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  2. Sea Shanties

    Bruh sound effect #2 have fun
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  4. Hamad

    Ma nigga MILKKKK And thanks for the help. Will make you proud.
  5. Latu

    this is so sad
  6. Fruity Boy

  7. m3islessthen3characters

    hey man so sad to see you leave, thanks for everything you've done. Please visit me in prison
  8. Tickle Fingers

    Hi guys, As you may or may not have known, I have been working behind the scenes with Dusk to work on and improve the server. I have poured a lot of time into this, but now my university course and other irl commitments have left me no choice but to resign form my pseudo-manager position. This is a hard post to make but I hope you all respect my situation. I would like to give a special thanks to m3 and peakdaddy for always supporting me and helping with their input. Thank you Dusk for allowing me to work alongside you to improve the Poseidon TTT server, it truly is fantastic. See you on the battlefield, PS Shoutout to my nigga Freaky for always letting me down in fortnite
  9. The Flying Sloth

    Is there any ETA on servers being fixed? The announcement was made over a month ago yet all but two servers are down (including the teamspeak). Can we expect servers to be brought back up and if so, when?
  10. Sir Frederick

    Yes that's what I'm trying to get across if you change your job NLR applies but if your fired you can take a hit out on your old employer.
  11. take notes kids


    1. Joe Hockey

      Joe Hockey


  12. yinmaester8

    @Hinzy ban this kid he shitposted ni shiptoasting
  13. Yesterday
  14. remix

    "Have had little experience with you but it was a good experience Iโ€™m going to to neutral as I donโ€™t have experience with you" - @Kaptian Core
  15. Yuki ๐ŸŒบ

    My bad, sorry for the misinterpretation. To elaborate, I don't think that being fired from a position constitutes a new life, whereas changing a job should trigger NLR. Placing a hit on someone who got you firedโ€”like the Chief or Mayor for firing you, or a politician overthrowing youโ€”is something I'd consider perfectly fine at the current moment, whereas changing your job to act upon something shouldn't be permitted. The motd could be cleared up a bit more on this, I do agree.
  16. Fruity Boy

    -1 | I mean, if someone is fired, they aren't starting a "new life," whereas if someone is say a citizen, gets mugged, then switches to cop to arrest them, that would be NLR. I am however up for changing the definition in the MOTD.
  17. -=Joker=-

    +1 In real life you would not just forget ya life once you quit or get fired from a job and isn't the point of DarkRP to be exactly like real life no matter what.
  18. -=Joker=-

    Haha he was a twelvy not long ago XD +1 to good at knowing the rules and is to mature for a DarkRP player like wtf who would be mature on DarkRP... Mr. Wee Woo out
  19. -=Joker=-

    +1 Is a good cloke I guess... Idk all the reasons for my +1 have been said... Welp bye. Mr. Wee Woo out
  20. Fruity Boy

    he already did what a nerd
  21. Punisha00

    missed my discord name and reason Discord Name: Bob Ried #9074 i want some money
  22. Punisha00

    RP name: Bob Reid Steam Name: Punisha00
  23. Sir Frederick

    Yuki, Im only asking that the rule be updated to allow hitman to take hits on old employers, Not to remove the rule in general
  24. He โ€œwasโ€ a born idiot
  25. baby

    I am gonna suck the shit out of your dick nigga ~ Napoleon
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