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    • I prefer the older Eminem music (Such as Stan and Without Me). I think that this is just all some unnecessary drama. I don't like many new rappers as they seem to be exactly the same as each other, mumble although there's definitely some unique ones. There's always the nostalgia when listening to old rap which is what makes me keep coming back to listen, reminds me of my Childhood. I've listened to Kamikaze but it doesn't mean all that much to me, all I really know that it was meant to be like a diss track. Either way, Eminem isn't going to be back, well not to his successful early days. He's probably doing this to gain some publicity although I don't know the whole backstory so I could be wrong.
    • Skyblock Gamemode Suggestion/Discussion. Before I begin this thread I just want to point out that this post is hybrid, its a suggestion as well as a discussion about the game mode, I have no doubt in my mind that Skyblock is probably a definite for the future of this server, but Im simply putting my opinion and thoughts into the mix. What is Skyblock? SkyBlock is a survival map where players are challenged to live and build on a floating island. The object of the map is to survive without cheating, expand your island, grow your own food and thrive. As of now there are many variations of Skyblock you can choose from, whether it be plain old simple 26 dirt block, chest and a oak tree to all the way to a specialized formatted system where you can choose and sometimes make your own individual island. The key features of SkyBlock are: 26 blocks of dirt 1 oak tree 1 chest 1 lava bucket 1 block of ice The reason Im making this thread is to discuss the importance of making this game mode ASAP after the server has finished its beta testing and Out lands is released to the public officially. Reasons for this being is that Skyblock has a vast playerbase to work with as well as the feeling it comes with playing this certain game mode: "A sense of complete control. There is nothing in this world that is not by your design." This gamemode is all by your own design, whether you build a giant floating castle to a sky paradise. There is so much that you can invest into this game mode to make it stand out from other servers, as of now most of the Australian servers hosting Skyblock have little to no attraction except for a few servers who have put some decent time and effort into this game mode, the biggest drawin IMO, is the way you can freely pick what type of island you want, whether its darkwood themed, snow themed, jungle themed etc.  I plan to write more and respond to the community feedback that may or may not be given in this thread. What are your guys thoughts on a skyblock gamemode and what are your opinions on the theme of it and how its generally played?
    • _-=BUMP=-_ It has been 9 days and no replies.
    • Kamikaze is really good. I enjoyed it but im just a huge eminem fan since Marshall Manthers LP
    • Currently on the fence of Neutral. you seem like a decent bloke but got a sit for you about RDM and when i rocked up, you're stun stick abusing his ghost in spawn.   
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