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  1. bat

    Every piano act except me smh I see how it is (jokes)
  2. This was during the setup period Baby Cakes at his bar. He later became demoralised when a single man drank all of his alcohol. I think this was after the event had started. Tony Pepperonii's popular scream singing act. People dancing during said performance. Food was served during the acts. People from all walks of life made it in, despite the black tie policy. In the back there was a VIP kebab area. Herr Koph stands next to the kebab rotisserie Hobos were not allowed into the event, however in order to garner police approval, most government employees were allowed entrance. This had to be changed when counterfeit badges allowed unworthy people entrance. Tony's acts were always popular. The line to perform at times was rather long. Bob Jane gives a bow after a stellar performance. Hopefuls wait for their chance to perform. Well-dressed men and a single hobo wait for their chance to enter. You can imagine who didn't gain entry. There was some protest against the casino. Thanks to everyone who was involved, especially Leemon for the entry design, Cleddus for stage design and also control, Lacross for commentary, all the security, store clerks and bartenders, the list goes on, as well as the audience and performances.
  3. bat

    Man imagine being that edgy. I was expecting a meme but that was like 13 year old kid trying to offend people lmfao
  4. bat

    We've got 4-5 security staff so might be alright if you would prefer to focus on filming
  5. bat

    Holy shit the mini fighters were hilarious. I forgot about that. I think I have a video somewhere.
  6. bat

    5:45 PM]Echo(Ari): My favourite kind of shits are the ones that fall into the toilet like a pindrop and make no sound or splash, its magical unlike the ones that fall like a a whale into the ocean.
  7. bat

    Heinz, a meme does not a debating thread make. Either put some relevant text in or I'll move this to shitposting.
  8. Just a continuation of the last thread. This event will start at 7 PM AEST (Melbourne/Sydney) Good Friday, which is 6:30 ACST (Adelaide), and 5 PM AWST (Perth) As said on the last thread, likely events will be - Piano playing contest - Talent contest - Drinks Potential Piano players: - The Diz - Me (only if there aren't many other people) - Bob Jane/Kenny (if he unpacks his PC) - We will probably accept walkups on the day since there's not a lot of people who have entered - Feel free to comment on this thread as well Potential Talent contest entries: - Didn't see any (might be blind), will probably accept walkups on the day Potential mixologist/clerks: - Nick Bean - Herr Koph (possibly) - Ari/Echo - Baby Potential Hosts: - Stepdad/Lacross Security: - Thotson/Patrick Ennis - Cleddus (stage preferably) - John Cologne - Almond/Chris Mango - Leemon Koala (head of) We're always looking for more people so if you didn't see the last thread feel free to volunteer for things here. Might edit this post as it feels a bit lacking A big thanks to Le(e)mon for the awesome casino build
  9. bat

    Never gets old. I love how people will often run past then double back and end up joining in.
  10. bat

    The drug overlay adds an even more nightmarish quality to it
  11. bat

    Man I tried a blender tut just to make some text and it was frustrating af, I made the text but it was uber tiny in game and had no material even though I thought I set the material up right.
  12. bat

    It might be quite difficult to port it to the hl2/gmod skeleton but if you have interest in that sort of stuff you could try. People do port models from other games
  13. bat

    Not exactly up to me, but depends on the size. It's not too outlandish a model so maybe, if the size is small.