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2016-08-20 22:08:58
As some of you may have noticed the forums have been changed. The forums where updated a lot of the broken things where removed and or fixed. They were updated and the old theme broke so I took this opportunity to start the streamlining of the Poseidon theme.
Website Analytics :)
2016-08-20 16:21:23
YAY finally we have google analytics, this should help us to expand and where we should focus our efforts. :)
Zombie Survival Recent Updates - March Wrap Up
2016-03-31 20:29:46
A lot of updates this month, here's a summary of what has happened.

New Map

1 new map was added this month:
  • zs_obj_rescape_v6

Updated Jukebox

The jukebox was having issues with the database recently, however it has been fixed, along with some new features.
  • The ability to search for videos on youtube and request them directly, rather than adding the URL manually.
  • You can favourite songs from the song list now, which will show as a golden star.
  • Current songs play will appear in the HUD on the bottom of the screen (if you have enabled the jukebox).

Weapon Health Display

The Arsenal Crate and Resupply box now display their health on them, with the bar changing colour as the objects are destroyed. Spotlamps now smoke when damaged as well [h1]Checkout Display[/h1] Before the initial wave, players will be shown how many important items have been bought, this currently includes.
  • Arsenal Crate
  • Resupply Box
  • Hammer
  • Medical Kit
  • Turret
  • Detonation Pack
  • Wrench

New Trait

A new trait has been added; Rationer. Players with this trait will obtain more ammo per resupply from the resupply box than usual players.

New Food Items

Two new consumables have been added, the Goldfish and the Riverfish. These consumables, when eaten, give you some health, and can be found around on maps including last stand mall.

Other Minor Bug Fixes

We've fixed some other minor bugs, one major one being the resetting/messing up of loadouts when new items such as traits are added, the loadouts are now stored differently, and will no longer be affected by item addition and subtraction. Have fun on the server!
Zombie Survival 14th March 2016
2016-03-14 16:40:49
Sigil Update v3
  • Changed the escape sequence to have bosses
  • Slightly increased the fog density.
Spot Lamps now smoke when damaged. Crow vs Crow has been fixed. (Crow PVP)
Zombie Survival 12/3/2016
2016-03-12 18:40:36
Displays Information about the number of Arsenal Crates, Resupply Boxes, Hammers, Medkits, Turrets, Detpacks and Wrenches currently checked out on the HUD.
Website Media page, Donations
2016-02-14 19:21:23


  • Add logos and resources such as a Jquery SVG editor so that players can create steam avatars and what not.
  • Upload community created content such as custom backgrounds and art
  • Add functionality to donation page
  • fix subscriptions
  • Website Media and update page
    2016-02-12 11:46:58
    We have added a media page and are working on the rest of the website.
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