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  1. steam name: ChanMonchy steam Id: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198873103324/ gamemode : Dark Rp RP name: Andy hunt reason for ban: sit abusing banned by: Keller Keemstar length of ban: one week Evidence: Me and "Jamie Willis' where joking around by sitting on a bench inside the posiden server Pd when he got up and phased through the floor into upstairs realizing what had happen Jamie asked to be let out and had his hands up to "Hugo weaving", We where then pulled of into a admin sit where i asked Jamie if he could please explain why it was an accident when i came back we had a week ban for sit abusing, it is to my understanding that it was a complete misunderstanding and was unsure why the punishment was given out so intense and so quickly, i would greatly appreciate if i was to be able to have the ban lift or discuss reducing with an admin i really appreciate what u guys do on these servers and would love to continue playing i am a regular with ten days before they reset and eleven days after and plan to continue this thank you
  2. im sorry i dont where the template is
  3. i apologies if it came off as joking and my friend inst there to vouch for me he also received the week ban, To my apologies but in have in my opinion that i have been banned unfairly and would like to discuss a reduce ban thankyou
  4. sorry about this post
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