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  1. Minecraft Name AionNefelibata Discord Name: AionNefelibata Issue: now the voting sites that dont give rewards a re two: https://topg.org/Minecraft and https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/poseidon-survival-minecraft-australia/vote/ What Are You Doing When This Occurs: voting
  2. Minecraft Name AionNefelibata Discord Name: AionNefelibata Issue: Voting on https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/poseidon-survival-minecraft-australia/vote/ no longer gives a reward What Are You Doing When This Occurs: voting XD
  3. @Cleddus Yes! you found it! It even has a link to the explanation of the pluggin when you type /help in chat. the claim boundaries are visible on screen and cities are easy to make
  4. Suggestion: Minecraft Name: AionNefelibata Discord Name: AionNefelibata Suggestion: what if we where to use the golden showel plugin instead of world guard? Benefits: the interface is more intuitive. its easyer to make towns with subclaims and perms only for farming and such. I know it from my old server. Downside is that it claims the whole height so one cant make claims one atop the other.
  5. Age: 24 Discord/Teamspeak: discord : i have both but dont use them as much Have you ever donated? No Have you ever been banned, kicked or warned on our server (you can check this by asking a staff member)? Not that im aware of. Short description on yourself: easy-going, pleasant to be around, i love helping the newcomers and spreading the love I tend to make friends easely, and i wish to make a community around myself. I am from Italy so i will be online at odd hours, so if im made trusted i can keep an eye out when most admins are asleep. Big fan of the ocean and im planning to make a city underwater (CaptnFanta already joined). I lean toward roleplay but its not necessary to have fun. Not a big builder but eager to leave a mark. Like in minecraft like in real life im enviromentally concious, and in fact i want to protect the coral reef around my base as much as possible, maybe one day i could expand to the one behind it. Im quite balanced and i dont think i can make harsh decisions before hearing from everyone involved in a dispute. Im also compelled to always speak the truth, even when it makes me unconfortable, but never in a rude way. (Aspie) My hobby would be hair modification and craft with silicone, i love it! Favourite game would be mc, but also Stellaris, even if University already swallowed so much of my time its barely enough to play mc. Why you want this rank: To be fair the first reason is for the perks: the additional home, the ability to warp to the shop (the journey its always dangerous) and so on, but also because i tend to always be motherly with all of the players i come in contact with and i think added responsability to help newcomers, and in general all players that need it would fit my personality well. I would do it anyway but if a player really makes it hard for others to enjoy mc it saddens me and i want to intervene. Do you agree to use the commands that come with this rank properly? > YES! < II
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