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    I’m sorry that I couldn’t do better activity wise. I just lost that drive and push to continue rp. Thanks to everyone. Ally, foe and the in-between. I wish all those who are here the very best, and thanks for the memories I have made. Memories I’ll never forget that made a part of my childhood. May god bless these amazing and beautiful people: @Malcolm @Bradster @Morgan Friedman @Barney on Meth @Echo @Russian Spy @Almond @Hinzy @Hagop @Jimmy @bat @Larko @Majin Goo
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    In the same vein as what I said in my previous post, I wanted to acknowledge a number of people who have made considerable contributions, and who I would regard as being indispensable to the Poseidon Community. @Jimmy - Tireless and exceptionally talented developer. Provided a custom edge not only to the server's content, but to it's management. I've already said a lot about you, but needless to say that you did awesome work not only for DarkRP but for the community as a whole. @bat - Always a voice for reason and compassion on the all too often abrasive environment that is the internet. Always making quality posts on the forums and on discord, and honestly, I don't think DarkRP would have been marked with the degree of stablity and maturity in it's management for however long it existed without you. @Tyger - A bit before my time, but needless to say another great voice for reason on the forums. Took a lot of my Head Admin practices out of your book, and whilst I may have said no one person can be considered the backbone of the community, you certainly were one of the vertebrae. @Lantos @Skippy - Thank you so much for financing and setting up the forums and the community in general. Yes, you may have been a bit inactive, but I feel you blokes don't get enough credit for the level of autonomy and respect you afforded not only to the community, but to management teams of the servers within your community. @Hinzy - Massive closeted homosexual and needs to be outed. Lovely bloke, king of sarcasm, and a painful troll at times. You brought a wave of quality RP experiences to the DarkRP I don't think are replicable. Love the maps and the hardwork, and the quality RP posts on the forums. Indispensible part of DarkRP. @Rahj - The realest person on Poseidon. Genuinely such a nice guy, wears his heart on his sleeve, and you can tell makes a mean kebab. Had some great moments with you man, was nice to have met. I'll add more in my next post, to be continued.
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    I said I would continue my previous appreciation post, and I want to honour what I said. Adding to the list, I like to express my appreciation for: @Nick Bean You are certainly one quirky chap Nick. The level of passion, enthusiasm, and character you brought to your RP could only be parrelled by very few on the server. A DarkRP server always needs 'doers', those who have the creative vision, and the capacity to inspire and direct others into creating truly immersive, enjoyable RP experiences. You were certainly a 'doer', and in my view an essential one when it came to propping up the server with quality RP in periods where it needed it most. You were and still are very underappreciated Nick, and I would like to do my bit in correcting that. Thank you for your contributions man. @Yuki ? One word, cringe. Okay, maybe not one word; that would very off brand for me. One of the most hard-working and mature staff members I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Always provided quality suggestions, and was never shy from providing the management team with the much needed scrutiny and constructive criticism needed to keep us honest. It is only through vigorous debate, and in the intense scrutiny of various ideas that the truly good ideas become apparent. You made me, and the other members of the management team better managers, and despite some of the harsh and invariably frustration borne responses I've directed to you in the past, make no mistake, I appreciated and valued your input. @Russian Spy Another adornment of Poseidon DarkRP. Like Nick, you regularly contributed to elevating the standard of RP enjoyed by those playing on our server. A server is nothing without it's players, and contributions like yours make it all so worth it, and all so hard when things are to be wound back. I've never seen someone with such diversity in their capacity to roleplay in various roles and in differing circumstances. Thanks for all the moments man, really appreciate it. @Araxamas In the same vein as the other mentions I've made, you were an indispensible part of Poseidon's DarkRP experience. No person can claim to have contributed more to improving PoliceRP than yourself. You were an ardent advocate for the improvement of the RP experience on our server, and it was always reassuring, if not sometimes intimidating, to see players equally, if not more passionate about the server than myself XD. Another important cog in delivering quality RP on our server, much appreciated man. @Friend Very amusing chap. Bit of a minge at times, bit of scammer, but always managed to provide me with something to laugh at whenever he was on. Your Apu-Bay antics were always a solid source of humour and enjoyment. I for one will never forget asking for you to deliver me poo on Apu-Bay, because as it turns out, I may be somewhat partial to potty humour, although no nearly as bad as @bat. Thanks for being a meme man, you were very amusing. More to come.
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    Honestly, this is just my personal opinion but poseidon was my teenage game and I had some very fun experiences with a lot of the people in this community but everything dies eventually, and I feel like poseidon's core died a long time ago. I made some very good friends here but like all things I guess it is just time to move on to new avenues. Most of the people who used to play here probably don't even play pc games anymore, or they do and they just moved on to other games like fivem or simply fortnite etc. Poseidon was awesome in its prime but I think that fire has gone out and trying to get a darkrp server going is simply pointless without the right ingredients and as I said the spark has gone out. +1 to keeping discord or the forums up but eventually they are going to die aswell and as sad as that is, it is only natural and sometimes you just need to let go... In simple terms, it is dead, let it die and move on, full credit to bat, I think she is the pillar of this community.
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    For what it's worth, I'd like to thank the staff, management and devs for putting in the hard effort to revive the Dark RP server in the first place. Even if it did not work out in the end, I did enjoy it while it lasted and despite this incarnation of Poseidon Dark RP not quite capturing the Gmod magic of the previous eras, it still left it's own special quirky moments in my memory. I'd like to give a shout-out to the Union, Chinese Fish Restaurant, Apu-Bay, Mole-Men, Mafia, Crips, Bloods, Church of Hamad, Triton Autonomous Zone, Ottoman Empire, Armenian Embassy, Russian Embassy(before the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis burnt it down), Komanov Family then onto the individual level; Kellar Keemstar, Hamad Jamal, Edgar Komanov, Alexios/Aleksey Komanov, WALTER, Cringe Mango, Nick Bean, Nancy Higgins, Anne Tifa, Robin Banks, Joe Harrison, Herr Koph, Boy SIMPson, Malcolm Turnbull, Atticus Keane, Jimmy Mann, Ari Karyan, Majin Goo, Apu Pu, John Bowed, some dude who was rping as Elon Musk, another dude who was rping as an android with a voice changer and all the other various eccentric organisations and colourful individual characters, I encountered along the way for providing the server this year round with a diverse range of personalities, stories and RP that made it a more unique experience compared to the other servers. While it's sad to see the server shutdown, I do not think it was a complete failure as it was always going to be an uphill battle to take on the established servers like Supremacy or Elitelupus. I'm personally impressed with how long the server lasted and how fun RP still occurred from time to time.
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    Again, as many other people have said, thank you everyone for the memories you have given me, and for making this community special and unique from all others. I'll never forget all the good times and fun I had while playing here, and I'm very sad to see it go (for the second, and probably last time). I want to especially thank the Management who did their very best to get the server back on its feet, and I want to thank everyone else I've met here for making my experience something special. I guess there's no point trying to bring it back now, it sure was fun while it lasted.
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    Although I wasn't in this community for very long I did appreciate how diverse and unique the RP was throughout the entire server and just wanna say thanks for being one of the best communities i've been in.
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    Sad to see it go, no point beating a dead horse. Ups to Jimmy for being a legend
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    Should have probably checked announcements here before I went posting in the General Discussion, I myself have been eyeing the server almost every evening seeing if anyone was on only to be sad to see the count at 0. I used to play Posiedon a lot back before this relaunch ,and during this relaunch I was pretty hopeful that I could get some of that GMOD magic back. Unfortunately as I said in my thread in general discussion, I think a lot of factors have contributed to the community withering away. Ultimately no project on this scale should have been undertaken in the first place without the right motivations to keep it moving, but I can understand that in these times its perhaps more difficult. In light of a global pandemic in addition to a lot of other problems around the world, I personally believe that online communities in general have been degrading as people have been forced to shift their priorities to their real life interests and stresses. I just wish that the community remains optimistic about a future return of Poseidon and that whichever Staff take it on board, do so considering the problems that have plagued this relaunch and can hopefully avoid a similar fate. In my thread i made I gave a lot of my own ideas on what things could be looked into for a potential revival. I'd encourage any future readers to not be dissuaded by things being too difficult or that people arn't interested in Gmod or that it's not worth it. DarkRP is an amazing gamemode in an amazing game and Posiedon was a great community and if you are asking yourself if it's worth reviving or not then the answer should be a resounding yes every time. Ultimately passion to undertake this sort of project can't be given or taken away it has to be discovered for yourself and maintained by yourself, I believe in life sometimes you just have to be the lonely star that shines for everyone because otherwise you'll just live in darkness.
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    Honestly, if people want the forums and discord to stay up, and they're happy to sort that out, go for it. But, I think it's pretty evident that GMod isn't what it once was, and that many people have moved on. We can dance around it, and put it down to poor management, the wrong servers, a lack of enthusiasm, whatever. We can attribute the failings of this reboot to anything and everything else aside from the reality all we want, but I think the game, the servers, the tiny Australian GMod population speaks for itself. I like Tyger as much as the next community member, but I'd really like to see some objectivity. Yes, he's mature, he's well respected. He also has a long history of being woefully inactive, saying he'll come back and resume his activity, only to go missing in action again; his post here is no different. Yes, he's an important community member, so are many others. The community wouldn't be what it is without many of Poseidon's community members, bat, Jimmy, Hinzy, Jamie to name a few, of course Tyger included. The backbone of the community isn't solely or substantially ascribable to single person, and as much as I have no problem praising Tyger for his contributions, which no doubt are considerable and worthy of recognition, I think it's really unfair and honestly rude to deny and neglect to mention the tireless contributions of many others in the same breath. Honing specifically into a change of ownership, of course he's welcome to have crack it. If he's willing to fund it, run it and sort it out, be my guest. But, I think when talking about what that may look like, or the contributions of community members to the community, we need to be fair and realistic.
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    Why not do as intended and convince lantos to hand over everything to Tyger, one of the few sole members that made Poseidon what it was, convince him to calmly hand over full access with a partner program placed on him and spook instead of a $6000 buy out like Lantos wanted. Poseidon is still a viable community that can be around for years to come, with a branch out to several games and to dominate the Aussie gaming sector. GMOD aint going anywhere, no matter how much people say its dying, the numbers havent flucuated ina negative pattern (as far as ive seen). The management and ownership team was and still is lax, leading to several terrible decisions (Discord Manager Higashi ftw). What there needs to be is a hand-me-down style of transfer ownership that Lantos dosen't need to cling on and dosent need to end as him.
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    i literally forgot about minecraft
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    Did I just hear that we should make Big Zeke the owner?
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    For your suggestion to be viable, the people you propose for management positions have to be interested in those roles, and from what I understand, this is not the case, aside from maybe Tyger. Part of the problem is those that are in management positions, such as myself, are for one reason or another no longer interested or able to invest the time and dedication to get a community and playerbase going in an increasingly difficult, more time-involving environment. It's been a fun side hobby which I missed and came back to, but it's just too much effort and dedication for me to justify against uni, work, and a social life. Suggest ideas away dude, but I would caution against suggesting and advocating for people to fill positions, which, upon proper enquiry, aren't actually interested in those positions.
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    As "easy" as that sounds I don't think it is do-able though. These people have already put themselves through it and not to sound rude but it didn't revive. I think everyone in a management position has already tried hard to revive it and the flame has gone out man, I like your enthuasism but it's just time to move on
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    alright guys lets bring back race!!
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    As much as I love Tyger, he has not been consistently active for years now. Was he still an active member of the community, I might endorse this idea, but he has a track record of coming back for a month then drifting off. Sorry, I forgot to respond to this: I believe the server goes down at the end of the month. As for the forums, they could be made read-only. That said, if they will be that inactive, the traffic difference between leaving them open for discussion and archiving them won't be significant. I'd personally want to archive them at the very least because I'm a sentimental soul who likes looking through old threads
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    When you talk about experimenting and adding more content to DarkRP, I'm going to refer you back to my first point about the level of time and interest from the management. There's a reason that was listed first. It is the biggest issue. Adding content requires coding it, in the case of custom content, or experimenting with it, in the case of premade content from gmodstore or the workshop, as poorly coded content can cause stability issues. Look at when I managed the server, having no lua knowledge. It was often unstable and it was often hard to ascertain which addon was actually causing issues. Ultimately, there's very little motivation or reward for that level of work. I say this time and time again but it never seems to sink in with anyone: the community's behaviour of downright ignoring any new changes, or rudely pointing out issues (yes, there is a polite way to do it), or at best, maybe acknowledging them but nothing else... well, think about it. Would you be spending your free time writing new code? You wanna spend hours doing that and bug-testing it just to have it people throw more demands at you like they were entitled to your hard work and they're entitled to more?
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    if some idiot buys poseidon ill suck their dick
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    I shot a blank in the dark with 5 minutes to spare before work, so maybe not my best idea that ive had. And I fully agree with you, I work with Tyger IRL and we both have obligations both inside and outside of work, with the only free time we have spent on games or fucking asses. I myself spend some time talking to US gmod managers and communitys since I can never truly give up TTT. While there are people who are not able to fill these positions because of their requirements outside of poseidon there are plenty of experienced managers, both past and present that can spend a certain amount of time each week to fulfill a certain project. The reasoning for not branching out into another community is simply its alot harder to do if you dont have the resources at your disposal, e.g. developers, forum knowledge etc. This is why its essential to start with a pre-existing community instead of the harder to bring up community. Lantos has stated that he would rather sell it off than hand it over (I have the sc to prove it). And I disagree otherwise, which is why it was good to see Lantos striking a deal in the middle of keeping the servers up, still under his management, but also the management of others if they put in the dedicated time and earnt the right amount of money to keep the servers afloat. We have dedicated people in the community and those willing to go above and beyond, they just need to step up and put their hands up, hell I had to annoy Tyger just to post. This is a stable community, with an active playerbase (That has been frozen) and a dedicated development platform behind it, just need people to put their hands up.
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    And on the board Jim we have a. A fake developer b. Deathrun c. TTT love u tho
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    It's possible, but it wouldn't be a sure thing. It comes down to the interest and motivation of the people involved.
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    You're right in every aspect. I have a very attractive track record of drifting after slowly returning and there's a lot of reasons for it. The first time i completely flew under the radar and didn't return for a while was after burning out. I tried countless times to come back before i was ready and it really showed. Once i was finally ready when the servers were rebooting, nothing much was really happening even though i actively tried to get some sort of nudge going, then it went full steam ahead after i lost my discord and ultimately gave up again (add me back btw if u want people, relytttt#4531 ). I'm not talking shit by the way, there were reasons why things weren't moving quickly but i was just being impatient because i really wanted it to happen. I would very happily take over, push an ACTIVE motive (unlike my track record) and dedicate my time as my life is becoming a lot less chaotic than it used to be but i simply dont have the money to "buy" the community for the amount offered to me last year. I'm pretty sure it wasn't 6k though, that's a very far stretch. I find it quite rude to discuss financial purchasing details without full consent so i'll keep it as an undisclosed amount unless lyndon decides to blabber it out or anyone else offered the same amount for that fact.
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    Tyger was always going to take ownership, up until real life got stressful for him, even with that he maintained an active presence within the community even more so than lantos or spook combined. While I agree that he does go off every now and again with other matters that still dosent put aside the fact that putting him in the full ownership role now is better for long term and will definetely keep Poseidon alive for years to come. Im kissing his fucking ugly ass toes here but he quite literally the backbone of the community and always has been, from his developement of multiple servers to the implementation of complete new ones that were a basic shot in the dark.
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    Bring back Thief Donator
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    Hey everyone, The decision has been made to once again shut down the server hosting/running side of Poseidon, if not Poseidon as a whole. This decision has been reached due to a variety of reasons: - Due to other commitments such as work or tertiary education, most of Poseidon's management team don't have the time or motivation that running a community requires. This is probably the most significant reason for this decision. - Though Poseidon has a small community of dedicated members, largely since relaunch it has failed to accrue and/or keep a base of new players. While it's perhaps true that this could be achieved with some hard work and community engagement, the first point touches on why this is unlikely to be achieved. - DarkRP, which has historically been the bread and butter of Poseidon in terms of maintaining playerbase, appears to have a smaller playerbase overall, meaning that serious effort would need to be utilised to poach players from existing servers. Refer to the first point again for why this is unlikely to happen. It is possible that if people would like Poseidon to continue existing as a community, the forums could be kept online, and game nights can continue to be held using the forum's built-in calendar function. The DarkRP discord can also continue to exist as a chat hub and a venue for game nights. I would love to hear people's input. I have attached a poll regarding the state of the discord and forums.
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    fuck guess i'll have to go back to the minecraft server still waiting for the fucking rimworld game night
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    yeah your a bit late to the party bud
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    jamie and yin have been working on ttt, so there is supposed to be one up soon
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    What is retardation for 500, Alex
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    just put bat, jimmy and tyger in charge. Jimmy & Tyger work on server developement, staff management and interest projects Bat works on overal community communication, management and future projects that will attract more people. 3 partners that work with one another using various forms of communication such as discord, trello, forums and whatnot to not only communicate with eachother but also the community on updates and new platforms.
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    I still have a strong belief that we can have a successful darkrp server, we already have a built community but the server still lacks in content heavily, and I also agree with what ryeboy said about the rules.
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