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Jackbox Night

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If you haven't played Jackbox at all, it's essentially a stream+browser game. Only one person needs to own the game and host the stream.

The limit is 8 because most games have that limit (except Bracketeering, which isn't very popular), however people may drop in and out so if the event fills up and you miss out, I'm sure slots will open up later in the night.

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I’ll do my best, but on the night I might be busy with work. We’ll see how it goes, just letting people know that my spot might be more of a “maybe”

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9 minutes ago, Jerome Bills said:

what is jackbox?


It's a pack of party games. Essentially, one person needs to have the game and stream it, and the others just play in their browsers in a unique "room". The prompt will usually be on the game/stream, and everyone will answer in their browsers (or phone, if you are that way inclined). Quiplash is an example of one of their more popular games.

It's extremely fun, though I suppose it depends on how funny the people you're playing with are. Would recommend

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If more people want to join, we could play bracketeering until people drop off. It's kind of like a shittier quiplash if I remember correctly, but it's not that bad.

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