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    You may be wondering how this is important or "I already know how to call staff i just need to use @" . There's nothing more annoying then getting a sit called with absolutely zero context behind it. You may also notice quite a lot of repetitiveness in the guide to emphasize and link certain points. Basic Points & Fundamentals Provide a basic description/summary to the situation in your initial @ call to save all parties involved time that could be used role playing. Abusing the @ command can result in either a warning or even a ban, By abuse in this situation it mostly means the following quote and the description, "Can I have money" or spamming admin chat with pointless things. If you want a certain staff member regarding an issue or an event that happened please provide their name in it, An example of this is the following "Proto can i have NLR removed" "Pepsi am i allowed to do this with PD vents" and the list goes on. Not providing a description normally results in others who have got a descriptive ticket to be prioritized... Unless your a trial /: Pros & Cons of an Example There are couple Cons and Pros with this ticket. Pro- Explains situation and possible cause Con-Does not say who did it and does not give context This ticket misses a lot of our points from before a way we could revamp this ticket would be the following. "Ari Karyan RDM'ed me, Unsure if it was a crossfire or not. I was near the PD near a shootout" It gives a name,Context,Location & possible cause. We don't expect a full essay but just basic information which could save every party involved an extra 5 minutes, Also once again the more information the more likely your ticket will be prioritized. Elaboration of a HORRIBLE ticket & Conclusion A horrible ticket in my terms is a ticket which only says "Admin to me" or "Admin" This will result in your ticket being prioritized less unless there many staff on and hardly any tickets called. In conclusion just write as much detail as you can in your tickets it saves everyone time. And Stop asking for money UPDATE: Go give Yuki some love didnt know this existed
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    server's dead anyway.
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    Let's add a anecdote. A anecdote as to why this kind of behaviour is never acceptable. But first, it's unfair on the way people have treated other people. Everyone uses the excuse of 'it's the internet'. Well, in the end, we are all humans on the end of the computers, we all have feelings and we do get hurt by what people say online. It's a shame that people see it as "oh they can't see me so I can insult them as much as I like". This I will never tolerate. Not on the servers I manage (and now as Community Admin) in the community. If you feel that you are feeling unsafe to be part of the community by players or players are harassing/bullying you, PLEASE do contact me. Anecdote Time: Online I'm known as fblaze. I've 'really' started playing games since about the age of 12 (my parents wouldn't let me play games when I was younger XD). I had a pretty good life. School, home, games. It was the 'easy' life. Unfortunately life at home isn't perfect. I understand there is no 'perfect' family. There will always be arguments etc. Games are a great way to take some time off from the world around you and connect with people around the world (granted we are an Oceania community but still it's global). I have been part of 3 communities in total. Each playing a completely different role. The first community I was merely just a player, I played Zombie Survival and a bit of death run. Tensions grew in the first community and the servers sprung off into another community. There I became a staff member of Zombie Survival, and Co-owned/developed the death run server of that community. I was backstabbed on the deathrun server, and lost my co-owner/developer rank on there. (Short story: I wrote a forum post I would be away for two weeks holiday with family, come back and people like omg he doesn't do anything, demote. Got demoted, someone else got promoted and talked shit about me). Tensions grew in that community (the whole) and so Zombie Survival was merged in with Poseidon. This is where I currently stand. Quite a rollercoaster of an online life in the space of 4 years. A lot of people like to take the opportunity since they are behind a screen to be a completely different person than they are in real life. I like to be humble to players and make people actually feel a sense of belonging to a community (I mean what's the purpose of a gaming community then? Otherwise we are just people that happen to play on the same servers all the time). In the past 6 months a lot has happened to me. Things I thought would never affect me. I've had quite severe depression, and still to this day suffer from mild anxiety. When I started my new job 6 months ago, it was terrible. I would get panic attacks on the train ride to work (40 minutes is a very long time when your anxiety kicks off). I started getting really sick. In the space of 2 months I lost 20kgs. Almost 20% of my body mass. I found out I'm fructose intolerant (you can google it if you are interested too much to write), and on top of that a lot has happened recently. My father has become ill. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Life is a bitch, and ultimately gaming online is a way for us to sometimes escape the reality to help overcome some of our fears. I enjoy spending time with players, playing together, managing and developing servers. It makes me happy when I see players enjoy the content I get a chance to work on. From my life story you can imagine how much I take seriously when players decide to take the opportunity because they don't have the courage to say it to someone's face to bully people. We are all here to enjoy ourselves and be part of a community of people who enjoy the same things as us. It's time to grow up and act like proper humans. Put your puberty mood swings behind. We only live once, so make it a positive one that people will want to reflect back on. FYI, I'm quite contactable. You can DM me on the forums or discord, send me a steam message . (I do get back to messages as soon as I can)
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    From the 26th of November I will be taking leave from Poseidon. Meaning that I will not be around to develop or carry out the jobs to do with my current roles. Scheduled upcoming roll outs to do with the servers that I develop for, will not be effected, that being the December roll out. I need to take this break for both personal reasons and I need to get back in the correct mindset for developing. At the moment it is a bit of a struggle to do with current stuff that is happening in my life, although that will be only temporary. I'm planning to return on the 15th of December. During this time I will not be obligated to make changes to the servers, if I do have some spare time, I will use it to make some changes that are needed. I hope you all understand .
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    the moderation of this community has gone to absolute shit imo
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    I'd like to formally request the model be changed to this. That is all, thank you.
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    1. There's not a massive amount of research in this area but there's absolutely some biological and neurological factors that at least have some effect on sexuality (https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn25121-anti-gay-uganda-claims-sexual-orientation-is-a-choice/). It's certainly not "learned". 2. More people are coming out because there's a significantly lower chance of them being attacked, harassed or looked down upon. I don't see how the influence of the mainstream media will suddenly make someone want to come out in the way that you're implying - gay people will be more inclined to come out because there's significantly more social acceptance. if someone who isn't gay has these "morals shoved down their throat" and "comes out", they're not coming out; they're simply lying. 3. This point is one that I take really great issue with. Sex ed has been a compulsory part of the school curriculum across all years and all states for a long, long time. Kids aren't told that being gay is awesome and they should totally try it out, they're taught about sexuality, gender, safe sex practices and general biology in a totally partisan way. (https://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/f-10-curriculum/health-and-physical-education) It's pretty clearly important for this to be taught, and your implication that it's a "conversation for parents" makes a lot of assumptions: -That the parents themselves have been educated properly -That the parents are willing to teach their kids about the aforementioned matters -That the parents are capable of teaching in a way that encompasses all viewpoints and possibilities. Having a shitty sex ed curriculum and relying on parents is how you get stereotypical rednecks. Girls start (generally, there's cases of it beginning as early as 4, 5) puberty between 9 and 14, boys between 11 and 16. 10 is a pretty fair age to discuss sexuality and sex in general, I'd say. You're extremely poorly educated. And you're a dick about it too. This is not how you apologise for making a joke in extremely poor taste with the only prior context you being a fuckwit. I'd say that supporting LGBT+ rights and supporting child abuse are fairly different. Cite your statistics. Are you 12? 1. Certainly your perceived popularity of the term is skewed by where you're looking, which you addressed pretty well in your latest post. 2. I'm not well enough versed to say anything concrete on this, but I believe that LGBTQIA/+, which certainly represents them in name is probably the most common abbreviation outside of the original LGBT/+.
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    Hamad loves flexing his moderator. Locking discussions and stopping the flow of ideas is his forte.
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    only good source engine game is CSS. All the others are straight ass.
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    The thread was removed as the person who created it had his account purged, taking all his threads with him. I'm probably going to consider banning it. People are stupid enough to think that it isn't failRP to bhop out of a roleplay situation because it's not covered in the rules. Even regular bhopping around the map is failrp too. Even if you're not in a roleplay situation, you're AVOIDING potential roleplay situations you would have encountered by walking like a normal person. If the server is quiet and you're fucking around you can ask staff if it's ok since there's not likely to be much roleplay happening.
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    I have wanted to have some input in this debate for a while now, and I am finally getting around to it. Many individuals in this debate, @Heinzrich Beanler and @yinmaester8 have asserted how various programs, LGBTI rights promotion initiatives FORCE morality or ideology down peoples throats, or INDOCTRINATE people. There has also been discussion about how Sexual Education efforts at schools, that recognise a variety of sexual orientations, have the same pernicious effect. To that I say the following. Firstly, to assert that is indoctrination as you put it, it's important to justify the use of a word, particularly in the deriding connotations it carries. Indoctrination or to indoctrinate, is to educate or teach without critical regard for your own reference. How exactly is making students aware of the variety of sexual orientations (that mind you, are scientifically supported) beyond the heterosexuality, uncriticial. If anything, it is in giving students a wider conception of sexual orientation, more critical, as that are given the opportunity to consider and assess a broad scope of sexuality beyond simply the rigid confines of heterosexuality, and male and female. What these programs do as well as these initiatives and broaden and introduce people to a broader concept of gender and sexuality, that's it. To claim that it somehow turns people gay, or causes people to become transgender is just incorrect and honestly disingenuous. It is not that these programs themselves make people transition, or adopt different sexual orientations, that is just incorrect. The only role these programs have in the expression of gender identity or sexual orientation, is that they give people the definition and the structures, effectively the words to which they can put their already existing identity into. Thats it, period. There have also been some fairly unscientific things said in this discussion. As mentioned by @Minoru scientific census is that factors, particularly genetics and neurological development that primarily contribute to one's sexual orientation. To say no, its 'learned' as many of you have, is literally just sticking your head in the sand, or putting fingers in your ears. I will concede, social and environment factors have been considered by scientists as playing a role, but to suggest that is 'learned' or solely the product of ones environment, or equate it to MUSIC taste or one's interests, things that are learned , not only is such a comparison simply erroneous, but unscientific, as they are very separate matters neurologically. Others have also asserted that MORALS are being shoved down the throats of society, that people are being bombarded, unduly with the moral principles of a particular group of society. Firstly, to suggest that is only the LGBTI or a leftist conflation as often claimed by many members of this discussion as being the only perpetrators of moral imposition is simply untrue. Both sides of the political spectrum attempt to assert their moral correctness, I bid you the left probably has a greater foothold in the media, but at the same time, it is simply incorrect to imply that it is only the left, or LGBTI advocacy that creates 'division' their the asserting of their moral correctness. Debate and division will always exist, and its a good thing. It is in the scrutiny of ideas, and the critique of moral assertions that allow a society to best filter and elect their best moral and ethical principles. Moral superiority and its championing is nothing new, so stop treating it as if it is something new or something pernicious. So those are my critiques of what has been said. If you are going to make claims, and argue a point about INDOCTRINATION, and MORAL IMPOSITION, or anything, maybe do the decency of explaining that, or reading up on the scientific literature, instead of concocting and asserting scientifically nonfactual claims.
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    Heinz, surely you realise how nonsensical this sounds. You've literally just said people's EQUAL rights need to be limited. It's ironic that you would be talking about keeping stuff to yourself. Heterosexuality is pushed down everyone's throats, it's inescapable if you watch TV, look at ads, read books, watch movies. Even homosexuality's zealots and most dedicated SJWs can not come close to reaching this sort of "pushing down people's throats".
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    First and foremost I respect your opinions and find it rather interesting to read what you have to say considering you do attend LBGT+ events and are a member of the community yourself. All of my opinions (which what they all are, it is a debate after all) are taken from a rather 'out-side' view. Some of my best mates have been LBGT+ (I don't know if anyone remembers Rusty from Jailbreak) and a few highschool mates. I am also currently in a 2 year long relationship with an asexual female (it's a very long story). I myself enjoy watching a youtuber by the name of MILO , he debates all kind of things like this and much more, he is who I got the information about feminism from, and I too agree that men and women have equal rights. Most experience with LBGT+ people have been lovely, which is why it does sadden me that these hate crimes occur. As i stated before I don't want to discredit the past issues and battles fought. I think most people bias (including mine) comes from social media with the increased influx of these extremist cases which seem to get all the attention, whilst these events you attend get little to non. I am still strongly supporting that you should not be scared to be who you are, especially now since help and awareness is at its all time high. As I stated in my first post, I see it as liking a favorite color, you don't necessarily know how it came to be but it just is what it is and it's rather difficult to explain why you like it over other colors. It is just that I have experienced first hand cases were members of the LGBT+ community were using it as an excuse or a reason to act out (this is all dumb highschool drama) where they would accuse people of being homophobic or what not for no valid reasons, which left a rather sour taste in my mouth. If I came off to strong I apologize, I voted Yes and have always supported the LBGT+. Thank you for your response Yuki
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    I find it difficult to understand as to why someone would care who likes who. Also, the community that are against the lgbt community are more annoying and persistent then the lgbt community itself.
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    Look, I try not to stoop to personal attacks, but this is without a doubt one of the stupidest posts I've ever read on the forum, and I can only hope that you're trolling or young enough that you're just blindly mimicking edgy talking points.
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    Yeah naa maybe that's because suicidal fucks end up being fucked in the head and don't get what they want so they just can't deal with life simple as that. LGBT+ Community consist of Kids who were bullied through school parents who failed and not taught there kids simple social skills.
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    @bat I understand what you replied and I take that into account, there definitely are a *minority* that still have those beliefs. Here's my take on sexuality in general. You definitely aren't born homosexual, just as you aren't born heterosexual. You're born a child, you don't even have a concept of these things. I don't want to go as far as saying homosexuality is taught, because that obviously isn't true, we see straight parents producing gay kids all the time What I will say, is that a child's influences growing up have a clear effect on their sexuality. The reason we see SO many people nowadays coming out as gay, (obviously related to it not being so taboo anymore), is largely due to mainstream media trying to throw these morals down our throat, and exposing so many people to it. I voted no for gay marriage. Not necessarily due to the actuality of gays being married. Anybody who's read the legislation that came out will understand this, but homosexuality is now legally being taught in schools across the east coast, which is pure indoctrination. As far as I'm concerned, schools should NOT be responsible, WHATSOEVER in teaching children reproduction. It's a conversation for parents. Worst of all, its kids as young as 10 being taught these things, its absolutely disgusting. Naturally and typically, men and women are attracted by primal instinct, to continue the species. Basically, if you grew up in a community where nobody had ANY concept of the ocean. No books, no knowledge, nothing. Would a child, have the urge to go swimming in the ocean? No, unless the child naturally had an urge to swim in it. This was basically a word dump and i apologise, but mostly im aginst indoctrination and not giving children a choice is the point
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    Honestly this is the only one i've made since tbh smt.
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    Wowww You actually listened to my profile song in such a depth that you edited it and made that. I am actually proud of you Apu, such a nice piece.
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    Very hypocritical coming from you Penguin.
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    tbh this sounds like more of an edgy PMC than a police unit
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