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[DarkRP] Another Suggestion thread

These are some some changes to spice up DarkRP

Metal Detector | Click Me!

This addon would be great for the entrance to PD allowing cops to check whether or not the players have illegal weapons. Although it being there all the time would be a bit unfair i propose it be a perk that the mayor has to buy (maybe 20-30,000 dollars). They could be located at the top of the stairs, allowing raiders to have a chance to get in and raid.
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Fresh Undercover System | Click Me!

Another addon to encourage players to role play as undercover police, it allows players to change their skin/name at the click of a button. It requires a undercover NPC which could be placed in the lobby of the PD next to the vending machines. You can white list jobs that are allowed to use it and it is very simple to use.

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Administration Stick | Click me!

This is just an addon for making administrating easier instead of using the ulx menu you can just hit the player with the selected command by holding C and selecting the command in the top-right.

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(06-14-2018, 05:11 PM)Cheng Lou Wrote: Metal Detector

I'd love to see a metal detector in-game! I do think the perk addition you mentioned would be beneficial, although I would also love to see Bankers, Gun Dealers, etc. being able to use metal detectors to protect themselves. Either way, both ways of going about would be neat! On another note, although I'm unsure if it functionally differs, this is free and I can see the generic model working in to a lot of the fence-heavy PD dupes people (and myself) seem to have. tl;dr take my +1 for this! ★~(◠ω◕✿)

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We already have the last one but simpler version.

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I'll look into the first two but the last one might be a bit unnecessary.

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Great idea for the medal detectors apart from they will go off for gangs, and cops as to the radio is given to them after they spawn, and is listed as an illegal weapon which will set it off. +1 they'd be great the admin stick not really needed it's really just an lazy alternative for staff.

Had Undercover NPCs on old mexican border rp, worked great, made being undercover so much easier

Walk into an Event like
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