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  1. -=Joker=-

    More just fucking around making it a meme. if you want me to stop I will.
  2. But you can with weed which is worse than the food. You take 1 weed, take cover for a bit heal up then do pop up attacks and heal in between them.
  3. Your DarkRP Name: Joker King Suggestion (general idea): The removal of the healing effect from items Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): This suggestion came mainly from my med kit one as people don't want medkits because it would be combat healing. Well, why not just remove the healing from weed, food/drink and any other thing that can heal you so the only way to get healed is via the doctor. Now, I am expecting there to be a lot of -1's but I don't give a shit since if people want to complain about combat healing which is a doctor rule not everyone's rule only those playing as a doctor why not just remove it from all the other ways people can combat heal already. How it will benefit the server: It will stop combat healing since people seem to not like that so much. I get why the doctor cant combat heal as the healer has no cooldown, doesn't run out of supplies and heal for as long as the doctor can hold their finger on a button but weed.. well that lets you heal well shooting, food that's instant health just spam e on some food and you are good.
  4. -=Joker=-

    Im gonna help him out to get back on track
  5. -=Joker=-

    @Jimmy I think you should remove the healing from food and weed. People don't like combat healing so just remove the healing from them and their problem will be fixed.
  6. -=Joker=-

    Did you read what I said? there would be a max amount of times you could use it like 1-2 heals before you need to buy more "ammo" from the doctor. Btw that would be 198 HP max with 1-2 heals as I mean if you are on 1 hp could heal ya self to the max and in this case, that's 100. But I don't expect anyone to actually read anything before they vote. that's just crazy talk aye. Oh, and did you read the parts where I put that the only way to refill it was to see a doctor and that it would have a reload type thing where it could take like 10 seconds before it heals ya. Also If anyone has any real problem with this because of the combat healing I mean that's already possible via the drugs and food so I don't see how this could hurt since I could just eat food in a raid and that's instant health and what I am suggesting is to edit it to make it less op but as I said why would anyone read shit? The only reasons to me have really been "it's to op" though I said to make it way less OP and I suggested ways of doing it and sorry Thrawn but "its combat healing" I mean if anyone has a problem with that. 1st that's a rule for the doctor 2nd drugs and food already do that so I don't see the harm in a little med-kit that could be edited to only let you get the supplies from the doctor and only heal 198 HP before you need a refill. Oh and there would be a max on how much supplies the doctor can spawn in at a time so getting a load wouldn't really do much as they would want to be able to sell them to others All the reasons have easy fixes for me they are edit the med-kit more or remove the healing from weed/food if people care so much about combat healing and we know what will not happen so a med-kit will do nothing to the combat healing that can already be done at least it would technically be the same as using weed in a raid on that the weed heals you slowly over time and not instant after a 10 sec wait. And that my reply to most of you. If anyone has any real reason to -1 please do say it.
  7. -=Joker=-

    Hmm, love that new FAS pack rename funny how my one hasn't updated yet...must be some kind of bug aye.
  8. -=Joker=-

    To add on what others have said being a minge and joking around with friends are different things. I mean look at the event cords they run around with grenade launchers and shoot it {Ahem Proto}, yes they don't kill anyone with them unless they ask to be but that's pretty what you are calling "mingy" and I bet all the admins "minge" when they are fucking about with their friends, this does not mean that they are a minge it just means they know how to have fun and not be stuck up @Penguin. And do you even play anymore? since to me if you rarely play you shouldn't really be replying as how would you know if he's changed or anything.
  9. -=Joker=-

    -1 Abuses me when I have NEVER abused any staff member on the server ever... OT: +1 you are Leemon. And now I know you are 13 so Ima start calling you "wee mon" < I found a baguette for a faguette < I also found a cucumber though I was looking for a pickle XD
  10. -=Joker=-

    I mean nothing like weed. I mean like reloading a gun how it has a reload time before you can start shooting again. It wouldn't heal 1 hp per second it would just take 5-10 seconds before it heals you would have to keep the medkit out well you are healing your self or ya mate
  11. Your DarkRP Name: Joker King Suggestion (general idea): The addition fo the first aid kit for players to use Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): I already know that the server has it as I have used it in an event. My idea is for it to be made so we can buy it from the doctor. I am not sure if its possible but it should have a max "ammo" type thing on it to stop it from having 1000 ammo and have it so the only way to get more "ammo" for it is to buy it from the doctor. Now with the med kit players could combat heal through with the limit on the "ammo" it would not help in the long run maybe like 1-2 full heals total. it could also have a slow healing time so it takes a while for it to heal the player to even it would a bit more. Having the doctor sell it and be the only person to refill it would also help as you would need a doctor on to even use it since with no doctor no med kit or refills so the doctor would still be useful. I get combat healing is not allowed for the doctor and I get why but that could still be a rule and if the kit was to be adjusted it would help since it could be made a lot less OP and useable for this kind of thing and would have to be used mainly in urgent times of the raid. How it will benefit the server: It could allow for some RP for gangs, the police and even the SWAT as they could have a team medic. It would also give the doctors more stuff to sell as yes they can charge got them to heal people but they can only really sell painkillers and this could add 2 more things for them to sell and only them to sell. The medkit its self and the "ammo"/supply which would be the only way to refill the medkit is via the doctor. If anyone has any way to add on to this suggestion please put it below as the more ideas the better and if @Jimmy is able to he might just be able to make what I put above possible if he likes the sound of it.
  12. -=Joker=-

    It's almost like you didn't take the fact that the server is on FAS... and that Jimmy does not want to mix gun packs.
  13. -=Joker=-

    @Jimmy is a great dev unlike another manager we know *cough* @bat *cough* so I am sure he might be able to make one.
  14. -=Joker=-

    -1 you a thot OT: +1 #ColgateForAdministrator