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  5. Chris

    Bring it back
  6. Earlier
  7. bat

    If more people want to join, we could play bracketeering until people drop off. It's kind of like a shittier quiplash if I remember correctly, but it's not that bad.
  8. Vortex

    ill join if somebody drops out
  9. bat

    It's a pack of party games. Essentially, one person needs to have the game and stream it, and the others just play in their browsers in a unique "room". The prompt will usually be on the game/stream, and everyone will answer in their browsers (or phone, if you are that way inclined). Quiplash is an example of one of their more popular games. It's extremely fun, though I suppose it depends on how funny the people you're playing with are. Would recommend
  10. Jerome Bills

    what is jackbox?
  11. Bibbity Booty

    I’ll do my best, but on the night I might be busy with work. We’ll see how it goes, just letting people know that my spot might be more of a “maybe”
  12. bat

    Jackbox Night

    If you haven't played Jackbox at all, it's essentially a stream+browser game. Only one person needs to own the game and host the stream. The limit is 8 because most games have that limit (except Bracketeering, which isn't very popular), however people may drop in and out so if the event fills up and you miss out, I'm sure slots will open up later in the night.
  13. Chris

    <-- for reference
  14. this new hd one sucks ass bro bring back the shitty low res facepunch one
  15. So glad Poseidon RP is back, that is all I have to say about that. 😊

  16. I seem to have lost my old Poseidon account, rip 😞

  17. Friend

    Check my profile song

  18. unban me unban me

    1. Hagop


      wrong profile, go to @Echo

    2. Friend


      He didnt do nothing

  19. stepdad

    keep the old logo and ill get a tattoo of it sounds like a good deal to me
  20. Jamie

    new logo competition?
  21. BlueHSomething

    Newish logo, different colour pallet for the forums and maybe even layout or at least add icons to the forum pages like this server https://theatlasuprising.com/forums/index.php pretty much a new coat of paint on a familiar house
  22. Echo

    Could you at least suggest ways which this could be done?
  23. BlueHSomething

    Since posiedon is coming back full force. Why not revamp the style of it n stuff while it's happening? Give it a new coat of paint and style instead of keeping the old way. at least in some areas o: could be dope and attract more players into the community
  24. BlueHSomething

    Mhhm, just hope we don't get a bunch of squeakers tho
  25. Napoleon

    I think it's a good idea to first see how DarkRP holds up, because most of the players right now are ones from before it shutdown. If more new players join and there are more new members, I think that's when another server should be thought of.
  26. Vortex

    i think TTT would be nice. with a nice selection of maps and some addons i think it could be quite popular. it would be far easier to bring back something like ttt compared to swrp or jailbreak
  27. BlueHSomething

    Why not make a forum side poll somewhere that people will instantly see for the next server to be added when you guys are ready to bring another server back? could be dope
  28. Jamie

    we don't really need more emojis, but thank you.
  29. Name: friend Suggestion: New emoji This addition to the response emojis would greatly improve the content on this forum as it would deter users from posting jokes/content of low quality.
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