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Traitor Play Styles

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TTT- Traitor Play Styles

There are a few play styles varying on the way you actually play and what works well with you, but the two most played are Aggressive and Stealth. These play styles are used and shifted depending on the players, but this thread demonstrates how I play these two styles and to show how others can play like this too. Hope you enjoy! (Im excluding the deagle from this, cause its the deagle....)


Starting off with possible the easiest way to play as Traitor, as you basically go in guns blazing, not a care in the world. The main weapons you're going to be using with this play style are weapons that pack a huge bunch and can kill the most people in the quickest amount of time. This play style helps your other Traitor buddys get what they need get and execute their own plan, since all the attention is going to be at the guy whos shooting everyone (You), your Traitor buddys are going to working around you, picking off kills, setting traps etc.


When it comes to weapons, you need something that packs a punch and can kill multiple enemies in a short ammount of time.

Shotgun: Shotgun is a viable option to rely upon when you are stuck in a tricky situation or when you just want to surprise a few people and mow them down. Each pellet does around 10 damage close range, aiming for the head while close range will maximize its damage significantly, to the point where you can actually one shot with a shotgun aiming at the head, close range. Depending on your accuracy you can average around 2 shots per person at medium range. Only downside to this weapon is it all depends on how you aim it and where you are going to kill people with it, if you try to kill a bunch of people in an open area where there are bound to be snipers, you are going to be completely demolished. 

P90: An extremely easy to use weapon, with its decent accuracy and its large magazine, this weapon is a must have for Traitors who want to get in and get out in quickest time possible. Each bullet averages around 13 damage to the chest and around 30 damage to the head. This means, without aiming for the head you could possible kill 5 people with one magazine, and with aiming for the head you could possible kill way more. The P90 stores 50 ammo per magazine and is a viable option for when you are in an enclosed space and you want to shred through tons of people in a milisecond. Its rapid fire rate means that you can also use this weapon in an open space.

H.U.G.E: This weapon is seen as a meme weapon by most, by really is one of the easiest and best weapons to use when you are playing as a Team member of your Traitor crew, this gun averages around 8 damage in the chest, but what it lacks in damage it makes up for in fire rate and ammunition. The H.U.G.E can be used as a distraction for your T buddys, as it creates a wicked distraction.

Jihadd: This Traitor weapon costs around 1 credit from your Traitor menu, and is a devastating weapon to use. It excels in enclosed areas, and is decent in open areas. The jihadd sets your health down to 20 hp and lets off a loud "LA LA LA" as you arm the c4 you are holding, a few seconds later you and your surrounding targets are blown up. The downside to this is you can be easily killed by 1 bullet from most weapons when you are arming. So use it when the players are distracted and time carefully.

C4: Another weapon from the Traitor menu and costs 1 credit. Unlike the Jihadd you can set this explosive to your choosing, time it and wait for a detonation. Depending on how long you set the C4 for increases the radius of its explosion, most Traitors opt for setting it for 45 seconds, average explosion radius and enough time to run away to a safe distance.

-Warn T buddys about Jihadds and C4s just in case Smile
-Most of the time, your plans gonna go south, make sure you have a T buddy with a defib ready.
-Avoid places where you can easily sniped
-Map out the best area where you can cause the most damage.


This is the harder play style, while aggressive focuses more on going in guns blazing and hoping for the best, Stealthy relies upon sneaky actions and to not let yourself be detected for the duration of the round. The main weapons you'l be using are guns that make little to no sound, and guns that can kill an individual insanely quickly or one shot.


Scout: I gotta start off with this insane weapon, Clocking in around 10 bullets per magazine, 50 damage to the chest per shot and a one shot head shot, this weapon is ideal for being stealthy and eliminating targets insanely quickly. Most ideal place to execute this weapon is far away from other large groups of innos, so map out your ideal sniper spot and shoot away. This weapon can also provide as a cleanup for when the innocent is low health and you arent far enough away to snipe, pop one in the stomach.

M4A1-S: Introducing your must have for playing Stealthy as a Traitor, this weapon can only be bought in the Traitor menu and costs 1 credit. It consists of a 20 bullets per magazine and does an insane amount of damage, as well as an extremely high fire rate, this weapon is the best choice when it comes to picking off targets, full health or low health. The head shot multiplier on this gun is also insane. around 3 shots to the head and you've killed them. It takes no longer than 3 seconds to kill 5 people with well placed shots. 

USP-S: For those who want to shift it up a bit and are tired of massacring people with the M4, this pistol consists of 25 bullets, and does around 30-40 damage per body shot and around 50-60 per headshot, this weapon is basically for cleanup kills when people get too close to you, easy to use, easy to eliminate dozens of enemies. 

C4: Another weapon from the Traitor menu and costs 1 credit. Unlike the Jihadd you can set this explosive to your choosing, time it and wait for a detonation. Depending on how long you set the C4 for increases the radius of its explosion, most Traitors opt for setting it for 45 seconds, average explosion radius and enough time to run away to a safe distance.

Knife: This weapon is on par with the M4, dealing around 2000 damage, this weapon is a one shot to any part of the body, dosent matter about body armour, nothing. Ideal for when people get too close and you want to eliminate them without causing any sound. Using mouse 2 the user can also throw the knife, but is not as accurate as its mouse 1 counterpart, you will need experience to hit knives that are thrown.

Flare gun: An absolute must have when the user is playing full stealth mode and they for sure do not want to get caught at all, this weapon can only be bought in the Traitor menu, and costs 1 credit. This T weapon can set corpses on fire and is to be used when you accidentally get your DNA on your victim (Wink). This weapon holds around 3 shots.

AWP: Final weapon on the stealthy section, while this gun is not quiet at all and can be heard from a long radius, this weapon is usually a one shot to the chest and head, holding a maximum of two bullets, this weapon is useful for when you want to get rid of annoying targets that you dont want to deal with in the late game (Deagle users). Downside to this weapon is the noise it makes and how players can pinpoint your position, use this weapon wisely.

-Avoid crowded areas
-Dont get caught killing people
-Dont let your victims call you out
-Dispose of all bodies when you can
-Be aware of whos around you

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team up with the inno's when you are Traitor.

team with the admins and you never lose

fuck you

pre sure sipistol is 28 on chest and 76 on head, unless shit's been fucked with
can confirm teaming with innos works real well, I've killed two detectives and an inno as an inno in self defense lul
on multiple separate occasions i've also killed 5 innos (usually 4 were in self defense because the 5th was being traitorous and deserved to be shot but ttt players dum)


Another good T device for a stealthy traitor is the decoy. The decoy adds another ping on any radar and if you kill someone and the body has DNA on it, it'll lead straight to where the decoy is placed. Best place to put one is in a T room since no one can get in there. :D    This is good because you don't need to worrying about be trailed by an investigative Detective or an Eager Innocent.

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