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    Can we just ban yuki, pls
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    Spamming a thread = like 12 comments . Also triggered is not the word, is just the sheer and utter stupidity of you joining back and thinking no one would see this. All of us have had such a massive laugh over this. You were like a member of Poseidon for like 3 or so months IIRC, and you think that you can honestly say that it's retarded. I honestly can't wait for you're next gamemode! Are you going to make it about another shooter simulator but about another tragic event?
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    oc (bat took the photos I'm too lazy)
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    Previous staff member may if they desire to return to the team, apply for the position they previously held (regular staff positions, not management @me) prior to their resignation. There are three conditions to be satisfied to be eligible for this fast-tracking. A) You left the team in good standing (were not demoted, or resigned on terms that were in good standing with the management team). B) 6 Months has not elapsed since you have resigned. C) They have not submitted an application for fast-tracking before. (Staff will only be fast tracked back to their rank once, provided they are accepted, if they resign again, they will have to go through the normal processes; if an application is denied for fast tracking, they cannot apply for fast tracking, they must apply through the regular process) Like all applications, they are accepted or denied at the discretion and consideration of the admin team, so scheme does not guarantee your previous position, it simply allows recently resigned staff, if they so desire, the means of returning to their previous rank, rather than having to go through the arduous, and time consuming process of returning to one's prior rank, which we have found to be a deterrent to staff members who wish to return to the team, who are otherwise completely suitable for their previous rank. Ex-Staff applying for fast-tracking should include the tag [Fast-Tracking] in there thread title. Also, it remains the only current means to apply for the admin rank, which for current staff members, is only granted at the discretion of the management team.
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    This should have been accepted weeks ago. Accepted.
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    G,day you lot, A couple of years ago i played on these servers and dedicated alot of time, now i had all my computers and laptops stolen since then i have moved. i am now back! i look forward to playing with all the oldies that are still around and i look forward to meeting you new lot! so i mainly play the DakRP under the name Tony Corleone. here is the deal im going to play of the last nearly 2 years that ive been in the slammer for the crimes ive committed but now the judge has let me out and im here to make DarkRP Corrupt again! yay more guns right? Anyway for those who know me im excited to be back for those that dont know me, well goodluck im a prick! XOXO gossip Corleone...
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    >shit-talks Poseidon >asks for a dev rank on Poseidon >has a sook when called out for shit-talking Poseidon You're not being "spammed," you got 8 replies calling you out for being an idiot; it really should be quite obvious that you burn your bridges when you start shit-talking, and if you expected it to all be swept under the rug when you want to come crawling back, then that's truly something else. Personally, I've no clue who you are, but if your claim to fame is developing a gamemode centered around shooting children and talking down upon communities you've developed for, then good riddance, find a community that can tolerate your inflated ego. On the bright side, this thread gave me a good laugh
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    @Hinzy You forgot me you utter piece of human @Higashi Good person at heart but sucks at everything that leaks liquid. @Monkey He's okay @Tyger Is without a doubt the nicest person I've come across, and I'd give anything for you. @bat bring race back @Rahj Most humble person I've met, and is a funny @baby Best personality without a doubt @ExplodeThePenguins A really good friend, who I gamerman with all the time @Echo You dude with great intentions. @Malcolm Most mature person to come out of Garry's Mod, like how the heck is that even possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    @Jimmy Perfection. not a shitpost.
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    Thanks to Frankie, Jar00d, Bowser, and even Benji for being involved in the source material. .. And I guess Hamad too.
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    @remixBest guy to play games with, amazing friend @fRONTEZAnnoying asshole but is a great friend though @NapoleonFat, black, and a whole lotta fun @Heinzrich BeanlerBit controversial but kinda funny @Hinzy @Echosmall child who is very mature @peakepicest gamer @Higashiweeb but still nice @Hamadfun muslim @Nick Beanscary muslim (sorry) @babydoo doo head that stinks, funny guy will probably edit more people in later
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    It would help to offer examples of rule interpretation discrepancies and punishments. It's useless to tell us just to unify our staff team if we don't know where the issues are. If you think that punishments are out of line or staff conduct is lacking then it's worth recording examples of bad conduct or excessive ban times and posting staff reports. You're essentially yelling into the wind until you do this.
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    What you need: 4 Kerosene (45 Leaves Per Drum) 2 Drafting Buckets 1 Sulfuric Acid 1 Cooking Pot 1 Gas can 1 Gasoline 1 Leaf Collecting Box (More is better) 1 Pot Plant (More is Better) First, you want to find small bushes around the map like this Second, you want to fill your boxes with leaf’s until you get a seed. Third, you want to take the seed and plant it in a pot plant in your base Fourth, you want to get your leaf boxes and fill them by holding them next to your plant and put them in kerosene. Fifth, repeat step four until you have four kerosene drums filled with leafs. Six, shake your kerosene drums until they are fully shaken Seven, put two kerosene drums into one Drafting Bucket, repeat this step for the other two kerosene drums. Eight, shake both Drafting buckets and put them into a Sulfuric Acid bottle Nine, Put the Sulfuric Acid into the pot Ten, Fill the stove with a Gas can and put the pot on it Eleven, Turn the stove on and wait till the pot reaches 70oC Twelve, Pour the contents of the pot into the Gasoline Jerrycan Thirteen, Press E on the Gasoline Jerrycan and Wala! You have your Item!
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    So you want to see some insight of how to leave a gaming community, but you're unsure how to do it the right way, well fear not my friend, this is a YouTube guide on how to upload to Vimeo so you can watch my guide on xvideos. So first of all, the only way you're going to be making a post if you're going to leave any sort of community in a game is if you're a staff on a server (can be multiple) or you can be applying for staff. Now that we've gotten that out of the way let's get to the steps. The follow steps are if you're making a peaceful farewell post. You've realised that you don't want to be apart of your community anymore due to whatever reason, but you want to leave on good terms so you make a lengthy post which is full of love and thoughts about your past time on that community. People start commenting on it reminiscing with you about past times, and will wish you luck on your future endeavors saying how they'll miss you, but would want to keep in contact with. Now this can go 1 of 2 ways. You end up returning back to the game, and join the same community, and you end up having a lovely time back on the server never wanting to leave. or; You end up returning back to the game, but this time you decide to join another community for a fresh start, whilst still lurking around on your old community. A couple months pass and you see that something gets said, but you don't see context to it and are too soon to judge/jump to a conclusion and shit talk your old community that you loved at one stage. The following are if you're just fed up with the community. You make either a long/short post saying how shit/toxic your community is, and go on and on. People start to comment, and you quote them either expanding upon your points, or just straight up disregarding their post and either attack them, or just turn down their points without talking about them. Eventually you get really, really toxic to the point where you're forum banned never to see again. A few months pass and you want to play on "the best server for this gamemode ever" but you realise that you were community banned from it. You make an appeal which people just shit on you for, and that appeal gets denied then everyone just laughs at you, whilst you cry yourself to sleep knowing that you can't play on the best server that gamemode has to offer. Lastly, this is if you're finished with Garry's Mod, but are still active on the forums. You make a resignation post and state you'll still be on the forums People don't really care and just say cool but you want more attention Ultimately you just play Garry's Mod again because you didn't get that attention you wanted, and you apply for staff only for you to go back to "The follow steps are if you're making a peaceful farewell post." Like and Subscribe! EDIT: or you just be FrankGoesSuperSaiyan and leave the community, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back, and leave again, and join back.
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    WireMod Guide by Fryer Tuck Basics: Inputs: This is what you put into your wire gates or tools. This is also used to calculate data and information so you can manipulate it to work for you. For instance if you input '8' into 'A' and '4' into 'B' on a greater than gate you will receive a positive result back (1) since A is larger but if swapped we will have a negative result (0) because 'B' is larger, to manipulate this you can have a ranger and set 'A' to the ranger distance output, whenever so whenever something passes it will trigger. Outputs: Outputs are the data which you manipulated or received. This data is what you use for a final result or foe another stepbrother manipulate data further. For instance with the example above, the ranger had a output of the distance, using this output we could determine when the range was less than 4 and determine if someone/something is interfering with the beam. Tools: Gates: Arithmetic: *Arithmetic gates on input and output numbers, strings do not work when using these gates* Absolute: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (A) Function: Make the input value 'A' a positive value Add: Inputs: (A, B, ..., H) Outputs: (A) Function: Adds all values from input together Average: Inputs: (A, B, ..., H) Outputs: (A) Function: Averages all the values inputted into the gate Ceiling: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (A) Function: Rounds up the input value to 0 decimal places e.g. 1.25 will equal 2 Divide: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (A) Function: Divides value 'A' by value 'B' Floor: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (A) Function: Rounds down the input value to 0 decimal places e.g. 1.25 will equal 1 Increment: Inputs: (A, Clk, Reset) Outputs: (A) Function: The 'A' value is the amount which the output will increase by, the 'Clk' triggers the increment (Triggered by a changing value), and the 'Reset' will reset the gate to '0' when triggered (Triggered by a changing value) Increment/Decrement: Inputs: (A, Increment, Decrement, Reset) Outputs: (A) Function: The 'A' value is the amount which the output will change by, the 'Increment' act as a clk, and increases the value when triggered, the 'Decrement' act as a clk, and decreases the value when triggered, and the 'Reset' will reset the gate to '0' when triggered (Triggered by a changing value) Inverse: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (A) Function: Divides '1' by 'A' E.g. A=5, 1/5 = 0.2 Multiply: Inputs: (A, B, ..., H) Outputs: (A) Function: Multiplies all values together Negate: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (A) Function: Make the input negative, e.g 1 = -1 Percent: Inputs: (Value, Max) Outputs: (A) Function: You add a value to the gate, and add the max amount, this then calculates the percentage, e.g Value = 13 Max= 100, output = 13% Round: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (A) Function: Round 'A' to closet whole number Random: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (A) Function: continuously generates random numbers between value 'A' and 'B' Square: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (A) Function: Squares the input number Subtract: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (A) Function: Subtracts 'B' from 'A' Vector: *Vectors are written in the form of (X,Y,Z), if a input or output says '[vector]' beside it, it requires the value to be in the form of (X,Y,Z) other wise it will not accept the input or output* Addition: Inputs: (A, B, ..., H) Outputs: (A) Function: Add two vectors together e.g. (1,2,3) + (4,5,6) = (5,7,9) Compose: Inputs: (X, Y, Z) Outputs: (Out) Function: This makes all the values you input into a vector value, e.g. x=1, y=2, z=3 = (1,2,3) Decompose: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (X, Y, Z) Function: This make your vector value into 3 different values D-Latch: Inputs: (In, Clk) Outputs: (Out) Function: When the 'Clk' Value changes it will hold the value 'In' value till the click changes again, latching the value Division: Inputs: (A [vector], B) Outputs: (A) Function: Divides Vector 'A' by 'B' Equal: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (0 or 1) Function: If two vectors are the same it outputs 1 Greater Than: Inputs: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (A) Function: If vector 'A' is greater than vector 'B' it outputs 1 Greater Than or Equal to: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (A) Function: If vector 'A' is greater than or equal vector 'B' it outputs 1 Latch: Inputs: Inputs: (In, Clk) Outputs: (Out) Function: When the 'Clk' Value changes it will hold the value 'In' value till the click changes again, latching the value Less Than: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (A) Function: If vector 'A' is less than vector 'B' it outputs 1 Less Than or Equal to: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (A) Function: If vector 'A' is less than or equal vector 'B' it outputs 1 Multiplication: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (A) Function: Multiplies two vectors together Negate: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (Out) Function: Make the input value negative Normalise: Inputs: (In) Outputs: (Out) Function: Make all parts of the vector either 1 or 0, any number above greater than or equal to 157 turns into one, and below 157 turn into a 0 Not Equal: Inputs: (A. B) Outputs: (Out) Function: If two vectors are not equal it will output 1, otherwise 0 Positive: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (A) Function: Make all values within the vector positive by removing all negative signs Random: Inputs: (N/A) Outputs: (A) Function: Generates a random vector with numbers between 0 and 1 Round: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (A Function: Removes all decimal places and rounds to closest round number Select: Inputs: (Choice, A, B, ..., C) Outputs: (A Function: This gives you the ability to choose between 8 different vector values, the 'Choice' is what determines what vector is chosen. Shift Components Left: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (Out) Function: Moves all vector values to the left, e.g. (1,2,3) becomes (2,3,1) Shift Components Right: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (Out) Function: Moves all vector values to the left, e.g. (1,2,3) becomes (3,1,2) Subtraction: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (Out) Function: Subtracts one vector from another To string: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (Out) Function: This turns the vector into a string e.g. (1,2,3) turns into '1,2,3' in text form Comparison: *Comparison gates only input and output numbers (0 or 1), strings do not work when using these gates* Greater Than: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (0 or 1) Function: When value 'A' is larger than value 'B' it outputs 1, otherwise 0 Greater or Equal: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (0 or 1) Function: When value 'A' is larger than or equal to value 'B' it outputs 1, otherwise 0 Equal: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (0 or 1) Function: When value 'A' is equal to value 'B' it outputs 1, otherwise 0 Less or Equal: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (0 or 1) Function:When value 'A' is less than value 'B' it outputs 1, otherwise 0 Less Than: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (0 or 1) Function: When value 'A' is less than or equal to value 'B' it outputs 1, otherwise 0 Is in Range (Exclusive): Inputs: (Min, Value, Max) Outputs: (0 or 1) Function: When the input 'value' is NOT between the min or max values the output is 1, other wise 0 Is in Range (Inclusive): Inputs: (Min, Value, Max) Outputs: (0 or 1) Function: When the input 'value' IS between the min or max values the out putis 1, other wise 0 Time: *These gates do not accept strings, vectors, etc..., only numbers* Accumulator: Inputs: (A, Hold, Reset) Outputs: (Out) Function: When 'A' is above one the amount increases, but when 'Hold' is above one it stops accumulating, the 'Reset' set the gate back to 0 when triggered Delay: Inputs: (Clk, Delay, Hold, Reset) Outputs: (Out, Time Elapsed, Remaining) Function: This gates when triggered will wait 'x' amount of time ('delay') before it starts counting up like a timer for 'x' amount of time ('hold') before resetting. Monostable Timer: Inputs: (Run, Time, Reset) Outputs: (Out) Function: This timer when activated will equal 1 till it reaches the value of 'time' then it resets, the 'Reset' set the gate back to 0 when triggered OS Date: Inputs: (N/A) Outputs: (Out) Function: This ticks up one number per day that passes OS Time: Inputs: (N/A) Outputs: (Out) Function: This ticks up on number per second that passes Saw Pulse: Inputs: (Run, Reset, Slope Raise Time, Pulse Time, Slope Descend Time, Gap Time, Min, Max) Outputs: (Out) Function: The 'min' and 'max' are the smallest and largest values which can be seen, the 'Slope Raise Time' is how long it takes for the saw pulse to reach the 'Max', the 'Slope Descend Time' is how long it takes to go down, the 'Gap Time' is how long in-between each pulse, and the 'Pulse Time' is how long it say activated for. Smother: Inputs: (A, Rate) Outputs: (Out) Function: The 'A' input is the target number which the gate increments or decrements towards, whilst the 'Rate' being how fast it does so Square Pulse: Inputs: (Run, Reset, Pulse Time, Gap Time, Min, Max) Outputs: (Out) Function: The 'min' is that starting value and the 'max' is the ending value, the Square Pulse statically switches between them, with the pulse time being how long it stays at the 'max' value and the gap time being how long it stays at the 'min' value. Timer: Inputs: (Run, Reset) Outputs: (Out) Function: When the 'run' input is active it counts up, when the 'Reset' gate is active it goes back to '0' Entity: *Entities are from props and/or other wire tools which output the entities of players* AimDirection: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: This gate outputs the direction which someone is facing between (-1,-1,-1) and (1,1,1) AimEnity: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (String) Function: This gate outputs what entity is being looked at by the input entity AimNormal: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: Same as direction AimPosition: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Vector) Function: Displays the location of what the entity is looking at Angle: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: Displays the angle the entity is oriented Bearing: Inputs: (Ent, Position) Outputs: (Ent) Function: Displays the bearing of which a player is located Direction: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Forward, Right, Up) Function: Displays where someone is looking on each axis Colour: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: Displays the colour of the input entity Elevation: Inputs: (Ent, Position) Outputs: (Out) Function: Displays the elevation of the entity EntityID: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (Out) Function: Shows the identity of a entity Equal: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (1 or 0) Function: Equals 1 if two entity ID are the same, otherwise 0 Inequal: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (1 or 0) Function: Equals 1 if two entity ID's are not the same, otherwise 0 Health: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: Shows the health of a entity ID to entity: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (Ent) Function: Converts a number into a entity Is on ground: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (1 or 0)Function: Tells if a entity is on the ground by outputting 1, or 0 if not on the ground Is Player: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (1 or 0) Function: Tells if a entity is a player by outputting 1, or 0 Position: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: Shows the position of a entity Material: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: Shows the material of a entity Model: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: Shows the model of a entity Name: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: Shows the name of a entity/player Owner: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: Shows the owner of a entity Radius: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: Shows the radius of which a entity takes up Select: Inputs: (Choice, A, B, ..., H) Outputs: (Ent) Function: This gives you the ability to choose between 8 different entities, the 'Choice' is what determines what vector is chosen. SteamID: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: Shows the steam ID of a player Time connected: Inputs: (Ent) Outputs: (Out) Function: Shows how long someone has been connected to the server Selection: *These are used to chose a output from a variety of different outputs* 7 segment decoder: Inputs: (A, Clear) Outputs: (A, B, .., G) Function: This is used in combination with a 7 segment display, when you input a number to 'A' (0-9) it will display them in a 7 segment fashion, when Clear is triggered it clears the display (To setup the outputs to the display, order them A= top middle, B = top right, C = bottom right, D = bottom middle, E = bottom let, F = top left, G = middle If then else: Inputs: (A, B, C) Outputs: (Out) Function: If the value of 'A' is triggered, the output is 'B' otherwise 'C' Maximum (largest): Inputs: (A, B, ..., H) Outputs: (Out) Function: Out of all the inputs if finds the largest one and outputs it Minimum (smallest): Inputs: (A, B, ..., H) Outputs: (Out) Function:Out of all the inputs if finds the smallest one and outputs it Router: Inputs: (Path, Data) Outputs: (A, B, ..., H) Function: The router transfers data into different segments, the 'Data' input is transferred to one of the 8 outputs, the 'Path' is chosen by a number 1-8. e.g. if 'Path' = 4 and 'Data' = 3, the data will be transferred to D, making the output D = 3 Select (Choice): Inputs: (Choice, A, B, ..., H) Outputs: (Out) Function: This gives you the ability to choose between 8 different numbers, the 'Choice' is what determines what vector is chosen. Time/Date decoder: Inputs: (Time, Date) Outputs: (Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Days, Year) Function: This is used if you want to find the year, day of the year, or the time Value Range: Inputs: (Min, Max, Value) Outputs: (Out) Function: This is used the same way as a range gate, the value in between the 'min' and 'max' is left untouched, but if the value is below the 'min' is equals the 'min' and if above the 'max' it equals the 'max' Other useful tools: Ranger: Inputs: (N/A) Outputs (Distance, Position, Velocity, Angle, Colour, SteamID, Entity+Entity ID) Functions: Distance: The distance on a ranger is very useful and has many functions, this can be used to determine when something goes past and interferes with the beam, or when a door gets opened or closed. These are typically used to set of alarm setups and tell when someone is in a base. Steam ID: Steam ID can be used to perform a function when someone of a matching steam ID walks the ranger, this could be open a door or make a noise, etc... Entity + Entity ID: This is used for many things to do with entity gates, like the name of someone, their health and many more things Others: The other outputs are not really useful but can serve a purpose like seeing something colour, how fast they're moving and where, and there position and angle. User: Inputs: (N/A) Outputs: (Fire) Functions: These are one of the most popular wire tools as they are needed when making a wire gun store, these users interact with what ever they are pointing at when they are triggered. Constant Value: Inputs: (N/A) Outputs: (Numbers, Strings, Vectors, etc...) Functions: As their name probably suggest these have a constant value and are used typically in comparison gates and when measuring something or setting a *standard* for something, these can be used for a cycling text screen, by controlling the timing and the strings produced. These are the most importance wire utensil as they are required on nearly every wire project. Button: Inputs: (Set) Outputs: (Out, Entity ID) Functions: These are used to *trigger* a lot of contraptions, the 'out' output, outputs 1 of 2 numbers, when placing the button you have 2 values, these are you on and off values. Text Screen: Inputs: (String, Font, FGColour, BGColour) Outputs: (N/A) Functions: These are used to display messages, the 'string' input is what message is displayed, the 'font' is self explanatory, the 'FGColour' is the font colour, and the 'BGColour' is the background colour Screen: Inputs: (A, B) Outputs: (N/A) Functions: The screen before placing has a few options, these options are not inputs or outputs. The first option being if you want one or two values displayed, the second on being if you have a single value the font is larger, the left alignment being that is aligned on the left side, the floor screen value removes all decimals from the screen, and the others are not really necessary. The Text A and Text B are what you want to call your values, and the flat to surface option makes your screen the same orientation as the prop you putting it on (a necessary). Lights: Inputs: (Red, Green, Blue, RGB, Glow Brightness, Glow Size) Outputs: (N/A) Functions: These lights have a lot more potential compared to normal lights, you have the ability to change the lights with a button, or make them automatically cycle through the spectrum. You can also make sensor lights using these (shown below how to do so). Colour Indicator: Inputs: (A) Outputs: (N/A) Functions: These can be used to indicate something when triggered by changing colours, this prop changes back when it is no longer triggered. Trigger: Inputs: (N/A) Outputs: (Entity Count, Entities) Functions: The trigger is used like a sensor, detecting if/how many entities are near by, there is a drop down box when placing these in you inventory, this box allows you to make it only sense players, making it perfect for sensor lights and/or any other sensor actions you may want to build. Money Pot: Inputs: (Spawn All, Spawn Amount) Outputs: (Stored Amount, Last Amount, Updated) Functions: These are used to trigger auto gun stores and other store functions mainly and trigger when a certain *requirement* is meet Sound Emitter: Inputs: (A, Toggle, Volume, Play, Stop, PitchRelative, Sample, SampleName) Outputs: (Duration, Property Sound, Properties, Memory) Functions: As you would expect this emits a sound, you choose this sound by either equipping the tool the right clicking, or when in your inventory, you press 'open sound browser', when you wire something to 'A' on this, the sound will play when triggered until the trigger stops, e.g. if you have a 1.5 second sound, and a triggers which last 1 second, the sound will play for 1 second Keypad Doors: Inputs: (N/A) Outputs: (Granted, Denied) Functions: Apart from being a normal fading door, you can see when you fading doors are triggered, access granted or denied Friends List: Inputs: (Check Entity, check SteamID, Check Entity ID) Outputs: (Checked, Friends, Amount Connected, Amount Total) Functions: This could be used to detected when a friend in passing through a ranger, or can be used on security systems, white listing players added to this tool. Extra: To change the model of a certain wire tool to look like another prop simply write 'wire_(tool)_model (model name)' e.g. wire_light_model models/hunter/plates/plate.mdl To obtain the model name of what you want open your inventory and right click the prop you want it to look like and press 'copy to clipboard'. WireMod creations to build and how: Gun store: Requirements: - User (facing shipment location) - Money Pot - Equal to (comparison gate) - Constant value (set weapon prices before placing) - Extra - Seconds user (facing money pot) Setup: - Make somewhere for your shipment to sit keeping in mind where the weapon drops - Place down all the required wire required, keep close to where you shipment is for ease of use and for when editing (make sure the users are facing the shipment location and the beam will touch the shipment, same goes for the money pot Wire: - Equal to: - Wire 'A' to 'Stored amount' on the money pot - Wore 'B' to weapon price on constant value - User: - Wire 'Fire' on the user (1 & 2) to the 'Equal to' gate Sensor light: Requirements: - Trigger - Select (Vector gate) - Constant Value (Values, (1), (0,0,0), (x,y,z) - colour of your choice, RBG) - Add - Wire Light - Greater then or equal (comparison gate) Setup: - Place light down where you want it to be (custom model if you want, see above) - Place trigger down (keep in mid the size is the area which will trigger the light, also tick the box to 'All Triggers Visible", my recommended size is 300,300,300) - Place down the rest of the wire requirements (nearby is recommended) Wire: - On the Greater or Equal gates, wire 'A' to 'Entity Count' on the Trigger, and 'B' to '1' on the constant value. - Wire 'A' in the add gate to 'Out' on the equal gate, and 'B' to '1' on the constant value. - Wire 'Choice' on the select gate to 'Out' on the add gate - Wire 'A' on your select to your first colour, this will be your colour when you are away from your light - Wire 'B' on your select to your second colour, this will be your colour when you are away from your light Text screen (with text cycle feature): Requirements: - Text Screen - Constant values (include your strings, and how many strings as a value, e.g. 2 strings, add 2 at end, also add how long you want your message to last, also include 1) - Increment - Pulser - Greater Then - Extra - Wire Button (values 1 and 0, toggle) Setup: - Place down your text screen, and the corresponding wire where ever you want, as always being closer is just easier Wire: - Wire 'String' on the text screen to the select gate - Wire 'A to H' or as many as you want, strings on your select gate, you can have up to 8 different strings - Wire 'Choice' on your select gate to the increment 'Out' - Wire 'A' on the increment gate to '1' on the constant value - Wire 'Clk' on your increment to the pulser out - Wire 'Reset' on your increment gate to the greater then gate 'Out' - Wire 'A' on your greater then to increment 'Out' - Wire 'B' on your greater then to the number on your constant value matching the amount of strings you want, e.g. 3 strings = 3 - Wire 'Tick Time' on your pulser gate to how long you want your message to be displayed, e.g. 1 second = 1, 2 second = 2 - Wire 'Run' to either '1' on your constant value, or a toggle wire button Health and name reader: Requirements: - Ranger (With the 'Ent. Id' box ticked) - Health gate - Name Gate - Screen (Title 'Health') - Text Screen - Setup: - Place the ranger where the person will be standing when you want there health/name read - Place the Screen and Text screen where you want to see the information - Place the rest of the wire where ever you please, keep in mind having it closer to your other wire tools will be easier to edit Wire: - Wire 'Ent. ID' from your ranger to your health gate - Wire 'Ent. ID' to your ranger to your name gate - Wire 'A' from your screen to you health gate 'Out' - Wire 'String' from your screen to the name gate 'Out' Security System: Requirements: - Trigger: - Friends list - Ranger (with Ent ID) - 2 x If then else - Keypad - Delay - Constant Value (how long you want your 'safe zone' period to be +4, e.g. 1 second = 5 seconds, 2 seconds = 6 seconds ..., also add 1 and 0) - - Light: - Increment - Delay - Add - Select (Vector) - Greater then - Light - Constant Value (with how fast you want your light to pulse, and for how long when triggered,) - Friend List - Ranger (with Ent ID) - 2 x IF then else - Keypad - Pulser - 2x Delay - Select (Vector) - Constant value - Increment - Greater then - Add Setup: - Trigger: - Setup your fading door and place the wire somewhere where you can access it to wire it (each time you place the dupe you will need to rewire the keypad) - Light: - Place the lights and the wire somewhere where you want it to be (i recommend keeping the trigger wire in one group, and having the light in another group nearby) Wire: - Trigger: - Wire 'Check Entity' from the Friends List tool to the 'Entity' output from your ranger - Wire 'Clk' from your delay gate to 'Checked' on your Friends List tool - Wire 'Hold' to your constant value with how long your save time is (if below 4 seconds alarm will always go off, i recommend 6 seconds, allows for you to have 2 seconds to open the door) - Wire 'A' on your if then else gate to the 'Out' from your Delay gate, - Wire 'B' on your if then else gate to '0' on your and 'C' to '1' - Wire 'A' on your second if then else gate to 'Granted' on your keypad (this will need to be done every time you place your dupe, i recommend making this gate easily accessible, and maybe changing its colour) - Wire 'B' on your second if then else to 'Out' on your first if then else gate - Wire 'C' on your second if then else to '0' - Light: - Wire 'Clk' on your delay to the 'Out' on your second if then else gate - Wire 'Hold' on your delay gate to how long you want your alarm to last - Wire 'Run' on your pulser to 'Out' on your delay - Wire 'TickTime' on your pulser to how fast you want you light to flash - Wire 'A' on your increment gate to '1' - Wire 'Clk' on your increment gate to 'Out' on your pulser - Wire 'Reset' on your increment to 'Out' on your greater then gate - Wire 'A' on your greater then gate to 'Out' on your increment gate - Wire 'B' on your greater then gate to '2' - Wire 'Choice' on your select gate to 'Out' on your increment gate - Wire 'A' on your select gate to your first colour (this will be active always until the alarm is off, i use 0,0,0 so the light is off unless being raided) - Wire 'B' on your select gate to your second colour (this flashes when the alarm is triggered, i use 255,0,0) Budget mini gun store: Requirements: - User - Keypad - Random prop (this is due to keypads requiring a block) Setup: - Place you user facing your shipment location Wire: - Wire 'granted' from the keypad to 'fire' on the user This post will be a constant work in progress and over time will develop, I plan on potentially making some YouTube videos to show how to build some wire contraptions down the road. Also is you feel there is something missing or incorrect in this post feel free to comment and I'll look around to adding/fixing it.
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    The Minecraft, Garry's Mod and Rust community has a lot of overlap, and i feel like a Rust server would be pretty cool, and since it'd be low pop wipes wouldn't have to be weekly/fortnightly and could instead extend to a per-month basis. Not sure if this idea has already been suggested and refused (I'd say the chance that such an idea has already been put forward on this forum is pretty likely). Rust is a pretty big game, so if it doesn't quite attract a majority from the current community, it will definitely introduce new blood into the other servers already available on Gmod and Minecraft.
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    The Rickman Report Welcome everybody to the second edition of The Rickman Report; my irregular news report that covers all things from politics, slavery, science experiments gone wrong, and the better sides of life. In tonight's edition we have exclusive interviews with local Chief Superintendent Don Pinto, a mayor with a dark secret, a man who's past is as sad as his skin is thick (literally), and a cancer that's growing beneath our city. This report includes photos, interviews and simple stories of the lives of these people. Don Pinto Officer Pinto takes watch over the Town Hall Pictured above is the local Chief Superintendent Don Pinto, a man who wants only to make the city the best it can be, and stands as a shining example of who officers in Triton should strive to be. Officer Pinto - called Don by his friends, is a man who has been a pivotal part of the local Police force for many years now. He signed up out of a personal necessity, explaining: “I think that being part of something great is important. I wanted to be a contributing member of this city, and helping people is a passion of mine. I just try to be a good bloke is all.” We continued our conversation by discussing what he has noticed about this city as an officer that he didn’t before he signed up, and much to his positive personality, he states: "I've noticed that there are a lot more good people around than bad.” When asked what his views were towards the rising issue on slavery in this city - something we discuss further into tonights report, he said that: “I think being now in 2019 that the idea slavery should be condemned by all who consider themselves modern age people - regardless of colour we are all human and I think that only sometimes slavery should be allowed, like prison labour. I'm a very big fan of prison labour y’know; we should put them to work to work the crime out of them” With hearing that comment, I brought up the idea of Don running for a overseeing position as Police Chief or Mayor, and he agreed with my idea saying: "Absolutely. My plan is to continue my great work on the ground here and i think when the time is right I’ll be offered a promotion to chief where I’ll use my wisdom to help this city to improve. Not to say that Chief (Boy) Sempson isn’t good, he’s absolutely fantastic and doing a great job.” Before we wrapped up our interview, I asked Don if he had anything else he’d like to discuss, and without a second thought he began to explain his thoughts towards - of all things, global warming! "Firstly i’d like to say smoking any type of herbs is horrible for the environment and I think that tobacco being sold is a horrible thing. I’ve been involved in research looking into vapes and it turns out they are heavily contributing to the global warming crisis plaguing us. They contribute heavily to harming the blanket above us - I think it's called the atmosphere or something, and in my view, they should be illegal permanently.” To finish, Don asked me to place this quote as his final word. "Don pinto thinks it’s atrocious for anyone to wear thongs, sandals or any type of slip on shoes with socks.It’s horrible and you shouldn’t do it” The Dark Secret of Mayor Shrood Good Mayor Shrood Good pictured just as the news of his slavery ring had broken The second interview of the night was with Mayor at the time Shrood Good. Mayor Good is a mayor who believes he and his police force have kept the city in peace and success during his run of mayor. However, there was a cancer growing underneath the positive shell of this mayors reign. The mayor pictured above had been slowly organizing a dreadful slave syndicate with his deputy Sal Vulcano. When questioned about these claims - he stated “We are not auctioning people, we are auctioning workplace employees. They are not being forced to do anything, and are not being locked in that room” Unfortunately for him, they were. It was later discovered that there were two slaves locked in the a cell in behind the forum of the Town Hall. It took for an officer by the name of Nih Grrr to free these slaves. One of these men was Gala Chun, whom we have an interview with below. Gala Chun Gala Chun mere minutes after escaping the grasps of slavery The third piece we have tonight is with the aforementioned Gala Chun - a homeless man whom was recently forcefully enslaved by the not-so-sparkly clean government in an attempt to auction him off as a slave. While being caught in the slavery ring, he was shot many times, brutally beaten with stun sticks and whips, and psychologically dismantled by hearing repeatedly that he would never see the light of day again. He had initially been told that he would be receiving money for his work, however they lied to him, and trapped him inside of a cell located right in the middle of the town hall. He stated he was there for hours. After being freed by Officer Grr, he said he’d like to work on preventing any further slave trades from operating, and ran off to begin his life as a human rights activist. We here at Rickman Report wish Mr. Chun all the best in his adventures! Not long afterwards I ended up witnesses a man named Louie Charles (pictured below) mugging a doctor at the local mental institution. I proceeded to be shot by this man. Luckily, I was in the perfect place for a speedy recovery. "Are you feeling lucky punk? Well, are ya?" Michael Michael (center) being flanked by his South Triton Bloods friends Meet Michael, a young man who has a special secret as a result of horrific government experiments, whose eyes are as sad as his story. One normal day, Michael accidentally attacked the mayor, and as a result many officers starting shooting at Michael without seeking out any explanation or reasoning behind the attack. He was nearly killed and placed under arrest, and while in jail, they conducted horrible experiments on the young man. After leaving prison, he came out as a self described monster - a invincible freak of nature immune to all forms of punishment be it bullet, knife or fist. A nearby member of his crew - the South Triton Bloods, then spoke up saying “I stuck my finger in my bum and it smelled like chicken”. When asked what he planned to do with his newfound powers, Michael stated “The most important thing i should do is help this city, but i have my homies to worry about. I need to help them take down the Crips”. Josh and the Bear: A Tale of Slavery Kane Bear (right) pictured with Comrade Sal (center) - taken from my shop window prison The last story of the evening is a life changing occurrence that happened to myself. To further investigate the rumours of a slave trade that surround our city, I went undercover to try and see if I could dig up some information regarding these people. Unfortunately, it turned south quickly. I was approached by a man named Kane Bear who asked me to follow him into his house as a tour - while this man had no weapon, his demeanour was life threatening enough as it was. I was soon pushed into a small shop window, where Mr. Bear proceeded to try and sell me to the public passing by. Were it not for the generosity of Comrade Sal, a local security agent, I would still be stuck inside that small shop window today. This humbling experience has led me to see the proof of the slavery plaguing our city. Will the police and government officials respond to this rising problem, or will they continue to take advantage of the poor and less fortunate in order to further their own monetary gain. - - - This has been The Rickman Report! Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed what you found here. If you have any feedback feel free to leave it below and I'll be sure to get to it. Also, I'll try to make the wait for this a little shorter next time around. Cheers!
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    RP Name: Yuki Akihito Suggestion: Remove FearRP rules and create an environment where "FearRP" comes naturally, instead of being forced. Description of suggestion: As some people may know from my constantly bringing it up, I don't exactly think that FearRP is a good rule, and I'm here to lobby for its removal. Whilst, yes, it's undeniable that, within circumstances, it adds a lot more roleplay to combat-based interactions, and I do find this added RP to be valuable, I can't help but to feel as if FearRP existing as a rule is simply flawed, and in some situations, a detriment to roleplay rather than an addition. For the benefits it provides to mugging and raids—if people are willing to go through with it, and if the perpetrators are wanting to try it—interacting with FearRP often seems to feel as if it's running on a script entirely dictated by the MOTD, and I don't think this is how RP situations should operate. However realistic it is that people should be fearing for their lives (and don't get me wrong, I don't think that people shouldn't be roleplaying like this) engaging with FearRP more often than not doesn't feel like getting involved in a realistic roleplay situation. In a majority of situations, people don't follow along because they want to roleplay with the perpetrator, but because they're obliged to, and they know that not doing so is going to end up in getting a warn. I know, too, that when I'm raiding or mugging, by simply initiating FearRP I'm in full control of the situation, and anybody doing anything outside of what I say is a breach of the rules. This is not how I personally want RP to operate, and I don't think that we should be warning people because they're not RPing a specific way, even if their own side of the situation does have RP merit. Forced RP is bad RP, in my eyes, and people should be creating their own RP situations instead of engaging in a situation by obligation and acting just like everyone else has and will. Another flaw with FearRP is that we just cannot enforce it; a majority of players don't record all of their gameplay, and if they don't have a recording of the situation, 99% of the time there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it. Whilst people may engage in FearRP because they don't want to be punished, the reality is that unless they're recording, which is unlikely, and unless a staff member just happens to be watching, you can get away with pulling out a weapon and gunning them down. There's not very much that we have to go off of to indicate that someone did or didn't break FearRP, so even if someone very blatantly did, there usually isn't anything that we can do outside of a slap on the wrist. It's difficulty to enforce, and especially the fact that players are aware with this, breaks down some of the value FearRP has. So what do I propose to make the situation better? First off, I think that FearRP rules should be entirely removed, and people should have the freedom to roleplay combat engagement exactly as they see fit. If you are a criminal being arrested, outsmart Police and try to sneak off down that alleyway as soon as you see an opening. If you think that you have what it takes to ward off the perps, take out your gun and give it a shot. If you want to distract them until your friend can show up, do it, you'll have better chances coming out on top. You may decide on your own that you're better off complying with their demands, too, which is a better outcome than being forced to. There's even more additional roleplay on the initiator's side, too, as you can't just walk up to somebody and demand something, immediately getting what you want. If you want to mug someone, you'll have to decide the risk and reward, finding people who look like they're not heavily armed and won't cause a fuss. You may find an officer who looks a bit injured, and use them to break into the PD instead of someone perfectly healthy wearing heavy kevlar who just has to comply. Of course, there has to be a reason to comply, else everybody will take their chances and try to out-gun eachother. Death needs to be a valid and real concern, and being killed should be an inconvenience, much more than losing your weapons and $150. I'm not entirely sure what would be effective, but potentially a cooldown could be implemented before respawning, obviously being able to be fast-tracked by staff members in RDM cases. A bit more money could be dropped, too, which may be a bit more worrisome with the recent eco reset. If there are new ways to break out of jail, people may choose that over dying and have someone come break them out. I think that naturally creating FearRP by making death a bit annoying would be much more beneficial to roleplay than forcing it with a rule. How would this benefit the server? Creating FearRP naturally as a response to not wanting death would create much more RP in combat scenarios than forcing the situation on people with a rule. FearRP, if followed in the first place, always goes down the exact same way, because people are forced to do it that way by the MOTD, and I think that creating a more natural FearRP would get people roleplaying as they see fit, instead of exactly as the server requires.
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    I can see where you're coming from and why you'd be saying this but there's a new generation of squeakers, toxic people and potential regulars as servers like DarkRP and TTT have been more active during the week. There's always gonna be days like shrek swamp and simon says which yes does cause mass rebel but it eventually balances out and people won't rebel as much with less oppressive wardens, as wardens learn that less retarded days cause for less rebellions. Whatever so what if the gamemode is gonna die, at least if there was an attempt to bring back the server, every other attempt was ill timed and considering that most of the former regulars that were active in 2017/2018 want the server back and if they play on it then give it to them.
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    Hey it's your favourite satirical, narcissist ex-manager here, Jailbreak was fun for a good couple years for me but please just let it pull a seinfeld and die, the whole reason why I want this to blow over is because people won't remember it for the good memories they had playing, they'll just remember "yeah we tried to revive it for 2 years but it just got shitter each time". Glhf Napoleon, if it goes well then congrats but newsflash, everyone that made the gamemode good has either grown up and got jobs/uni or has gone off to do their own thing in some way. A lot of points on this post are "oh remember the good times rabble rabble rabble" but y'all seem to forget that for a good year and a half before it shut down there was no frequency of players, staff, regulars or anything. If you guys want someone to blame, blame yourselves, we lost players because it was always "shrek's swamp day" or "simon says day", it was a miracle when someone like Pedil would get warden, since they'd have some originality and actual interest in being in charge of the server for a round. Cut your losses and keep it as a good memory you have when you were all teens.
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    If your plan is to constantly move to different communities claiming to offer a god like expertise *creates a gamemode simulating shooting children in schools for laughs, sounds rad* then shit talk the communities you previously “worked” for to make your offer more enticing, then my friend, you truly are the most Superior... out of all the retards on this planet. Like seriously did you actually think someone wouldn’t find out? Anyway, I suggest putting a cap on that ego and returning to what you do best, *creating fucked up gamemodes* talking shit. Have a nice day Mr Jacob. PS: Why did you even create a thread about this... It’s like saying should I wipe my ass today or go brag about my superiority to my friends in ego studies class. You decide what you wanna do and message an owner if you want to help out instead of asking the community to decide if you should walk over to your computer and “press keys” for a “retarded community”... sorry for coming across as a cockhead but you asked for it (eh maybe I’m not sorry).
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    This ladies and gentlemen is a smart man +1 to both. I hate going from base to base having to add people. This is a good idea
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    Surely just bring the one chill gamemode Poseidon has to offer, if you can, can you bring back the old times from people, gt and that jazz. Bunny hop was one of the few servers you could just have a solid chill time, no fighting, no stuck up admins to deal with, everyone just minded their own business, it was bliss. Pros: Easy to set up even if you guys lost everything due to pterodactyl 'incident' No staff needed No manager needed, if you really wanna put someone in charge put @peak or @remix Chill ass fucking server Everything else. Cons A dickhead sucks owner and senior staff dick to get bhop manager and turns it into a dictatorship Oh and bring the old gametrackers back pretty please xoxoxo
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    Hello, my steam name is vxChronicz, but you see me in-game on the DarkRP server as "Giovanni Ricardo" I like gmod and other cool things. If you see me, say hi, I will back, anyway have a nice day.
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