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    Malcolm will be pepsi's replacement as forum moderator, please mildly congratulate him,
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    I'm going to close this topic. Dumb react me it has been so far derailed. The thread was about what political party you are going to vote for not your opinions on fucking Jewish people and the Holocaust. Fuck.
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    +1 free him. Retard is just a word, some people on the internet need to drink a cup of concrete and harden the fuck up, people are going to say things you don't like, get used to it. If you are a softcock and can't handle words from a person that you'll never see in real life maybe the internet isn't the place for you to be if it is going to be too taxing on your mental health. Slightly off topic but the only time this should be considered serious is if it's straight up death threats to someone in the community or a group of people bullying a single person otherwise if it's just a word "you don't like seeing or hearing" mind your own business. What doesn't directly affect you should be left well enough alone. As I've seen there is clearly an argument between Yuki and Charlie and that is clearly part of why he is using such little things as reason to ban people, no offence to you Charlie, as a staff member it is one of your responsibilities to fairly and evenly punish everyone (ie if you are going to ban yuki for something like this thusly everyone else should be too or if this would be considered not worthy of a ban for someone else, why is it so for him) and to not let hatred for a particular person or group cloud your ability to staff to a point where you are straight up targeting them for every little thing they do. If he being a nuisance to you address it with your server manager or the senior staff if someone is making your job more difficult than need be, if you have to, take a break for a while so that neither of you are at each other's throats making both of your time in the community unenjoyable. Sorry for my rant but ye
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    Appreciation Post Now, we all like some good DarkRp. We watch people RDM, Minge etc And we enjoy them getting banned. We enjoy the fun we as a community bring to the server SO! Could we have a minute to think about the man behind this?, Jimmy has improved the server substantially to provide us entertainment and bring randoms all over Gmod into one server to have a good time. People are actually donating $150 + a month because they enjoy it and the money they provide to the server tells jimmy we enjoy it. People like Bat have played over 5 years (If I'm correct) because Posiden is special. A minutes Silence to appreciate a great server, think about the good times you've had. Thank you for your services Jimmy and we are Grateful you run the Gmod DarkRP server and thank you staff for making it a better place
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    I'm sure everyone missed their doses of edginess and antisemitism
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    Has a problem with people saying retard, but will say stuff like this +1 extreme hippo crip
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    +1 this is the most retarded reason to ban someone lol. Can we also demote this guy wtf
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    I added these back. I didn't figure this needed to be announcement so I'm posting it here. For those unaware: - Nerd is for posts that are... nerdy.. such as talking about complicated stuff, gaming, etc. It's basically the emoji version of this: - Zing is basically for posts with good comebacks or such, like so: Malcolm: That wasn't very nice, Bat Bat: Your face isn't very nice! Clearly the pinnacle of humour; deserves a zing react.
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    Hello all, We're in the process of migrating all our services to our new machine (thread about that coming soon). While this is going on, you may notice some spotty performance. Ips for the servers will be changing, so you'll need to grab the new ones from the homepage or just find the server in the list again. Don't worry, this won't be another pterodactyl and the servers will actually come online.
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    Hey, having a small penis is my talent! Not yours.
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    Agree react if you want this guy to get banned. 20 and I’ll do it.
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    If I get 20 winner reacts I'll burn a pride flag and upload it.
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    We lost the best developer ever and the server died :(((( which would be Akechi xd We comm banned Higashi because sensitive snowflakes and all that, so losing him we lost the most dedicated server jump starter. Normally server dies with manager shifts (Speaking from Deathrun experience) and it takes some time and dedication for it to re-boot itself. Rahj could be the literal best manager in the world (as far I can see his been doing a great job) but it won't account for anything if people don't try to jump start the server. It's literally in the communities hands. Yeah also I would not be surprised is certain individuals killed it. Super anal about rules and demotion reports for petty reasons left right and center. Not to mention "Omg its X player lets focus them with the knife or the huge every round xd" really drives away people from wanting to play.
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    Do we really need more emotes tho? Yes. The answer is yes.
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    I removed both Yuki and Lenny from the discord again last night because it was clear that we were not going to be helping that one guy set up his server through our discord. Upon asking Yuki politely to keep it to pms he goes and calls me a retard, my issue with this was that it was completely expected that I’d get some sort of smart ass snide comment back, instead of a simple “yep no worries” like any reasonable person would have said, because that’s how it usually goes with these two. The difference between shitposting and Yukis response was that he had intent behind it. Lenny and Yuki literally only exist on the discord to make my life hard and cry wolf when I retaliate, it’s actually pathetic. as pointed out by someone else already, you two don’t event play the server. Lenny was removed again after he tried pushing my buttons by continuing to take the piss after being told to take it to pms this follows after an episode the other day where he was continuously linking the outdated minecraft discord with old managers into the current minecraft discord saying things like “join the real Poseidon discord” “this is the fake one” I had to delete his link 5 times from the discord because he couldn’t grasp that if your post is getting deleted probably stop making the same post. I was told by higher ups that I am well within my right to remove anyone from the discord if I feel that they are having a negative impact on it. 2 clowns that continuously go out their way to find beef on it. I’d consider that negative. +1 for Yukis unban one more time
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    Please refrain from shitposting, Also remember to give proper reasoning a behind your ratings (+1, -1, Neutral). Anymore shitposting and bans or warnings will be handed out based off severity.
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    These people were shitposting in DarkRP General! Get him Officer! @THE_DIZ This man in particular!
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    Good morning, evening and night I guess for wherever you live, In last interview we understood the logistics and backends of @Malcolm work on DarkRP. Now we understand Jamie's job in keeping control of Poseidon and its general development. Jamie Duke In our interview with @Jamie we understood the logistics of taking care of Poseidon and how much effort has really been put into for the survival through Poseidon's darkest times,Our first question was the following. What is your Duties at Poseidon Servers? What was the process like of setting up the new machine? What's the process of a community ban? Is there anything new to be developed soon that you wish to talk about? What were your thoughts during the panel change which caused player numbers to dwindle? Short but gives quite the insight into development and the incident which occured last year which caused player numbers to dwindle, Jamie in these questions provided answeres which showcased the behind the scenes of everything you play in your spare time and even showcased a picture of the mess of setting up the new machine, The next 2 will hopefully be 2 of Poseidon's funniest and most genius minds. But for the time being learning about @Jamie work in the back scenes gave a wonderful new perspective to the difficulty of most things accomplished.
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    { title = "Bat demotion", description = [[Bat has recently come under fire for yiffing with a known furry Yuki, subsequently a demotion report has been made as this is just the right choice. ]], choices = { { choice = "Vote +1 for demotion", choiceCost = 0, results = { { chance = 80, money = 20000, reputation = 25, message = [[You made the right choice, congratulations. ]] }, { chance = 10, money = 0, reputation = 0, message = [[You made the right choice, but Bat managed to buy her way out of being demoted]] }, { chance = 10, money = 0, reputation = -15, message = [[Bat managed to convice Poseidons' owners to remove all evidence of yiffing knoiw furry yuki and subsequently got a promotion. ]] }, }}, { choice = "Vote -1 for demotion", choiceCost = 0, results = { { chance = 80, money = -25000, reputation = -20, message = [[You made a terrible choice, as a result, Poseidon has fell to bits and the economy ruined. ]] }, { chance = 10, money = 0, reputation = -30, message = [[Bat was demoted but was not sent to a rehabilitation clinic and was found to be a repeat yiff offender. UwU ]] }, { chance = 10, money = 0, reputation = +10, message = [[Poseidon was lucky this time with there being more down votes, dodging a massive bullet. ]] }, }}, { choice = "Euthanize the devil", choiceCost = 5000, results = { { chance = 75, money = 20000, reputation = 25, message = [[Bat is euthanized and as a result a party is thrown and the town is granted a bonus of 20k. ]] }, { chance = 15, money = 0, reputation = -40, message = [[YBat surives and mutates, merging with the fursona, Perrin, within her taking its form. ]] }, { chance = 10, money = -15000, reputation = -10, message = [[Bat is euthanized but the furry parade throughs a rally against it and disrupts the city for days costing the city large amounts of money. ]] }, }} }}, @bat
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    There is a tutorial at spawn. 1. //wand 2. Select a point under your base by left clicking 3. Select a point above your base by right clicking 4. /rg claim name 5. Bam, you now own everything within the two points selected!
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    I played Poseidon Minecraft for the first time on the weekend under the alias _Emmaa. This is @Nick 's sisters account. I just was generally surprised with the effort put in an would like to recognise the effort put into the server. Special shoutout to Mr Spooky Bunny for helping me several times, and indirectly killing me once .
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    Gmod is dying as a whole. Better hope for gmod 2 or whatever it's called to hurry up and release
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    Everyone's heard ram ranch we get it. You don't need to keep posting it like you're a paragon of comedy Btw what happened to deleting your account? Oh right it was just for attention, like everything else you post here.
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    Is this a joke? I hope this is a joke. If not, it should be.
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    If you want to make a successful server, just make sure that the community's opinion is considered and that the server isn't ruled with an iron fist with it being in sole control of the head admin and his admin friend. Start weekly community meetings in TS, don't change the era, have a dedicated developer or two, and allow for more activities while on ship (DM, Cantena, Training (Reg and ARC Analysis), Engineer/Medic/Navy/Flight/Security RP). Also make sure the manager and head admins want continued growth. 30 people is a disappointing number for Star Wars RP, actively seek numbers above 60 as an average.
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    You don't, because no nation has enemy's that require systematic mass murder as a response. I find it rather disgusting and unfathomable that someone would consider the mass murder of millions of innocent men, women and children as an appropriate measure to any problem, ever. Sure, go ahead. Buy into theories of jewish control and pervasiveness, indulge your selection bias, wilfully search for any reason to hate one of the most systemically persecuted religious/ethnic group in history, opt into the archaic, nonesensical disgusting generalisations and unfounded views that have cost millions of lives in the 20th century, but don't expect people to consider those views even remotely palatable. I don't whatsoever. I have friend's whose grandparent's that have the serialised tattoos put on them from the holocaust, go to them and tell them how being ripped from one's home, being denied basic human decency and rights, seeing one's family and community be put to death through the most brutal cruelty is an appropriate response. Tell them how they someone how deserved to be detained, starved, worked to death, or beaten was a just or appropriate response. I see these views all too often touted as if it is even remotely acceptable, and they just slide by as though nothing as being said. You are literally condoning mass murder, just consider that for a moment. If you can't fathom the heinousness of that, theres really no moral compass to be appealing to. (this is not an argument against free speech, if Nick wants to spout such views, he can go right ahead, but don't expect me to sit idly by and accept the promotion of mass murder)
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    Idk man, maybe it's just the fact that they tried to systematically erase an entire ethnicity full of mostly innocent people? If you support what the Nazi's did (which I know you do) then you are a piece of shit, and you don't deserve the right to be debated. Simple as that.
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    Everyone must really funny react all my posts because I'm more hilarious then @bat
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    I don't think anyone would ever spend 200,000 to explode.
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    Hi all, Currently I am working on a few edits to our map. I am not sure when I will have the update for it out although I'm hoping to get it out for the update after next. Note well that when the map is updated, it will be uploaded to a new workshop link under the same name and I may change the map file name to avoid issues with differing map files (just by adding _v1a, nothing else). However, this will all be communicated before the map is changed on the server and you'll have a chance to subscribe to it, although joining the server should download it regardless. Returning to the original reason for this thread, please feel free to use this thread for small bugs/suggestions in relation to the map, strictly small quality of life changes only please, no major changes on this thread. Before posting, consider looking at the trello for cards with the map label to see what has already been done/considered. All feedback is greatly appreciated
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    Guys he said “small” changes. You people are suggesting that he modifies certain parts of the map. His only asking for tweaks and “edits” not a fucking re-scale of the map.
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    my penis is really small
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    DarkRP Name: Herculs Satan Suggestion: Paid entry to sits Suggestion (Expanded): My idea is that, instead of people using @ to contact staff and having to wait for the staff to accept the ticket and respond, players could simply go to a dedicated "Sit room", pay an entry fee, and have your issue dealt with immediately! They could also offer extra money to have their sit done quicker and/or have the staff member leave a different sit to deal with theirs. How it will benefit the server: It will give staff more incentive to actually staff, and it will introduce capitalism and democracy to our staff system, which is an absolute win! users can pay for premium staff and sit room as well, so everyone wins!
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    +1 Didn’t realise The Minecraft Discord was a fascist regime.
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    Why isn't this guy community banned then wtf.
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    I know weebs and furries are the classic enemies in the culture of the internet, but just in the interests of stimulating some more creative diversity, I would be interesting to see some suggestions with a bit more range.
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    Is there a way to translate these points to real life success?
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    Lmao my dad knows Habib, I also got a funny as video of him saying my name, best shit ever!
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    Just here to say <3
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    It's also not realistic for a normal police officer carrying a m4, m3 super 90, sniper, raging bull, glock, battering ram and taser on him at once. As bat said, if we implement this we are giving police officers a handicap in which they really don't need since most of the times, its 2-5 people vs 15 heavily armoured officers.
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    Thanks mate, Farmboy, Greg and I really appreciate that you’ve gone out of your way to recognise our efforts. We like to think our player base helps each other out and gets along quite nicely for the most part. We’ve already promoted quite a few trusteds and a few mods that we’ve noticed are particularly helpful and active. Voting for the server also helps us out big time and awards you Ingame $$ links are in the discord. Thanks again.
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    I'm in favour of not giving a company infamous for its collection and sale of user data all of my browsing activities so firefox and the fox is cute
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    Hey look yin's here to welcome back his fellow fash friend! Yay! Man you are flippant. First you're defending people's right to "free speech" (which is really a convenient excuse to let Heinz echo all of your beliefs without getting any of the heat) on here, then it's "hurr dead server".
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    The community would've benefited if we put up a Race server instead of a jailbreak server.
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    No offense, but I dislike the fact that there were delays and talk of something impressively new only for the ACTUAL changes to be that ''the server was released''. Incredibly fun of you to take the role of something you had no time nor the effort to learn from/about. Wasn't there a list of requirements on the Jailbreak role topic? Glad to know they take all things into mere consideration.
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    How does Shelley warn about the dangers of obsession? We are warned about the dangers of obsession primarily through the character of Victor Frankenstein, whose fixation with pushing scientific boundaries forms the central theme of the novel. From an early age, Victor demonstrates a keen interest in the sciences, but he becomes fascinated with books that deal with the supernatural, rather than those which are seen as more practical. This turns into a deep obsession, which ‘bores [him] onwards, like a hurricane’, and leads him down a path that culminates in his creation of the Creature. The Creature is the embodiment of Shelley’s warning to us about obsession - he is a ‘fiendlike malice’ whose soul is ‘hellish as his form’ - and he has come to life because of Victor’s preoccupation with pushing the limits of science. Through the character of Victor, we see that it is easy to be blinded by one’s goals - that ‘high hopes and a lofty ambition’ can lead a person down a dangerous path. Victor believes he is destined for ‘some great enterprise’, and it is this delusion of grandeur that causes him to believe his obsession is justified. Although this is proved to be false in the end, Victor at least recognises the error of his ways when he advises Walton to ‘seek… tranquility, and avoid ambition’. Thus, Victor ultimately learns about the dangers of obsession - and Shelley wants us to do the same.
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