Website Changes

Website Forums
2016-08-20 22:08:58
As some of you may have noticed the forums have been changed. The forums where updated a lot of the broken things where removed and or fixed. They were updated and the old theme broke so I took this opportunity to start the streamlining of the Poseidon theme.
Website Analytics :)
2016-08-20 16:21:23
YAY finally we have google analytics, this should help us to expand and where we should focus our efforts. :)
Website Media page, Donations
2016-02-14 19:21:23


  • Add logos and resources such as a Jquery SVG editor so that players can create steam avatars and what not.
  • Upload community created content such as custom backgrounds and art
  • Add functionality to donation page
  • fix subscriptions
  • Website Media and update page
    2016-02-12 11:46:58
    We have added a media page and are working on the rest of the website.
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