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  1. You are indeed ruining my thread just by even looking at it.
  2. Stop ruining my threads with your dog piss comments. Sincerely, Friend
  3. I mixed, mastered, perfected, produced and crafted this masterpiece.
  4. With most Poseidon Servers on life support, I made this thread to generate some ideas for new servers. Here are some ideas just off the top of my head; Team Fortress 2 Server Secondary Minecraft Server Unturned Server Ark Survival Server Terraria Server Invest into my music Potentially make a Poseidon Games Company and make our own games Advertise our servers, especially Terraria server Maybe a serious RP server using NutScript, something like Nutscript PonyRP or Nutscript SledBuild RP These were just some ideas.
  5. you can manually look, only if your not blind hahe blind people you lose
  6. Submission #2 It's a dragon in Game Of Thrones destroying the wall. I based it off this image;
  7. Submission #1 Tbh, this shadow I made was pretty shit, it's based off John Wick. I'm gonna work on a new one. I based it off this image;
  8. I used the revive symbol so I could revive this thread, the revive symbol was in no way intended to hurt your feelings. So you better sniff that snot and tear up harder and stop acting like a little bitch.
  9. Cute Joey or amputated arms - 50/50
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