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  1. No, they would not be able to... If they want to raid together they would still have to follow job rules not sure how you got that impression and each lock pick or keypad cracker would be a one time use The whole point of one is for fun no one would want to join them if they have to pay a fee... They would still be able to donate to the organization but they would not have to. only the owner of it would and its purely to be able to buy the perks This should be common sense why would it allow people to break rules? The crackers and pick are for is the members want to join a gang and raid but they would not spawn with them it would be in the Organization's menu were the player can buy one-time use pick locks and keypad crackers cheap. This suggestion is mainly to add something new for players to spend money on since for the short time there were cars everyone loved buying cars and showing them off but with this, there could an XP system and some quiz or organization events for people to compete for the fun of it. And new players could just join one and that problem would be sorted it all depends on how the owner of the organization wants to run it. It's pretty much a group of people that like to hang out and mess around which is what it's all about and to pretty much waste money on since the rich people get bored and need something to spend their money on which is why cars were just spammed when the server had them people didn't even care too much what car they had they just got them and if they already had it they got another until they had all the cars.
  2. So you may not have understood but an organization is a menu and not a job. You buy the organization and invite other players but the players can play any job they want well in it. It's pretty much how people make the swat groups in discord but only it's on the server. Also, your reply gave me a bit of an idea for an addon to the perk you could buy for ya group. Its that the leader can buy a picklock and keypad cracker that is a one time use and that the rest of the group can get. Well, people make money way to fast on this server so it would give them something new to spend money on that is not weapons and drugs. Also, the part below may help a bit. This is a great addition to this suggestion since experience and money could be used in the upgrades like once you get so much experience lest say 1000 to level it up to level 2 you would then have an option to pay 20k or so to level up. The numbers are just an example so if you don't think they are right just change them in ya mind.
  3. I'm not sure if Jimmy would add skins for this but it would be nice if the leader of it could buy skins that are already on the server for the rest of their members
  4. Your DarkRP Name: Joker King Suggestion (general idea): Organisations/Gangs Description of suggestion (expand on the idea): My idea is to add organizations for players to buy, own, and run. They can also be called gangs depending on how you look at it but I have seen them on another server and I found it fun being able to buy an in-game group set up your own ranks/roles and invite friends. To me adding something like this would be perfect alongside the economy reset since people will need to work up to them meaning its something else for people to spend money on since they could have levels and each time you level up it gives you something new in it like more rank/role slots and more customization like if you want to change the organization name it will cost, to make a new rank/role it will cost. I am sure there is more you could do with it since I was thinking weapons but then I thought to my self again and that would be way to op. Please, note that this is not a job and the only way to see you are in on is via the menu. Extra things that are suggested by other people below: An experience system for organizations to compete with each other for ranking outside of roleplay. {Suggested by @kibble below so credit to him} A radio and/or group chat function could be possibly added as a purchasable perk. {Suggested by @Ryeboy98 below so credit to him} How it will benefit the server: Adds something new for people to spend money on and just adds something new the server for users through the main benefit would be to allow players to waste away money it could add RP if used in a certain way
  5. So I thought I should try to get this to be a thing again since having a criminal gang would be better than having a swat group. Rahj is the one who kind of got me to think if I should or not so yeah... It's not going to have much ranking or any bull shit like that just whoever is in it longer is higher ranking in it so yeah... I guess this is where I say a load of bull shit if I was to make a swat group but this ain't that it's stinking to the original TMNT that Reuben Gillies made so he will be the founder of this one still. Oh and if you want to join just say so since we need more Criminal groups and fewer SWAT groups nowadays plus it will be good for the reset. Few rules for the TMNT since rules have a place in ya life. Colour scheme is dark grey and orange {The original colours} No being a cunt Have fucking common sense And that's that so ahh.... yeah the TMNT is back I guess since fuck the swat groups we need gangs
  6. Do people even do custom gangs for the criminals now? Its switched to SWAT groups now
  7. So as we all know an economy reset will also mean more basing and staying in a base getting ya money up. so my question is who here is going to be basing with who? since the last time I saw the server do a reset was when they had cars and this was when Donnie Donatello was playing and had a "gang" called the TMNT and everyone in that was basing and farming money but not that is gone who are you going to base with. Also who remembers the TMNT?
  8. Just so you know ya steam ID is wrong so you may want to update that and when I tried to get it for you the website did not work. The normal website did not work for me but I found another so this might be it here: STEAM_0:1:58554360
  9. Never said that I did. As you see I was only saying that its what the other post says.
  10. "go on do it again" isn't that giving them permission to kill you? And you went back to them after when you could have started recording and stood at a distance not even talking to them. As Truck said you were egging them on and how do we know if that's the full story? the other post does state that you annoy people well recording, shoot them and when they kill you then you go and cut the stuff out of the video that shows you in the wrong. So for all the staff know its a lie and you just want to be a minge. -1
  11. There will be damage logs of this.
  12. Neutral It has its ups and downs but if a base is spamming them that is kind of bull shit and as the Furry {Yuki} said wouldn't it be a maze base? which would mean you could just call staff. Some bases that use them are not as bad since I could say the same thing about how kill holes are not fair and how a 1 way is not fair. A kill doors work against the raider so does a 1 way. With a kill door, I could open it and shoot the raider without them knowing. With a 1 way wall, I could see were the raider is and they wouldn't know where I am. So should they not allow them since its unfair? but we all know people would -1 a suggestion like that. I personally think its an alright suggestion but only if they are spammed over and over.
  13. I would if I had that kind of money to spend on on a MC server
  14. To me, the main person who may use this would be the ones who play as SWAT since they are normally more dedicated to the RP side of things since they donated or got trusted and the mass majority of cops normally not saying always but for most of the time are people that just join the job for its perks like being able to ignore the law for the most part. I have to agree though its not something for a semi RP server as it would rarely be used. -1
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