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  2. kaden ✔

    Echo, I need to gather more clips from people so if you can ask around and tell them to PM me with them. That would be greatly appreciated
  3. Yesterday
  4. KaptianCore (Russ)

    +1 if you could give grants only that can be used for job items otherwise people can give their friends money
  5. KaptianCore (Russ)

    He doesn’t have enough clips when I asked
  6. Echo

    When’s the next one dude, I’m pretty excited for it.
  7. Echo

    +1 Active and maintains a decent OOC presence, Keep it up.
  8. Echo

    +1 Not much needs to be said, Having this would Ben like a complete revamp of the mayors abilities.
  9. Echo

    This really doesn’t make sense.
  10. +1 It’s been enough Time, Monroe is back.
  11. Echo

    2-3 Weeks is what seems to be circulating and I’ve heard it from Napoleon himself, Just give him time he wants community feedback first before launching.
  12. remix

    Nigga calm down the man is just curious
  13. KaptianCore (Russ)

    Don’t rush him he’s just got manager and we don’t want him to rush it and do a shit job because u guys want it now
  14. kaden ✔

    Napoleon said 2 - 3 Weeks last night
  15. Doctor.Popcoin

    Whats the estimated date jailbreak gonna come back???
  16. Doctor.Popcoin

    Awww thats hot...
  17. KaptianCore (Russ)

    Sorry for the confusion Wrong person OT: you seem mature and you used to be trusted so +1
  18. kaden ✔

    hmm... interesting post
  19. TweetyOG (Greg Yellows)

  20. Doctor.Popcoin

    +1 Legend just give him it, btw he know de rules and verrryyy active.
  21. TweetyOG (Greg Yellows)

    lucky i havent fingered you
  22. TweetyOG (Greg Yellows)

    +1 good rper and active
  23. Hagop

    You were a good trusted before the thing happened, wouldn’t mind you having it. +1
  24. Nick Bean

    +1 Really good guy! Very active in ooc! Well kown in the rules!
  25. kaden ✔

    Payday 2 speedruns l o l
  26. kaden ✔

    +1 | Hagop has done great in his Mod position as far as I have seen and think he would be g r e a t for admin
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