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  1. bat

    Unfortunately we have to wait until Lantos gets home, so probably some time in the next two hours.
  2. bat

    I will ban anyone who doesn't sad react this brutal image
  3. bat

    I was out in public and caught Heinz writing his next shitpost.
  4. bat

    Yeah, waiting for someone who can update the server, hopefully won't take too long. It's up, but no one can join it because their clients are on a newer version than the server is running.
  5. bat

    come back @david
  6. bat

    +1 for this taking money from the gov bank
  7. bat

    If they press "lookup" without entering any input, it outputs Gabe's details. It does say this is all example output but some people skim.
  8. bat

    Also, you've included Gabe Newell's steamid rather than your own. You need to put your own steam URL into steamid.io to get your steamid.
  9. bat

    Me: "Jimmy's actually gay." Hamad: "Is he gay? IS HE GAY? .... I'm gay as well."
  10. bat

    Admittedly, 3 days seem a wee bit harsh. Though I can see it from Leemon's perspective, a few issues; breaking building rules, RDM, and also not removing it when he told you to. If you're told by an admin to delete something, you don't ignore what he says and keep it there. I do understand the frustration that it took you a while to build, but from the get go you should have realised it breaks several building rules and is unrealistic and therefore can be removed at an admins discretion. Though I understand that the valuables you kept up there were not for your own benefit (such as printer farming and etc), you still need to obey the building rules. Admittedly we don't have building rules about building in the sky but that's because it's nonsensical to have a sky base, it's just common sense; the closest rules are rules about building on the roof which says you can't have valuables. You don't seem like a bad player, you seem like a nice guy. So if Leemon is happy to your ban can be shortened.
  11. I'm going to lock this due to the ban.
  12. bat

    "That photo is very misleading, because Hinzy has a big [penis] as well." - Hamad
  13. bat

    Re cropped it though the sniper just looks like a blob and I was too lazy to remove more text
  14. bat

    I thought this looked like a renaissance painting so i quickly healing brushed over the text (which is one one guys face is fucked + other things) and put one of those built in filters on it lmao
  15. bat

    That's not even a baby....