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Lil Uzivert trusted application

RPname- Lil Uzivert
Steam profile link- https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198277666549
Steam ID-STEAM_0:1:33619709
Any Donation?-Sorry no

Why you want this rank?-I would like this rank so I could help people with their many problems and make sure they dont have to do what I did which was  the searching I had to do to actually have fun in dark rain just like what I had when I first started Dark rp so I would like to make it easier to have fun with Darkrp.

What will you do with the extra tools and commands that you receive? As I still might not know everything the, the one thing I know is that there are people who just piss around and it gets annoying so I would like to use these commands to make the server more fun and also the tools to better the experience

Do you agree to use the tools that come with this rank properly? Yes
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-1 Considering you blatantly RDMed me a few days/a week ago as soon as I had loaded in and left spawn just because you were pissed off at being warned by another staff member, you're definitely not suited for trusted. Also side note, it's probably best to not ignore staff when I froze you for killing me and actually tell me why you did it....

Should you improve your behavior in the near future and act responsibly and maturely I might consider changing this.

EDIT: Apparently you're still breaking the most obvious rules, this application is a joke.

[Image: LogoV3.png]

-1 you were banned yesterday for 2 hours after attempting to glitch into bases.
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-1 You glitched  into my base and tried to steal my bit miners with the sit method

You really should make a ban appeal first.

-1 you did a stupid thing and you done fucked up because of it.

DarkRP: Moderator
Thrawn Wilson 

-1 I have warned him repeatedly for breaking rules, along with him getting banned for glitching into bases, he should be banned for even longer

Jailbreak: Administrator
DarkRP: Mikhail Lebedev|Moderator

-1. Same, you tried glitching in my base.

Majin Goo
DarkRP: Trusted

-1 not suitable for trusted

[Image: RepentantPersonalCleanerwrasse-max-1mb.gif]
DarkRP: Trusted
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-1 for trusted, and if he is constantly abusing glitches as everyone is saying a ban might be in place

Also a min ago when i got on the server he was minging and mic spamming, also he ran from a sit along with not taking it serious, i dont feel he is nowhere near fit for trusted

[Image: Admin_sig.png]

You are legit the biggest minge I’ve seen since James cock
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