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another rant
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darkrp serv is dead once again... 25 players is still not enough to spice the rp game up

ffs.. its never full anymore fuck this shit bois i want to donate but i cant.. good serv ruined by other autistic servs

Well I'm sorry to hear that. Could you be more specific about it's deadness? Perhaps give some suggestions otherwise this thread is useless.

Still donate tho, we have other autistic servers to play on.

how tragic, play jailbreak.

I feel your pain my man. Population is a very pressing issue currently, and we are attempting to address it. The main problem we encounter when we propose changes, is that there is a likelihood that it may neglect the interests of a portion of our population. Say for example a map change, whilst some may support it, and it may yield an increase in player count, it is likely to go against the views of segments of our playerbase, resulting in them not playing. We are in a tough situation, and something definitely needs to be done, soon rather than later.

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It's been this dead before and has picked up. I guess now is the best time to shake things up.

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ye time for diff map

Rant? I see this as more of a shitpost than a rant.

As for the DarkRP issue, a new map in my eyes will put the server in the grave. At the moment we are dead but it always picks up on the holidays and we arn't completely dead. But a new map will kill us and dig out our grave. I am against a new map of any sort unless we go back to evil melon. And don't worry Santos and other RP servers may be thriving but GMOD is dying, I am not sure if you have noticed but a lot of GMOD is dead, a lot of our servers are dead. It is like the stock market buddy, you don't have much of an impact as an individual nor can you predict what it will be like in a day/week/whenever.

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Probably doesn't help that it is towards exam time, but we are nearing holidays which means little kids "Borrowing" their mother's credit cards lol

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