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Finn's App
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~You must have at least 200 hours on Poseidon. I have 840

~You must be mature. Sure
~You must hold the rank of Moderator for at least 6 weeks unless otherwise specified by an owner/manager. Monkey told me I can apply
~You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations. Reasonably
~You must understand the chain of command. I do now Smile
~You must understand that you may not get accepted. Yep
~You must understand the rules of TTT. Yep
~You must be familiar with ULX and RDM Manager (F8) Very
~You must be able to effectively and efficiently communicate feedback / ideas to the manager. I do that all the time (Literally)
~You must have access to, and confidence in using a microphone and your voice to communicate. Ja vol
~You must have an outstanding understanding of the culture of the server and it's staffing, and be able to communicate this to newer staff and players. Ive proven this by making dedicated threads to new staff and new players

~ Steam name: Higashi
~ Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:42119057
~ Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044503843
~ Have you donated?: Once, but this dosent matter
~  Current server hours: 842
~ Do you meet the requirements in the prerequisites?: Yes
~ Age: 16

~ What makes you think you have what it takes to be an Administrator?
Ive dedicated alot of time to this server as well as made countless threads to help out this community and its staff, I would consider myself one of the most dedicated and active staff in the staff team as of now (Boastful statement). Ive also dedicated my knowledge on TTT which has been used at the current managers full disposal.

Thank you

TTT: Moderator | Ex-Super Admin
Prophunt: Moderator
Murder: Veteran |  Ex-Senior Admin
Cinema: Senior Admin
DarkRP: Trusted | Ex-Moderator/Trial Mentor
ImperialRP: Ex-Moderator

+1. Why Not?

Majin Goo
DarkRP: Trusted
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-1, Your Karma is shit

OT: +1, Great player i don't think there's any bad things about him except his constant low Karma..

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+1 Higashi is both a helping and excellent staff member overall. I think that he will be able to handle the administration position without any problems.

Breach - Developer
Murder - Head Admin & Developer
TTT - Trusted & Developer
Surf - Manager & Developer

+1 great player and really helpful

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DarkRP: Trusted

He’s a shit cunt. 

Trouble In Terrorist Town: Administrator

monkey is the best person ever hehe. monkey is bae <333333
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+1 good dude, can joke around but also is respected and tbh I personally respect him as I know how much time he has dedicated to Poseidon.

Trouble in Terrorist Town  Moderator
That's it because I'm lame
Sorry not sorry

Has evolved much since the last time I had much interaction with him here (and thank god for that). I can clearly see his good behaviour not just here but on other servers too. No need to comment on his experience because he has plenty and his behaviour is the only thing that would've weighed him down.

ezpz +1

+1 for always headshotting me with a deag and being a god

+1 Very experienced player and already a great staff member. I can appreciate just how much time you've put into Poseidon, good luck!

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