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    probably vacation forever, lyrics which is pretty real that or A-OK.
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    for 30 mins everything is a ok
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    sup bro. mad lad
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    OOPS! This one is also very good. I think it be good for a tarantino film as a bad guy or good guy outro/death shoot out scene. Because of the melancholy witfulness
  7. maxresdefault.jpg&f=1

    1. Rick Sout

      Rick Sout

      hey what the fuck this is way lower than 1080p

  8. I have tried, for some reason the server can't be queried, I'm having troubles working it out
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    https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Simple, go to the link, enter your main email, post your score. highest score wins (or nill if you want to be pedantic) I got 3.
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    1 time i was in an audio store in a packed super market, they had a wall for loud speakers. found a way how to turn them up to max. all on max. play them, the wall explodes with noise and everyone was looking like ffs. it was very very loud, since it was a specialist speaker store.
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    jokes, thank you fblaze. This wholesome post <3 to the soul. your always welcome here =)
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