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Putting a new look on poseidon

(07-12-2018, 08:13 PM)Spook Wrote: I agree there is a need for reform because of toxicity. but it stems from players being nicer to one another.
lol make me dickhead

OT so this isn't a shitpost: Hig's right this place is a mess
Saw not too recently some dude's ban appeal take an unnecessarily long amount of time to get dealt with, even after everything had been said it was week until something was done, and that was after the guy inquiring about whether anything was happening. There's almost no excuse for any ban appeal to take that long, and if for some reason there is, then keep the person informed as to what's going on.
Otherwise, like this instance, it just comes off as a matter of 'can't be bothered will deal with this later'
at the very least make it look like you give a shit


(07-13-2018, 01:12 AM)Sam Wrote: hey man just bc I don’t make a post about everything I do doesn’t mean I don’t do anything

Dw me and a few others are working on another long ass fuck off thread about how management can be fixed. <3
Quote:also regarding the communication thing, recently I set up a discord which allows all forum staff to talk to eachother and almost everyone has joined (to my knowledge) since I posted it in the management forum so I think that overtime this will help increase communication and whatnot for forums Smile

I heard about that, but from what I can see no ones using it, and from what I can hear, the only things going on in it are arguments about locked posts.

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