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    I think enough has been said regarding this ban, I don't beleive I need to add anymore. Following this ban, there will be a complete review of the community ban process and change will be made to prevent the current situation from happening again. Ban overturned
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    So all this was over the fact that someone changed the name of a discord server which is associated with a now dead server on garrys mod and he never had a fair chance of explanation and/or trial and also bear in mind he got permission from a senior staff member/soon to be owner. Absolutely Pathetic.
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    I'm disappointed with the way the team handled this. Completely failing to effectively communicate resulting in an unjust ban. This reflects badly on Poseidon.
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    Bit of a useless reply mate. Despite me being inactive recently, i think that kind of gives me the right hand to be completely unbiased. As much as i respect decisions from Lantos and Co., i don't think this was carried out correctly. All Napeolon had done was change around a discord server (disassociated with Poseidon (even said by Lantos himself), which he had created by the way) to something he wanted it to be. It was no longer Property of Poseidon so why should he be punished for it? Why is this community authorizing the punishment of petty jokes that are completely harmless? Sure enough, it was inappropriate and a bit childish which is in nature of Napoleon but i completely disagree with any form of punihsment. He was told yes then no, cut him some slack considering he did no damage to the community whatsoever aside from his server not succeeding. Shit like this gives the community a shitty repuation and we shouldn't continue with it. Like i said, i know i've been inactive but I've been growing as an individual and (believe) i have a better understanding of how to deal with relative situations.
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    yeah bro community ban for changing a dead discord for a dead server that's some tasty shit right there "yeah b-b-b-b-but he made a new forum account and argued about it so uh it's a warranted ban" ya'll gotta be all kinds of dumb to think if you were in the same situation you try and argue it out, as if being silenced doesn't fuck you off even more kid got told one thing by one guy and another from someone else when the hierarchy of power has always been a big fucking mess with this community, shit maybe it's because the owners hardly communicate with the general population so they people get to thinking the person they see all the time with a tag like 'manager' might be good enough for whatever they want. you've got a guy here who's actively been apart of the community for a while and has dedicate a lot of himself to help the server and you community ban him because he fiddled with a dead discord. he's sitting here apologizing for what he's done and still wants to genuinely discuss the topic but he keeps being silenced, ignored or shot down. give him a small ban or blacklist him from a powerful position again then everything goes back to normal, it's like owners want to look like power hungry fuckheads with this shit. for any mongoloids like chris who keep spouting the "oh but he didn't listen when owner said no so he should be community banned" over and over, either contribute an argument why he should have been banned (which tbh is kinda fucking retarded just ignore the post) or you can argue against the ban which is the point of the post. he isn't getting any action in the pm's so in his mind might aswell let the community know why a popular poseidon figure is on the receiving end of some serious bullshit and that the servers faults need to be addressed. also hamad if you're gonna act like a saint of a mod don't "mock" people for trying to discuss their ban, like clearly he's going to be upset about all this. also when someone's getting community banned it's not a "waste of time" to discuss the ban that's what you're volunteering to fucking do as a mod. tldr; shorten the ban and stop being a Nazi party of a server games are supposed to be fun and you play with a community, not boss them around like someone who got some serious bullying in school getting payback.
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    Hey there, We've recently been undergoing some internal management changes and we'd like to make you aware of them. Due to Lantos & Spook moving to a different country, Jimmy and myself will be taking the helm of Poseidon as main partners. We will be releasing more servers for different games when we settle in. Rest assured, nothing major will change. Poseidon will continue to run the same as it has for the past few years. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to send a PM to either @Jimmy or myself. Lantos and Spook will still be avaliable, but they will be hands off.
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    It's abundantly clear from the recent community ban of Napoleon, and community bans in the past, that the process or lack thereof when it comes to imposing community bans, are completely out of step with the community and its interests. This thread has not been produced to flame the owners, nor create drama, it merely seeks to improve a process that time after time, has created rifts in the community, has caused people to feel neglected and not listened to, and ultimately has pushed many players and community members away. I don't want the process to be onerous. I accept players will always protest bans, no matter if they are justified or not. However, there are clearly improvements available that would better bridge the distance between the positions of the community, and those who decide to issue community bans. The Issues I see a number of current issues with the procedure involved in community banning players, which I will articulate in the following dot points. - They can't be appealed, at least lack a proper formal appeal process. - They lack any objective criteria upon which community bans are issued, and can be imposed without any check or oversight. - They are imposed too lightly, or at least in a manner that is not consistent with the expectations and standards of the community such bans are supposed to serve. - They are poorly explained. Further detail and Suggestions (You can skip reading this if you like, but it further elaborates on the issues, and considers the benefits of alternative processes)
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    I categorically think the ban is grossly excessive and unfair. Look, Napoleon has most certainly been acting out of late and I agree, (I know all too well considering the amount of shitposting he has done on our server) some form of punishment was probably warranted for some of his conduct, including his changes to the discord server after being expressly asked not to do so. However, a community ban is grossly excessive. A community ban I would hope would be reserved from the most severe instances of misconduct ei Doxing, Threats, DDOSing etc. Whilst Napoleon acted out of line, and punishment was in order, the question of whether the penalty was proportionate can only be answered imo with a categorical no. It is apparent to me, and from what I have observed from rational opinions of many of the other thread participants, that this ban is grossly excessive, unjust and to be quite frank unfair. But it's not just about the community ban, its the process. From what I understand, Napoleon was not afforded an opportunity, or the very least a meaningful opportunity to explain his actions. There appears that there is no ruleset, no guidelines, no process or procedure to issuing literally the most grave penalty that can be imposed in the community. We can hurr durr about this being an internet community, or a GMod Community, and act as though that minimalises treating this situation with any degree of seriousness, but this is hobby and past time many of us share and enjoy, and I think we owe it at least as a matter of respect to other people to give them decent, proper and transparent processes. If you can't appreciate this being poor from a perspective of conscience and decency for other people, even looking at this from a perspective of self interest yields similar results. This looks so poor, so poor. If you want people to care, if you want people to play, they need to see that those around them are treated with a bare minimum of decency. Ad hoc excessive unappealable bans leave everyone with the scent of corruption and unfairness, regardless of whether they were in fact actually fair or actually unbiased. This undermines confidence in the community, it pushes people away, and ultimately it harms forum and community engagement. I know I am Forum Mod, and in some respects I should tow the line, but I'd rather be honest and upfront than sell out because my rank requires me to. There is no other way to put it, and whilst of course I have respect for the owners, the decision in this instance is in my opinion simple wrong, and excessive. The decision should be overturned without question. TDLR: Overturn the ban, its excessive and its unfair. The manner in which this has been handled is so poor, and it needs to be addressed.
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    I would expect a certain level of dignity and professionalism to be shown when dealing with a matter like this. You did not display that. Regardless of whether you're right or Napoleon is, you did not deal with this situation in a productive manner.
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    Hi everyone, Currently we are open to putting more servers up to expand the community. At the moment, TTT is the priority to get back up and running. However, we'd like to hear from you, we want to know what you would like to see in the future. This request is not just for Garry's Mod servers, we're open to expanding to other games as well, however, please be particular if those games have gamemodes within them (e.g. csgo). Please take this opportunity to seriously consider what servers you would like to see. Keep in mind that just because the server is requested does not mean it will go up, and not all servers need managers. Feel free to PM me on the forums with the game servers you would like to see going into the future.
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    now it's time to unban my good friend george!??
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    Exclusive footage of Hamad talking to random people on the forum
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    Ok buddy retard this comment just baffles me for two reasons one this isn't a ban appeal and two why does someone not get to fight against what they feel are lies? kinda defeats the purpose. also can you please read over what you say 3 times before you post? your spelling is really bad lmao
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    i never really knew or interacted with napoleon as i largely played on the swrp server and currently the minecraft server. though from reading the responses in this discussion from both sides it seems that Napoleon is in the wrong as well as the team that decided apon the community ban. while the community ban may have been the right thing to do it sounds like it was an instant response from the person/team that decided to enact the ban, and did not spend the time to think about whether it was the right way to respond to what Napoleon did.
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    Thomas Stewart had no idea where he was going. The bag over his head obscured his face and made it nearly impossible to breathe. He thought he was going to die, but faith decided something more sinister. After what seemed forever in the back of the van, the terrorists stopped it. "Why did we stop?" Thomas said, barely making any noise. "We're here." Said the terrorist called Anastasia. The terrorists led Thomas into the basement of the building and into a cage. The cage had a huge bear inside. He clearly craved human meat, yet didn't instantly eat Thomas once he was inside. "Get this thing away from me!" Thomas cried. The terrorists ignored his request and watched as the bear slowly sniffed around his rectum. Thomas thought this was his only chance on escaping the dirt cage. He broke down the cage walls and stormed into the first floor, but was shot in the leg and dragged back by the other terrorist. "What do you want?" Thomas asked. The terrorists said nothing as the bear slowly dragged him into his stone hut. "Alright, you got me. What the hell do you want?" The bear said nothing, but it growled. This was common behavior. He slowly ripped Thomas's pants off and began sticking his huge dick up Thomas's ass. Thomas squealed as this was the first time he had done anything like this. The bear growled pleasantly as he sticked his dick deeper inside Thomas's ass. After several minutes, when Thomas believed that the bear was about to cum inside his ass, the bear whipped out from Thomas's ass and threw it into his mouth. Thomas was enjoying this, he never thought he was a homosexual, yet he never felt more alive than he was before. He thought once the bear came inside his mouth, he would be spared and be able to have many experiences like this. The bear then came inside Thomas's mouth. His sperm was extremely sticky and Thomas decided to swallow it all up. It took many attempts, but after one big breath, he swallowed it all. The bear was satisfied. The police knew all about this and was pleading for Thomas's life, but the terrorists who were watching with pleasure didn't listen. They wanted their big boy to be happy. 5 winner reacts and ill make another fan fiction (might even post reb's nick fan fic on here)
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    It literally does not matter if you gave reasoning. You did it when he explicitly told you not to. Jamie is irrelevant, and so is your reasoning, get it through your head dude.
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    On behalf of Napoleon: (Napoleon's Response) Edit: Pls no dumb react meh
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    So you get told off for doing something then complain about the consequences when you do it again? lol
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    Is @George or @Higashi coming back now anytime soon? Any possible way we can trade Napoleon for one of the two?
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    Hi there newcomer! you should play some jailbreak and TTT, you'll catch me on those servers gaming!
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    @Charlie This Is Napoleon's Response
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    Cocky and stuck up since he got manager TBH.. it really gave him a megaphone, if how Jamie was messaging him gave him the implications that it was fine then there’s something wrong, he was clearly hesitant and made him change it numerous times.. he didn’t “make it completely different”. He’s cut it as close to he possibly could to Poseidon in what looks like an effort to piss off the higher ups as much as possible without getting in trouble. This is some true minge shit. Also... since when does a community banned member get an input in their ban appeal? Kinda defeats he purpose.
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    Regardless of whether he contacted Jamie first, Lantos who is still owner gave Napoleon a different directive, and should have obliged that directive. Whether or not he should be community banned for his conduct is a question of excessiveness, which I won't be dealing with in this post, but it stands to reason if you receive an instruction from an individual of higher rank, you comply with the instruction given by the person from the higher rank.
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    I can see where you're coming from Napoleon. Jailbreak is dead beyond the grave, and has no chance at coming back (also coupled with the fact that it "wasn't an Official Poseidon Discord"), but if someone tells you that it's fine to change it (who obviously has high authority) and then get told that you can't (by someone else of the same, if not, higher authority) then it's best to just leave it there and not change it afterwards. Lantos had probably blocked you because he couldn't be bothered, or simply, didn't have the time to actively talk with you about it. It's not a big task setting up a discord server at all, all it takes is literally 15 minutes for proper formatting and doing the basics to achieve it, so you didn't waste any time you put into it, other than just the messages you sent in there. Hamad lowkey kinda correct that you're (napoleon) a child since you made another account to dumb react Chris. (This was the day you were banned). This is showing that it wasn't officially made an announcement until after you were banned so in theory you maybe should've gone to Lantos to get a second opinion on changing the discord server (this could all mean nothing if Jamie and Jimmy were promoted Last Friday), so you can't really use that to defend yourself partially.
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    In looking for the form that had the list of old photography categories, I found the list of entries, these are from September 2016. By Kane Hardwood By Pine Walker (w Juan, Jakub and Smirdy) By Mike Lient @Chris / Will Spunk By Majikarp Thomas By Pine Walker, Juan Clyburn, Smirdy Leps & Jakub Blaszczykowski By Pine Walker, Juan Clyburn, Smirdy Leps & Jakub Blaszczykowski By Mike Lient By Pine Walker & Issak Yerkhov By Pine Walker By @Sam Kingston By Rampage (Issak Yerkhov I think? btw this was entered under most emotional) By Sam Kingston By Majikarp Thomas (wtf) By Pine Walker By Sebastian Monroe @REX By Xavier Jackson (god I miss that taser lmao) By Majikarp Thomas By Frank Moore By Dingle Dingus By Pine Walker By me
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    I've seen the restraining be easily abused on alot of servers. Also, some players act like staff and restrain anyone who is breaking the rules and act as a staff member which isn't tolerated on this server. If we are gonna implement this, we will need proper rules and conditions for it to not be abused and used in the wrong way. Other than that, like most posts say, this will add more roleplay and could help with interrogations.
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    Actions F1 - Open MOTD F2 - Toggle hands (put hands up or down) F4 - Open DarkRP menu Commands General (all classes) /advert Send out an advertisement, e.g. /advert Vote me for mayor! /anonadvert Send an anonymous advertisement for $3,000, e.g. /anonadvert The mayor is a corrupt dictator! /ooc or // Talk in global/out of character chat, e.g. // Hey how is everyone today /muteradio Mutes the radio. If you are hearing someone playing music around you and you can't see anyone, it is probably a radio. /yell or /y Sends a message in local chat that can be received by a larger radius of people than normal e.g. /y Thanks for all coming today! /whisper or /w Sends a message in local chat that can be received by a smaller radius of people than normal, if you don't want to be heard e.g. /w Meet me outside /drop Drops the weapon you are currently holding /dropmoney Drops an amount of money, e.g. /dropmoney 1000 /cheque Drops a cheque that only the addressee can pick up (however, it can be shot and destroyed by anyone) e.g. /cheque tyrone 500 /writeletter A better way to write notes /000 Cry for help to police /g Talk to your group only e.g. /g There's a man in the PD lobby with his gun out! I think we are going to be raided. /write Write a quick letter e.g. /write I can't talk here, meet me outside my shop Mayor only /economy Open the economy menu Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Chief /fire name reason Fire a government official with a valid reason Example: /fire "Edith Watson" Abusive to other officers Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chief, S.R.G. and Police Officers /wanted name reason Make a player wanted and provide a reason why. Put their entire name in quotes ie. "Jimmy Harberger" or pick the less common part of their name Example: /wanted "Jimmy Harberger" Breaking and entering /warrant name reason Put a warrant on a player and put a reason why. Put their entire name in quotes ie. "Sampsa Antila" or pick the less common part of their name Example: /warrant "Sampsa Antila" Possession of illegal shipments Police Chief, all Gang Leaders /editagenda Open up a menu to easily edit your agenda Hitman /hitprice Set the price of your hits (min $200, max $25,000) e.g. /hitprice 5000 Feel free to suggest any commands that should be added below
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    Hamad is the definition of having a personal vendetta against someone
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    I am pleased this has been resolved. Welcome back Napoleon.
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    Thank god this whole ordeal is over.
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    It hasn't been put to dark, You would be surprised at how many times some of us have discussed about this or talked about it lmao.
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    Well I originally had a +1 but I deleted it, the brdm thing is sus but you did own up to it and you do seem good and stick when pop is low. So I guess +1 but just remember brdm isn’t the o it option to figure out if someone is afk or not
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    >”Doesn’t know it’ll be a community ban” >Goes on to ask Jamie before he does anything, “will I be community banned” keep in mind he asks it on more than 1 occasion. This is literally all your fault, you said you didn’t know it was a warning, it’s just a lack of understanding or the fact that you didn’t want to understand just to make this big thread and go out with a boom. That’s what it looks like in my eyes. Chris summarised this whole thing the best way.
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    I just thought I would state what I think: I think what Napoleon has done is stupid with not listening to Lantos after telling him off he reverted it then changed it back once he reverted it he should have given the server to Lantos and that would have been the end of the story. I think what he has done in no way shape or form should be a community ban. Also, the way Hamad insulted Napoleon was a bit excessive. #JusticeForNapoleon
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    Ahh I see what you mean now, my bad for saying, I had no idea that last Friday on Discords terms are 2 days prior, rather than a week beforehad. Also discord is stupid can we get teamspeak back-
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    He literally says, right here: He got told off by Lantos and ignored him lol. There is literally nothing else to it.
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    THIS IS NAPOLEON'S RESPONSE NOT MINE (I'm doing a favour for him by being a proxy):
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    Encore. Every second sentence of yours was literally just “oh for fuck sakes” after me just talking to you. I said you’re a child because the way you acted prior to be being banned was a child act, I would’ve loved to explain however, you already know what you did wrong and it would’ve just been a waste of my time. And you knew this would’ve been the final result (you being banned) hence why you kept asking Jamie if I would get community banned. Waiting months after resigning to change the discord and demote Lantos just seems like you did it to piss people off. What the outside can’t see is that you agreed to make it a Poseidon discord prior to making it. How could I not mock you? How could I respond to you in a mature and understanding way when you know what you did was wrong and how it was wrong? And to top it off you made an alt account on discord and you made an alt to access the forums after you got your explanation off of jimmy and bat. You’re just a child and you know what you did was wrong.
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    Please refrain from bumping posts that are less then a week old.
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    After a hard day, scrolling through these made my day.
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    I understand your point about the competence of half of the police force at times but throughout this entire year, even before the population drop it has always seemed like this server has been biased towards the police force/government. I mean cops & swat have received alot of buffs in many areas such as health(130 hp for cops, 125hp for swat I think, combine this with easy access to kevlar), shields, flashbangs and door charges combined of course with easy access to weapons, armor & attachments. The mayor role itself has received a decent amount of content in the form of reputation, government bank, government perks, deputy mayor role, events & ability to fire people etc. I understand that cops/government should have some sort of advantage but imo it seems to have gone a bit overboard lately as people even before the population drop seemed to be reluctant to go gang leader or even join a gang. In comparison the gangs have been a bit left behind as the only additional content for gangs added specifically I remember is that the leaders now have keypad crackers(& crips/bloods have fists but thats more of a meme than an advantage). I just feel generally like there needs to be more buffs like maybe 110 or 120 hp for mafia members, leader is able to purchase certain shipments on their own, the ability for a gang leader to just fire members instantly like the mayor,a vote system for gang leader & other major or little changes that would bring new life to these jobs. Honestly I just think that there has been a bit of an imbalance for a while in many areas between criminals generally and cops. I don't really have much love for the thief role as I would prefer for gangs to receive more buffs but then again I don't know if that would actually attract people to those roles or if people are too programmed into enjoying thief for whatever reason.
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    Does this mean @George gets his own CSGO server now?
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    Sydney is complete and utter shit to get around, Melbourne is the easiest to get around as everything is set out in square blocks making it easy to know where you are. I could go on but that's the main reason
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    I'm going to be straying a tiny bit from the template but I will try my best to stay with it. Minecraft Name: Echo361 Discord Name: Echo#7289 Bring selling into the Skyblock Minishop Will provide a basic economy template and would actually give a point to farming! Allow players to create there own shops on there islands Would encorague more player interaction and would further develop the economy! Not make Island Level decrease upon death Sure players would be able to suicide for hunger back but maybe make it deduct money rather then Island level! Add Voting incentives and crates on Skyblock Would give players a tiny boost whilst allowing the server to advertise itself with votes! I brought this up privately at some point but would prefer community feedback on my ideas.
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