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    ~Steam Name(Includes Previous Names): Comrade Sal ~RPName: Comrade Sal (Sal Ray only once joining) ~Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/salimrai1999 ~Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:58554360 ~Any Donations? None so far, planned to, then I moved out and got to pay rent... and eat... *nervous laughter* ~Why you want this rank: [50-100+ Words] Simply put I enjoy the DarkRP gamemode and have and plan to play a lot more in future however with the very reasonable and understandable restriction on certain tools I feel like it is practical to apply for a Trusted User status to be able to not only enjoy my time on the Poseidon Server's DarkRP more so with the new skills and abilities but also to help those new to the game or unfamiliar with mechanics. I've come to appreciate the many Trusted Users that have helped me learn about the server and its features and details through out my playtime and would love the opportunity to be that helpful user to others. ~What will you do with the extra tools & commands that you receive?: [25-50+ Words] Having the new tools at my disposal will mean I will have less trusted users and staff members laugh and drop their jaws with the patience and precision I'm forced to display with my lack of these helpful tools throughout my many... many constructions. I didn't quite understand how others made structures and map attractions with such ease and why people were always so shocked and always asked "you did that all by hand? really? WOW... but why!?". So yes, I would very much like to be able to build more attractions and fun interactive places without the need to spend hours on construction just to fit my pixel perfect perfectionist standards. ~Do you agree to use the tools(adv dupe, light, etc) that come with this rank properly?: [Yes/No] I think it's a shame that this has to be a question but to save you reading my opinions on those who would waste others time abusing these privileges-- No, i would not ever consider abusing the tools and rank and yes, of course I would use the tools and rank appropriately Thank you for reading my application, Kind Regards, Salim (Comrade Sal) Also though it may have no impact on this application please consider the following picture of this adorable west highland terrier puppy my girlfriend and I got when she was born 10 months ago. Her name is Maggie.
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    its dumb as fuck but like honestly for like the year i was active this community was incredibly cool, i havent been here in a long ass time but like i had friends. this community has something special, and i think people will be able to come back to it in due time. its dumb and i feel weird doing this bc i havent played gmod in nearly a year, but the people here are incredible and i would regret it if i didnt. i dont know who remains and i dont wanna do a shoutouts list bc i honestly dont remember names well enough to shoutout the people who made my time in poseidon what it was. shoutouts to everyone who played ttt and swrp. ttt mods and regulars were all cool but like a lot of people got burnout and i was included in that. swrp gang for just existing, the dumb shit that happened when it was active was on a scale of dumb which i'm actually not gonna forget and its actually real sad hours that its dead. i made some friends in there and also i did some dumb things but i cant forget them at fucking all. special shoutouts to 5th fleet gang since that was especially fun even though i got kicked out for being dumb. other gamemodes like zombie survival were also cool fuck i miss that hhhh, that server was done so well and honestly when it was up it was like my second go-to for a long time. only reason i'm doing this as the last time i was in a server community it just straight up died without warning and i never got the chance to thank the people in that community, so i want to at least make sure i at least show some gratitude to the community for giving me something to play with others and not just be a lonely wack ass child w/o friends. yall r cool and i wish you guys the best of luck in the future. i leave steam dms open so if u wanna game n stuff just hmu bc there are some people who i still wanna play with. cya'll gamers. things dont last forever but with the right people poseidon could go for a long time. gl with future stuff staff gang and non-staff gang B^).
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    Another tip under ya post there is an edit button.
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    +1 From what i have seen you are trustworthy and fitted for trusted.
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    +1 I have seen you around and from what i can tell you are mature and very friendly
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    Lockdown - https://gamebanana.com/maps/124944 I can't find snowy nights sadly.
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    Thank you -=joker=- I reset my steam ID because it was my custom one that was causing issues with the search/convert. thank you for the tip! My Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:58554360 Very sorry, heres another picture for tax
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    I think the names of these maps were Snowy Nights and Lockdown. I looked on the workshop but neither of them were there
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    ay fam only brought up two things and hardly went into detail but if you think i'm over dramatizing and don't wanna talk here pm me how i'm wrong, because the only details I went into were about that girl and you and I both know that's exactly what happened, and both bat and tyger saw the screenshots of that. only reason you didn't get demoted then and there was because the managers said "oh but he's not doxing someone in our community so". you've said you're mature every time you return still hasn't changed. also currently trusted doesn't mean shit except giving another uppity kid the tools to dupe in big builds when they're not supposed to, but I guarantee if they give you trusted within the next month of it happening you'll make a mod app you always do. sad boys I was playing more before I moved to my new house but sadly the only internet is under 1mbps and nbn isn't available until at least next month providing my landlord lets me install it, so yeah I haven't played in the last 2 months but I know this dude I've had enough play time with him before, there's a reason he's been community banned before just to jump start your memory about it though here's some screenies tho
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    Have not seen you on recently (probably due to me not being on as much) so i'm going to give you a Neutral as I don't know who you are but I think you could get trusted since you like DarkRP a lot.
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    We have already chosen a manager, thanks so much for your enthusiasm, if you want to discuss any ideas about TTT with anyone then message @Rahj. Thanks.
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