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    1. Russian Spy

      Russian Spy

      A shrine to the Anti-Christ herself.

  2. bat

  3. bat

    Very close game
  4. bat

    Do you mean would an earlier time in the day work? It could, though 8 works best for me because I work until 6 that day (gives me time to come home and have dinner etc). Also it's scarier at night
  5. bat

    I was hungry
  6. bat

    The Forest night

    I'd be happy to host a P2P server for up to 8 players for this, though if others really want to play we could look at setting up something larger. If people get into it we might have more often recurring sessions because obviously it's a game that you like to play consecutive days in a row and less of a "match"-type game. If the date doesn't work for people I can change it, but I thought I might get an idea of interest.
  7. bat

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/539273 The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day is free on steam
  8. bat

    https://www.udemy.com/course/how-to-type-like-a-pro/ (imagine paying 100 dollars to learn to type well)
  9. bat

    No TS anymore, but here's the DarkRP discord, which is the only active Poseidon discord atm: https://discord.gg/cjVMnC
  10. bat

    Most of the community now was after your time But I remember you. How's it going?
  11. bat

    Macom, who dropped yet another letter from his name due to fright, screamed in pain as the bullet pierced his shoulder.
  12. bat

    *ass cheeks slap* RUN AWAY Also to stay on topic (with a very topical song)
  13. bat

  14. bat

    He climbed onto the podium and stared at the grand total of 3 mourners who had attended, one of which being a homeless bum lured in by the promise of free food.
  15. bat

    Unfortunately, her morbid obesity and several other comorbidities took her out well before the front door, and she died of a heart attack.
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