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    Played supremacy for 4 weeks, regretted that. Now I play tf2. Life is simple, even though I’m in year 12 and this pandemic is happening yikes.
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    We haven't had an event in a couple weeks, so hopefully y'all are still interested in playing some games! L4D2 Versus has been pretty fun the past couple times we've run an event, so I thought I'd chuck up another one to maybe get us back in the swing of things, most likely running about the same as the past couple nights; we'll decide upon which campaign we'll run on the night, and RNG can do all the work for splitting up the teams, which I think ended up pretty fair last time If you're interested in coming along, please only mark yourself going if you're able to come and intend to stay for at least most of the night; if you end up being unable to, please change your RSVP before the event
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    You might wonder what the forums being back means for Poseidon. It doesn't have to mean anything. We can just keep the forums up as a general chat hub and archive of old posts, if that's all people want. But without promising anything, if people want some servers or functionality back, we could look into doing so. I'd love to see people's suggestions for servers to bring back. That said, you'd have to make a pretty strong case on why you think it would be worth it. We're also considering adding extra benefits to the donator role on the forums. A potential idea of my own: Even if we don't bring back any full-time gamemodes as of yet, I'm interested to see if people would be interested in a server wherein it cycles a different gamemode each week (examples listed below). These would typically be gamemodes with little full-time/long term appeal. We'd probably make use of the forum's calendar to set events for perhaps Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, which people can RSVP to so everyone has an idea of how populated the event might be. Examples of gamemodes featured this way could be: Race Ragdoll Combat Flood Cinema (for "movie nights") Deathrun Open to suggestions for more (I realise we had some of these gamemodes full-time and they were sometimes successful in that regard, but they are also very fun as short-term arcade gamemodes) In addition to the gmod gamemodes, I would like to use the calendar to arrange games outside gmod which might not even require hosting, such as Cards Against Humanity Skribbl.io Bonk.io Other online games that are easily set up and popular amongst people Jackbox party packs (requires someone with decent net who owns the game(s) to stream, though) I'd love to hear people's opinions on what direction we should take, and also expressions of interest for the idea I suggested above.
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    we doin another game night. this time we're starting with gmod. will be fun. gamemodes we can do: TTT (with or without custom playermodels) prop hunt murder slasher guess who (probably not tho) collection (MAKE SURE YOU'RE SUBSCRIBED BEFORE THE NIGHT!!!!!): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1585562161 ALSO MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE LINKED COLLECTIONS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, IT DOESN'T DO IT IF YOU JUST SUBSCRIBE ALL!!!!!
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    I'd be happy to host a P2P server for up to 8 players for this, though if others really want to play we could look at setting up something larger. If people get into it we might have more often recurring sessions because obviously it's a game that you like to play consecutive days in a row and less of a "match"-type game. If the date doesn't work for people I can change it, but I thought I might get an idea of interest.
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    bought it
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    Haven’t played this game with anyone in years, also is an earlier time better?
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    Hello there my name is James Simos, aswell as my rp name i will be using in darkrp i am here to say that i am thrilled for this i am hoping to get staff and help out the server. I used to be an og but i lost my account and i am so excited to be playing posedion once again! Hi!
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    still playing gmod, a lot of SCP-RP, also mw 2019
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    TF2, Cities: Skylines, GTA V, Minecraft, L4D2 and replaying the Half: Life and Portal games.
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    good suggestion is to give me back my 2016 forum join date
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    King gizzard and the lizard wizard There is no planettt BBBBBBBBBBB
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    whilst yelling RDM
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    Welcome to Poseidon DarkRP PLEASE NOTE: This server is somewhat different to the usual DarkRP. It is semi-serious and a number of changes have been made from the previous version. The first thing that you will notice is the amount of jobs. There are significantly less jobs to favour less restrictive RP. You are able to essentially RP as whoever you want as a citizen, given it has not been catered for by a job on the server. The rules have also been changed to support the less restricted roleplay, please read them below. Join our DarkRP discord: https://discord.gg/wqxfGUN Fundamental Rules Use your common sense. While these rules are intended to provide a liberalised framework to roleplay within, they aren’t a license to do whatever, and to act to the detriment of others roleplay. Play realistically, play sensibly, and above all, roleplay. In roleplay, decisions and actions must be taken in a manner that is realistic, sensible or plausible for your character. You are permitted to engage other players in combat, only where it is plausible and realistic for your character to do so in the circumstances, and is done so in a realistic manner. You are required to value your life in a realistic fashion. Thus, if held at gunpoint or otherwise held under duress, you are required to co-operate, unless there are plausible reasons for you not to do so in the circumstances. You may disrespect other players in a roleplaying capacity, however out of character abuse/disrespect is strictly prohibited. If you (validly) die in an active roleplay situation, you are prohibited from remembering, engaging with, or acting upon information relating to that situation. You are also not permitted to ‘rediscover’ any of this information. If the situation was non-hostile in nature, you may remember and act upon information, provided it was not acquired within the last five minutes before death. You may not act upon, engage with, or otherwise rely on information obtained through out of character means. This is metagaming. Do not intentionally exploit, or otherwise intentionally use gameplay mechanics in a clearly unintended way to obtain an unfair advantage over other players. Do not utilise any third party software/assistance that grants you unfair advantage over other players. You must not create a character in such a way that prevents or excludes the application of the rules to that character. You must not vest in a character, or rely on extraordinary, rare, or otherwise deliberately disruptive character traits, such as mental illness, sociopathy or fearlessness to justify behaviour, or the manner in which behaviours are carried out. Such traits will not be recognised as a valid reason to engage in or carry out any behaviour in a particular way. You must not take, delete or otherwise interfere with money entities exchanged by others during a transaction. Community and People Rules Do not dox, or otherwise reveal, disseminate or intentionally or recklessly contribute towards revealing and or distributing another person's personal information without their permission. You will be permanently banned. Do not disrespect/abuse players and other members of the community in an OOC capacity. That includes racism, sexually inappropriate comments, the spreading of false rumours, and other abuse or offensive behaviour deemed inappropriate for the community. Do not engage in efforts, or threaten to engage in efforts to undermine the integrity of the server. Combat Engagement/Hostile RP Players are allowed to initiate combat against any other player of their choosing, provided there are realistic and plausible reasons for your character to do so, and it is carried out in a realistic way. These reasons are not confined to where one’s life is threatened, and can extend to where it might be plausibly within your interest, personal, financial or otherwise to kill/injure another player. In any doubt, mental illness, sociopathy, a desire for serial killing, anger issues, or other extraordinary, rare, disruptive traits are invalid reasons for initiating combat, as well as the manner in which combat is carried out. Players are not permitted to participate in the combat others are participating in, unless they again have realistic and plausible roleplaying reasons to do so. Whilst covered in rule 1, you may commission another player to engage in combat on your behalf, where there are realistic and plausible reasons to do so, so long as that other player is obtaining some benefit from doing so. You must not subject a person or their private property to hostile RP, if they are building. For interpretative assistance, here is a list of examples of approved/disapproved situations which combat has been engaged in. Murdering someone who has observed you commit a crime - Valid Murdering or commissioning the murder of someone who is operating a business or is otherwise in engage in a behaviour that undermines your interests - Valid Beating someone up who disrespects you or those you are associated with / Murder could be permitted depending on the severity of the disrespect as well as the roleplaying circumstances - Valid Murdering someone who is breaking into your house/someone who is in a house you are breaking into - Valid Murdering a public official/government officer where you have political grounds to do so - Valid Murdering someone who you simply do not like - Invalid Murdering someone who has observed you engage in a crime in an unrealistic manner e.i you gun them done in front of the entire police force where you yourself are almost certainly risking death - Invalid. Murdering someone for taking too long in the gunshop - Invalid Any player is allowed to kidnap/take hostages, where there are realistic and plausible reasons for doing so, and it is carried out in a realistic manner. These reasons can be personal, monetary, or otherwise, so long as it’s realistic. During HostileRP, players are not permitted to spawn any props or entities, nor are permitted to obtain healing while HostileRP is in progress. Hostile RP on Private Property - Players must not subject the same property to HostileRP if ten minutes has not elapsed since the conclusion of prior HostileRP they subjected that property to. Players must, as soon as accomplishing their objectives with respect to HostileRP on that property (obtaining valuables, murdering someone etc) make an effort to leave the property as soon as practicable, or if their objective is deprive someone of their property, a reasonable time after doing so. Whilst you may have as many individuals assist you in HostileRP on the property, there must be realistic reasons for them to be assisting you. You must not subject a property to hostile RP if they have a building sign. CorruptRP Players in government jobs are permitted to abuse their job or engage in misconduct, so long as such it is plausibly within that person's interest/there is a realistic and sensible justification for engaging in said misconduct. Players who engage in CorruptRP must carry out their CorruptRP in a manner that is sensible and realistic for the player to take in the circumstance. For interpretative assistance, here is a list of examples of approved/disapproved situations. During a raid on a suspect, you confiscate more than required by law. For example their printers, any guns or other valuables. Valid Murdering witnesses who have observed/have knowledge of your misconduct, or who you believe have observed/have knowledge of your misconduct. Valid Beating, jailing and or interrogating witnesses who have observed/have knowledge of your misconduct, or you believe has observed/has knowledge of your misconduct. Valid Arresting someone who's just spawned in. Invalid Arresting someone with little to no justification for doing. Invalid Murdering someone without justification. Invalid Building Rules Fundamental Base Rules - Private Property or Bases are defined as areas that are owned, which are enclosed in such a way that restricts public access to them. This can be achieved through owning the external doors of a building or house, enclosing the area from the public, or through the arrangement of props that successfully restricts a space's public access. Players may own as many doors as they like, provided their ownership does not confer them the ownership of more than 5 pieces of separate property. (provided they are also not the doors inside an area of property owned by another player). A piece of Private Property, or a Base will be distinguished from another owned by a player, if accessing between a Base from another requires the entering of public areas. These are all subject to all the rules below, with particular note to the megabasing rule, which may be broken if a collective excess of props is used across all property owned by a player. Also staff may dispossess a player of property, if the player has no real RP purpose for owning the space, or the reason for ownership is to be annoying to other players. Keypad and Fading Door Rules - Only two keypadded fading doors may be used per base, one for the entrance, and one for a separate vault/storage or secure area. The keypad must be in clear sight of the fading door, within one metre, and not materialised. Fading door activated kill holes must be at least the width of two player models or more, and have their height start at the waist of a playermodel or lower, and end at the head of the playermodel or larger. You must not use a bind to activate fading doors in RP situations. You must not use fading doors to create kill corridors, or double dooring. This is where you have a section of your base where to proceed, players have to unlock one keypad, to then enter another area within close proximity, say a hallway, where they have to unlock another keypad. Prop Use Rules - You must only build on the sidewalk (subject to rule 2.) or in private ownable areas. Fading doors may only be employed in private ownable areas. You must not build on the sidewalk in front of another person's base. You must not build on the road, unless you have the approval of staff. You must not prop climb. You must not place props inside on, in a manner obstructive or annoying to the base or building of another, unless you have their permission. You must not build on rooftops if they cannot be accessed by the pre-existing structures in the map, and only through player initiated means, unless you have permission to do so, and your build does not contain or protect valuables. Bases must not make use or employ unnecessary obstacles, mazes, traps, or button activated props which substantially disadvantage other players. Bases must not make use of an unnecessary amount of props, or make use of needlessly large props. This is megabasing, and your base will be removed. Bases which make use of unpleasant textures, that are visible to the public, or make use of props that extend through walls, roofs or other map structures in unrealistic ugly manner, will have offending props removed. No props are to be deployed or removed during active hostile roleplay. Police and other jobs with job specific locations may make use of props in their job specific locations, provided fading doors do not obstruct direct passage to the raidable entity. When building, players must make use of building textscreens to enjoy protection from hostile RP. Building signs must not be employed where the building is protecting valuable entities, or where a building sign has been employed for an unreasonable amount of time, having regard for the complexity of the build, and the progress made. You must not create entrances or passageways that require the player to crouch, jump or otherwise manner in a substantially disadvantageous way. You must not make use of props in such a way that inhibits the deploying of weapons within a base. You must not use KOS Signs. Roleplay it.
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    Currently executing Order 66.
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    add vr
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    Gotta love not being able to run any game!!”,”
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    gotta love working weekends
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    Versus was heaps of fun last time, and people were asking for it quite a bit before and during the event today, so I reckon it'd be a good one to play again! Much like last time, the RSVP is going to be capped at 8, as that's the most we can have in a Versus game; I do believe that we could allow more than 8 players on a dedicated server, however one of the Poseidon folk should get in touch with me about it if we want to give it a shot, until then it's first come first serve (.❛ ᴗ ❛.) See you then!
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    I was hungry
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    Time to freeze to death or have my leg eaten by cannibals again
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    lmao, dont report that
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    I mean that's the definition of there culture right there.
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    currently your nginx is setup to 1mb so we all get a mysterious -200 error (actually a HTTP 413 error) uploading anything over that. this is a simple config change. the IPS upload limit config is set to 50000 which makes it appear like "48.83MB" to us, perhaps try 51200, this might make it appear as 50MB. please also fix the banning thing as well, idk why this is happening and im sure youre already on the case, but its really cringe. thnx
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    Please don't shitpost on this pure thread ty Played a mad show with these lads at the Chippo last year
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    This video expresses the extreme urgency of African Americans to have consented anal sex due to their large genitalia. also heil hitler
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