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Auras Revamp Application.
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Name: Bucky

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:91251677

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/BuckoStucko/

Short description of yourself?: Hi all, the name is Trent. I’m in year 11 and currently studying Business Administration (have cert III) and Commercial Real Estate. Ive been apart of the Poseidon community for about 4 years now and looking forward to the future.

Why do you want moderator?: Majority of my hours on Gmod has been dedicated to ZS and the Poseidon community. I’ve always wanted to help the ZS community out, however never had the skills or confidence to take the challenge on. It is until now that I’m prepared to take the challenge on. Im very experienced at the game mode (not as good as inferno ?) and have spent hundreds of hours playing the game mode, 150 hours on Poseidon + 120 hours on [HG]. With my course currently studying, I’m able to use them for the ZS community.
Skills I’m capable of:
- Bullying and Harassment Incidents
- Customer Service
- Able solve problems that may occur within the server
- Communication skills
- Supervisory abilities... etc

Average time spent on the server per week: Since the game mode is in its revamp stages I have not been on as much or at all for that matter. However when revived will be able to play roughly 4 hours a day = 28 hours a week, give or take.

Previous experience: I’ve been Moderator on CoolCatz death runs. Co-Owned Frozen Community, which was mainly DarkRp.

Do you understand that your rank can be revoked at anytime without reason: Indeed

Additional Information you would like us to know?
I’m able to run staff meetings once a week and have a monthly agenda to improve the server via discord or TS. Until then message me through steam and can have a chat Big Grin
Thanks for taking the time to read this application.

“Revive” -FBlaze

What’s this?
Love From Auras
What do I type here?!


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