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    Version 2.0 of Triton City is a major overhaul and fresh take of the classic Downtown layout built from the ground up, it is in no way similar to the original Triton map. It features major performance improvements, a significant amount of detail, as well as custom content. Version 2.0 improves on 1.0 in every way and fixes a lot of issues I made when I had first started to learn to map with Hammer. My original plan was to make a completely new map of which I shared a few screenshots of in the DarkRP Discord, but ultimately decided to scrap the project halfway through and aim to remake Downtown. Originally this was to be a polished and optimised version of Downtown V2 or V4, but again I changed my mind and planned out a fresh take of the map to bring Downtown into modern times. The map is still a work in progress but should be finished very shortly. Once the map is completed it will undergo some early testing shortly which will allow me to gather feedback and make some last minute changes. The launch of this map will be much smoother than what the original Triton was. The majority of issues relating to the first few versions of the original Triton were simply based on my lack of experience with Hammer. Notable Features: - Significant performance improvements (for real this time). - A totally new layout that has hints of the original Downtown whilst still being easy to navigate. - A clean and modern aesthetic across the map. - Set during late afternoon/early night for a different feel. (I do have plans to make a day version but this will only happen down the track). - Certain businesses have lockable safes in the backroom for extra security. - Certain buildings have blinds that can be toggled, reducing the number of props needed to build your base. I won't go into detail on further specifics of the map and buildings at this stage, but enjoy a few screenshots to tide you over until the official release, stay tuned for more details!
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    You need to take a step back out of your shoes and look at it from an outsiders point of view. None of these replies are an attack on your character, they are merely providing their criticisms on your staffing ability. When people say "Don't take this to heart." they don't mean "Hey, lets add fuel to his grief & despair" they quite literally mean don't take this to heart. They have no issue with you and I'm sure many people here are fine with you. However, when it comes to staff applications, it is essential that people separate from their personal views on the applicant and make their decision based on the ability of the person to staff. This is something that is crucial to the application process and something which is often the hardest for either Malcolm or I. It is essential for us to make decisions based on the persons ability to staff or potential ability to staff rather than their character. This often means declining friends or active members of the community who always contribute and are widely accepted by the community. Sometimes they are not staff material and this is something we have to accept. We always appreciate those who are active and we love to have them apart of the community, but we cannot accept their application just because we like them. If anything you should actually be happy with the criticisms you have received as it is very constructive. Some applicants get "-1 don't know you", people have taken a decent amount of time out of their own lives to provide you with paragraphs of feedback on how to improve. Furthermore, you're not the only one who gets this. Staff members are always criticised and will aim to improve based on that. I strongly believe the issue is, you posted this application with the assumption that you would receive the rank. Hence why you are so surprised with the response given. No one is discrediting the help you provided Poseidon or saying that your time as a trial was useless. In everyone's eyes you didn't 'fail' them, they are providing advice in its purest form on how to improve, something everyone is entitled to do. Take some time to review this thread and understand why you received these responses. Declined.
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    /locked and moved on users request.
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    You know in theory, this is an interesting idea. I'm a bit apprehensive due to all the abuse that already happens by cops with those tools though.
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    -1 The worst kind of mod is a nazi mod.
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    +1, to be honest, don't know who you are and I know you feel the same way about me. But from what I've seen on the forum and in OOC, you seem like a top bloke who knows the rules and someone who knows how to interact with people. On top of all of that, you seem extremely well-liked by the community. GL my man.
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    Mate it's just a video game, and you're only applying for a staff position. It's not the end of the world. If you did want to become a Moderator, you could take these constructive criticisms and work on them. Just posting what you are now isn't help you in the slightest bit whatsoever, but rather than carry on about it; a better way to approach it would be to get this locked, then maybe take a couple weeks to work on what people think should change about you, then get it unlocked and just wait.
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    DarkRP Name: Cleddus Travis Suggestion: Part 1: Change the default player model for the Thief role to the Citizen skin. Part 2: Add functionality to put on the mask/remove the mask via a key bind. Description: Part 1: This would help with users not being able to meta-game as easily because they wont know who is a thief. At this current stage in time users are always hesitant around someone who is in the known thief as they never know if they are the next target of their crimes. Part 2: This would be helpful in mugging or raid situations as a thief could walk around like a normal citizen and then when they decide to raid/mug they can put a mask on to become unidentifiable and then when the raid/mug is over and they have fled the scene they can take it off. How Will This Benefit The Server: Part 1: I believe that this could help stop or prevent meta-gaming as users wouldn't be able to easily identify if they are a thief or not unless they look in the tab menu. Part 2: This would be a nice feature to have so that when the raid/mug is over they can't easily identify the thief. Credit to Bat and Yuki for the discussion to these ideas.
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    Thank god, I was scared for a moment. Russ, what I'm going to say is really harsh. I don't want to but it's the only way for you to realise why people aren't too keen about you getting staff. Firstly, you seem power hungry. Before you say that I don't have any way of knowing that you're power hungry, you show signs of being power hungry. For example, you tried getting TTT manager (which is fine) but it's that you don't have that much experience with TTT at all (From what I'm aware) and your app really seemed like a copy paste of Yuki's. You're trying your hardest to get into management for some reason. You often slip jokes about it and it's really hard to believe your joking and not giving hints at people. When you asked me how to apply for trusted on Jailbreak before it's even out, that's when I fully thought I had the right to assume that you're power hungry. The bad thing about this is that you'll always be doing everything you can to get power, you'll try your hardest to be more and it'll end up with you giving up lots of stuff (IRL as well). I'm not the only one who thinks this, there are many others that do as well (Not pointing any names) which is why you should believe me. The only thing I can tell you to do is to stop trying so hard. I've seen you playing for hours and trying to help staff as much as you can so you can improve your chances to get staff. There isn't too much wrong with being power hungry but considering how much you've done, it'd be worse for yourself and others to get staff. Secondly, you'll basically be a Nazi (as mentioned earlier) when you're staff. I've seen you call sits about really minor situations that don't affect you at all. You would always give out punishments according to the guidelines, even if they don't seem necessary at all. You would always try to look for rulebreakers and not let the issues come to you from other people. You would also never give any exceptions to any people unless another admin says so. To sum up, you'd be a really disliked staff member because of how seriously you take it. There's a bit more but these are the 2 major reasons that are affecting you. The reason why I don't think you should be staff is that you'll be more unhappy and more issues would be there if you are staff (On yourself mainly). Don't get me wrong, people like you and so do I. This response doesn't mean that people don't like you. I made this so that people don't start disliking or even hating you and why you wouldn't be great as staff. This doesn't mean that there is no chance of you being staff at all, it's simply just time that'll change you. A piece of advice would be to try your best to not be staff, you'll eventually realise how unimportant it is and how seriously you should actually take it. If you feel tempted to be one do something else that entertains you instead of playing DarkRP. Hopefully, this helped and sorry if it was too harsh. PS, if some things don't make sense it's because I'm watching the office while writing this.
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    +1 Man's a legend, he's mature, can actually be fun to rp with and literally and I mean LITERALLY never saw him do something bad.
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    Sure thing: Complete freeze rather semi freeze Fix jump issue Fix reload anim
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    Muslims have to cut their foreskin so yea. Whoever has a foreskin you’re dirty asf
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    +1 @Thotson LFWW summed it up pretty well, it needs to have more of an affect on anyone (including other cops but not swat as they could be trained to be immune) and for the love of god, fix the jump bug
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    +1 The taser in theory should be the ultimate arrest tool besides the handcuffs as it incapacitates the suspect the seconds it touches skin, this is not the case in the server. As Phat Cook has said it should be reworked so this is the case. I think this whole thing could be fixed if the ability to turn after being tased is removed. On another note after being tased in a life for the rest of the time you are alive your jump height is lowered which is very strange. On another separate note, there is no reload animation for the taser which is extremely confusing to officers as they are just left spamming left click hoping it connects. TLDR; taser should fully incapacitate the suspect, jump height after being tased in a life should be fixed, there is no reload animation for the taser which is extremely detrimental.
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    what in the fuck -1, if the previous things don't show immaturity, this does.
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    Now, instead of explaining why people think you're immature, I'm going to show you why people think that way of you. It's not hard to spot what's wrong here. You're immature, not in the way that you make jokes every now and then that are intentionally dumb. This looks bad and this is just your application. Look, I don't know if you are going to change from this but what I definitely know is that you're not ready for staff at all, one quote proves that (It shouldn't be hard at all to spot).
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    Why would you sum it up like this to make it look like it's purely staff's personal preferences? A huge percentage of FearRP sits can't be resolved and that agitates many players. It only agitates staff by extension as it makes the server look bad. All people have to do is lie and the sit can't proceed. Honestly I feel like this would be best saved for another thread as I think you've made some valid points but it's getting a little bit tangential and I don't want it to be buried. So I'm encouraging you to post a suggestion thread as I would like to see others opinions on what you said. You did read the last thread where there were some ideas proposed for not making gun pulling out instant and silent yeah? We are aware that removing fear RP and doing nothing else is a bad idea which is why we said we would discuss strategies for balancing these features in its absence. Ok so these replies make me seem desperate to remove fear RP which I'm not, I do hate it but I understand its value and that it's worked (even if pissing people off) for ages. edit: We had the Surrender system, no way of dragging people, only tying them down. It was not an ideal system. One thing I did like about it was that the shout system was able to detect if someone was armed; if they were, you could shout at them to get on the ground, if they had a weapon out it wouldn't activate. So it would be worth looking into that aspect of it if we retain fearRP for logging purposes, if we are able to log that player A shouted at player B, that tells us that player A had a gun out and player B did not, which is useful for FearRP sits. But as funny as it was the rest of the system created more issues as far as I'm concerned.
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    Ello Lads I'm Welson Wick Would have made an account WAY earlier but didn't have the time eeyoo!
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    I would say remove/alter it, as what @Nick said hit the nail on the head. For me personally, it restricts fun and unique RP situations as you are at the mercy of the person with the gun and have little to no room for flexibility. I also believe it would give an added orginality which would help the server further stand out from the pack. I wouldn't really know what to suggest to have in place of Fear RP, but I believe removing/altering it would be the way to go.
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    I don’t even really know what to vote but I’m heavily towards removing it. I would only really like to see some pretty heavy changes to FearRP and it’s rules. There are ups and downs to it but I feel like it restricts fun and tactics given to playing the game. I would go on a big list of reasons and examples but I feel as if @stepdad and @Thotson LFWW have summed them up extremely well. It’s a pretty common rule and the topic it’s self is quite controversial but honestly I think it would be something new and unique for a DarkRP server if it’s replaced or ruled out differently.
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    I honestly I think it really doesn't matter what way you go considering there will always be people who dislike the outcome. I believe that the FearRP system needs to be improved but in what way I am unsure. There are always those who will pull out a gun to defend themselves at the first opportunity and this should be worked around as in real life most people won't just sit there even then their attackers aren't looking. When raiding FearRP feels more like an obligation now aswell. If you walk into example the pd and you raid it you are forced to decipher which people pose a threat and which don't. Those who don't are seen as invincible in the eyes of FearRP and if you kill someone during a raid they throw a massive tantrum if they didn't have a gun out but in reality they were 1-2 seconds away from pulling it out. TLDR; No matter the outcome of these threads and polls some people will be unhappy and I believe what should be done is what's best for RP not for sits.
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    Hey guys, I've had a few queries regarding Administrator Recommendations, and I just thought I'd take the opportunity to clarify some of these queries. Can I request or approach an Administrator about a recommendation: Yes. We would prefer you await an administrator to approach you, however so long as you recognize and or abide by the following conditions, proactively approaching an admin is fine. Firstly, ask politely when approaching a staff member, you are not entitled to their recommendation. Secondly, note that the Administrator reserves the right to decide whom he/she elects to provide his recommendation to, and isn't required to give you his/her recommendation, or reasons for withholding their recommendation. Thirdly, be aware that the continual or repeated harassment of administrators for recommendations will BAR you from being able to apply. Fourthly, whilst not expressly prohibited, 'shopping around' between admins to find one who will recommend you where recommendation has been withheld by other administrators is frowned upon, and could be used to draw negative conclusions regarding your suitability as an applicant for staff. Can moderators provide recommendations: No. Simply put, only Admin+ can provide you a recommendation. What if I don't have a recommendation, can I still apply: No. The system exists for a reason, and this would defeat it's purpose. What if I feel I am suitable, and the admins I approach withhold their recommendation from me, what should I do? This is often indicative of two things A) A lack of visibility on your part (people don't notice your suitability) B) You may just be unsuitable. In the event you feel you are more in the class of A) than B), feel free to approach myself about a recommendation.
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    I think majority of players can agree that your mic is not aids. I've been in a discord call with you numerous times and have seen you use your microphone in game as well and I don't see my ear bleeding. Also, Thrawn Wilson had the shittest microphone and he could still conduct sits with it. You're not fast at all. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are one of the most important factors of typing during sits. Without these three criterias correct, this can often cause people to misunderstand what you are attempting to tell them. Also, I was not talking about how long you take to do sits, i'm talking about how you conduct yourself during the sit. Like I said, you failed poorly in typing during sits because you don't know how to control the sit which then the sit turns into an argument. Never complained about this but okay? Also, it's pretty common sense not to take all the sits on your screen. Thanks for pointing out your problems. You must never be stressing out or fuming while doing a sit. You must remain calm and resemble a mature mood to the people in your sit. If you think you are a burden then don't re-apply or fast-track back to your position. The team does not require people who know they are useless. Yes, you are power hungry. Threatening to use your powers about issues not related to RP or the rules is being power hungry. Obsessive banning for reasons that people could be warned for is power hungry. Muting/gagging someone because they voiced their opinion out not related to RP or the rules is power hungry. I've seen all these issues myself from you Jacen. If you done fucked up, I have a really good solution! Don't re-apply after 2 weeks. You remind me of when I had 16 warns and applied for mod and locked my application saying I would improve and 1-2 days later, I re-opened it. It takes time to gain maturity and learn from your mistakes.
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