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  2. NiftySkilz

    Was literally about to make a suggestion about this except instead of the gun dealers selling them, just replace the ammo packs with individual ammo types, because if you buy an ammo pack (which costs $2000) you only get 4 shotgun shells, also if you had to buy ammo from gun dealers that would be a major struggle since it can be really hard to find them most of the time +1
  3. ~ Steam name: Swolz ~ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:208232704 ~ Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/xSwolzx/ ~ Have you donated?: No ~ Do you have experience with TTT?: Yes ~ Current server hours: 1 day 22 hours and 40 minutes ~ Current Rank: Member ~ Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?: Yes Age: 15 ~ Short description on yourself: I was born in Sydney and was raised in Melbourne, I then moved back to Sydney. I enjoy playing video games and talking with friends. I really want a pet pig and/or Dog. ~ Why do you want this rank? I would like to be a moderator because I want to help out the community and I can help put more if i'm a mod instead of a user. I haven't been in this community for that long as I only first joined Poseidon TTT a week or so ago, I really like this server and I think that I can help out the players, other mods and the higher ups if needed. Thank you for reading my application, I look forward to seeing you next time.
  4. NiftySkilz

    See you on all the time being nice, great guy and always plays by the rules. +1 from me
  5. Pablo Martinez

    +1 Better than seeing S.W.A.T constantly prance around town fully armoured when there is little need for them at the time to be geared up to that extent.
  6. Malcolm

    Accepted. Firstly, while I understand your frustration, please remember these things take time to investigate. We do our best to respond as quickly as we possibly can, and having this done in 24 hours mind you is actually a fairly fast turn around time. Ban reduced to a day in light of the fact that you have one BRDM confirmed, and potentially another in the opinion of the responding staff.
  7. THE_DIZ

    Weekend is fine in my eyes, (my holidays end on Monday) so I would think next weekend would be good because everyone is off whatever they are doing?
  8. Nick Bean

  9. Nick Bean

    Well a whole event shouldn’t be postponed because you are going somewhere. It’s more smarter on the Holidays you know that right?
  10. Nick Bean

    Now that you reminded me, that makes much more sense.
  11. Found it. Vote for it now boys. https://www.conservativenationalparty.org/
  12. Almond

    Real SWAT are just regular Police when not doing SWAT things, if you mean completely off-duty, its a bit redundant since there isn't really breaks in this game. If you mean ANG, I dont think a model change is warranted if its only going to be used by like 2 people.
  13. Nick Bean

    For the more on stand by look. I was thinking they would look like Citizens.
  14. Almond

    Going off of Nick's suggestion, I suggest that the off duty slots look and act like regular police until activated. Perhaps they could retrieve all their SWAT weapons and gear from the armoury once activated. In order to make this more worth it and intimidating , SWAT may be equipped with and can acquire more kevlar than regular players, similar to that one Juggernaut idea that was on here at some point.
  15. Vortex

    its sad to say but i have to agree
  16. Kaptian Core (Russ)

    I will post a more detailed thing or send a discord link so it can be organized well it will probably be sometime on the weekend in the school week as I am away the whole of next week
  17. Ryukai

    That part was a little confusing as I went off of the in game rank system, and I wouldn’t class donator as a rank, I would class veteran in that part. Also in the template it said “user and member” in the examples and iv never seen any classification between the two so I just went with user to keep it simple. I changed it anyway...
  18. Jamie

    Why don't you wait... complaining about no response in the last 2 hours makes you look bad.
  19. 雨雨雨 RanchRP

    Are you doing anything about my ban?
  20. Barney on Meth

  21. Heinzrich Beanler

    only real niggas listen to alcoholics on a microphone
  22. Heinzrich Beanler

    Another note, if people are using welfare as a way of getting money just to sit there and not work for the better of society, they should be put in a labour camp so no manpower is wasted.
  23. FarmboyJ

    +1 | I have been saying this for ages now
  24. remix

    +1 fellow runescape player
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