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Poll: Would people listen in to steam events?
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Server Events (ZS,DR,Murder,ect)
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I was hoping for some more hype and attention for your zombie survival server and i feel as if the owners/admins of the Poseidon steam group shared messages to other members the server could really take off. Same with other servers, hosting weekly or daily events could bring in more players and help Poseidon Servers expand.

Zombie Survival sure has an update and it’s great you show an interest in that server. At this stage Zombie Survival is on a release but defiantly going to have some changes soon to help target towards the smaller playerbase we have. Lots of new things coming. Hopefully I can introduce some events in over the next couple of weeks, but I can’t say for sure just yet

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Not a bad suggestion, would you have any ideas for certain game modes?

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