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  1. Ultra Instinct Shags

    I'm going to be neutral on this one I've seen you around but in my opinion not enough you don't seem to break the rules but as my boy nick said you do need to increase your OOC presence. I've been told many times that what ever you've done on other servers really doesn't affect if you should be trusted faster than others on this server. Take me for example I was mod on RanchRp but they didn't care as long as I behaved on this server they were happy. So as stated before I am neutral but I'll happily change it to a plus one if I see your OOC presence increase
  2. This looks Mario cart and I was good at Mario cart so bring this game mode back
  3. Ultra Instinct Shags

    I don't need to do a test, I already know my personality has something to do with Big PP and good booty
  4. Ultra Instinct Shags

    +1 for perm, How dare you show your face around these parts.
  5. Ultra Instinct Shags

    That was too harsh, See you on the forums kiddo
  6. Ultra Instinct Shags

    Huawei's are really underrated in my opinion, I'm rocking one myself and is pretty fckin good. It does its job and is affordable
  7. Ultra Instinct Shags

    u seem cool -1 for now unless you give me $500 then you get +1
  8. Ultra Instinct Shags

    Aha your not wrong
  9. Ultra Instinct Shags

    I looked at this and yes I am impressed Phat +1 for new text screens
  10. Ultra Instinct Shags

    PHAT +1 Wire-mod was a banger Who doesn't like cool gambling machines or alarm systems that players create but only if the server can handle it.
  11. Ultra Instinct Shags

    Drug good, Perrin bad +1
  12. Ultra Instinct Shags

    Phat +1
  13. Ultra Instinct Shags

    ur mum the largest of the gays XDDD
  14. Ultra Instinct Shags

    Shrek walks in and says in an earrape manner "HELLO THERE" and begins to unzip his ogre sized pants
  15. Ultra Instinct Shags

    Ah this is hot +1