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Tension and knowing the role of people you kill
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I don't know about most of you but I remember the days of playing TTT without knowing the role and if my bullets even hit a guy after shooting someone, before hitmarkers and without all the medals that popup everytime you kill someone.
I'd like to know everyone's opinions on bringing the mystery of the role of the person you kill back, with medals you can instantly tell if a person is traitor or innocent after shooting/killing them and this takes away a lot of the tension in the game.
In the past you'd have to identify bodies before you knew if you'd killed a T or the guy helping you knew if you'd killed a T or an inno together would anyone else like to bring more tension back to the game at the loss of losing the medals and xp pop ups immediately after you have killed someone?
The medals could be modified to only pop up after the body has been identified instead of when they are shot.

I'd like to hear peoples thoughts on this.

make medals and xp a post match occurrence?

there is still a tension when u kill a dude, people still have to trust you before the bodies are ID'd. medals are great. halo is great. But getting betrayal after ID'ing a body or t would be a good substitute.

Make them appear at the end of the round OR not at all
or even make a lil menu for all the metals to show up at the end, replacing the "innocents/traitors win" thingy with a metal thingy along with the text of who won o:
be cool

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Leave as is I reckon

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I need the satisfaction of the Headshot medal ty

(06-13-2018, 08:22 PM)Dusk Wrote: I need the satisfaction of the Headshot medal ty

Just remove the betraying / killing a t metals then xp

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I like it how it is, I just dislike how whenever you kill an innocent, it displays the medal Betrayal which instantly gives it away you killed an inno

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