people have to be killed (or, admittedly, jump off a building), therefore it would be harder to mass RDM with it. Not saying it would be hard still (someone gets their friend to shoot them or something), but yeah. But if people prefer the health dropping we could put that back on I suppose. Also, we could put the price down a little since the average player has less money now. But then again, we don't want it to be accessible to the average player.. kind of.
  7. bat

    Quote thread

    12:36 PM]Jimmy: nah ive lost my voice [12:37 PM]Jimmy: nah screaming your mums name
  8. I'm a little confused, what about it currently isn't functional? Besides the fact that your health doesn't go down when you take it, but you will still explode when you get shot or use a suicide bind.
  9. Another Cha Cha Slide gathering Boy Sempson after an experiment went horribly wrong Malcolm in his GP office. He was later arrested for assaulting patients.
  10. That's awesome. That said when I was a kid we totally had robots, they were just like these: (I actually had one, it was the shit until I lost the toy bone)
  11. Do you mean that, for an example 1. I comment on your thread 2. You look at my comment (since you've refreshed the forum and seen there's a new comment) 3. You have a notification for a thread you've already looked at? If that's the issue, it's probably not worth bothering to add since I imagine it needs to be coded, it's kind of annoying, but a couple of clicks dismisses it.
  12. It seems kind of crazy to me because the forum is literally called shitposting. If you go by the wikipedia, by definition shitposts are poor quality. Like if you want posts to be not very-low quality, perhaps we should remove the shitposting forum? There are plenty of posts here that are plain unfunny. If they're not too high in frequency all you have to do is just ignore them. If there were several threads being posted a day by someone that were really shitty I would see the point. It just seems ludicrous to waste staff time discussing whether a shitpost is high enough quality to not purge it lol. As I said I can see if someone is posting a cluster of really shitty topics like just 2-3 nonsensical words I can see that as it has the potential to clutter up the subforum, but yeah.
  13. you could be right. posting multiple threads with a couple of words in them is an issue, making posts now and then that people find unfunny isn't really comparable
  14. there probably was that rule, but it was for posts outside the shitposting forum. the shitposting forum is for containing low quality shitposts
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